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DLL (standalone)

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Standalone DLL profile includes the following options:


1. Add EurekaLog's code = True;
2. Add module's options = True;
3. Add debug information = True;
4. Include DLL exports debug information provider;
5. Include JCL debug information provider;
6. Dialog = None;
7. Send report visual feedback: off;


(bold lines are mandatory for profile; normal lines are optional - they are set by default, but can be altered later)


This profile is for DLL which is supposed to be used in any application (both EurekaLog-enabled and non-EurekaLog-enabled). EurekaLog code and data will be injected into target DLL file.


It's generally a good idea not to let exceptions escape DLLs compiled with this profile. Otherwise a caller (.exe file) may not know how to properly release resources associated with exception from DLL.


Note: your project must be DLL, not exe.



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