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EurekaLog 6 compatibility mode

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EurekaLog 6 compatibility mode enables you to use behaviour from EurekaLog 6 instead of behaviour of EurekaLog 7. Enabling this mode will allow you to run your old applications without need to change them. However, some new features may be unaccessible.


Recommended pattern of use:

Enable EurekaLog 6 Compatibility Mode for old (imported) projects.
Do not enable EurekaLog 6 Compatibility Mode for new projects.


This pattern is followed automatically, but you can turn EurekaLog 6 Compatibility Mode on/off manually.


Note (Delphi 6 and above): all old code is marked with "deprecated" warning. You should get deprecated notices when compiling project in IDE with references to old code. Delphi 2009 and above: you should also get a hint about suggested alternative. If you don't want to get warnings - please, use:




to turn off warnings. You should insert this line at the very top of your units.



How to enable EurekaLog 6 Compatibility Mode

To use and enable EurekaLog 6 compatibility mode:

1. Enable EurekaLog 6 compatibility mode in project options.
2. Use ExceptionLog unit in your code instead of ExceptionLog7 and other new units (such as EEvents).


If you disable EurekaLog 6 compatibility mode - then attempt to use ExceptionLog unit will result in error.

If you enable EurekaLog 6 compatibility mode - then you must use ExceptionLog unit.



What was changed

See article about 6.x -> 7.x differences.



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