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Function CurrentEurekaLogOptions

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Returns current EurekaLog's options.







Code (Delphi)

function CurrentEurekaLogOptions: TEurekaModuleOptions;


Return value

Current EurekaLog's options.



This function returns options for EurekaLog in current executable module. Options are present if EurekaLog was installed.



If EurekaLog is not active - any attempt to call this function will result in error message "Cannot use ''CurrentEurekaLogOptions'' function in module "XYZ" without activate EurekaLog" and immediate process termination.


This behaviour is "as designed". It's done to avoid cases when you ship your application with EurekaLog's code but without EurekaLog active.


Default options are set based on EurekaLog's projects settings - as set by you in IDE expert or standalone Settings Editor Tool. Options can be changed at run-time at any time.



Some options are read-only. That's because these options can not be changed after activation.


CurrentEurekaLogOptions represents global EurekaLog's options. These options can also be captured locally. In this case changes to global options will have no effect for captured options.


For example, when exception is raised - it creates a copy of options. Thus, if you change options globally - this will have no effect on already active exceptions.


If you want to change options for such exceptions - you should use local copy of options (i.e. Options property for dialogs, Options argument in event handlers, etc.).


See TEurekaModuleOptions for detailed description of available EurekaLog's options.



It's highly recommended to use enviroment variables when possible instead of customizing options at run-time. That's because some exceptions can occur before you get chance to setup options.



This is a wrapper for EModules.CurrentEurekaLogOptions function.




Code (Delphi)

// Disable sending if run on my machine

if ApplicationRunOnDeveloperMachine then

CurrentEurekaLogOptions.SenderClasses := '';


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