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FTP upload

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FTP send method uploads bug report file to remote folder on FTP server. It's almost like usual file copying, except it "copies" file to remote location.




Simple and controllable.
Almost no customizations.
Minimum efforts to setup (among all web methods, including web-trackers)
Little chances to be blocked by firewall (almost everybody have internet access, which usually means FTP access too).
SSL/TLS support (currently not supported by EurekaLog).



May be blocked by firewall.
No bug report management.
User e-mail address is optional.
No backward feedback - you can't tell customer that this problem is already solved.
Requires hosting or FTP server.


You can test FTP uploads by using any fully-functional FTP client software (web-browsers aren't suitable: they don't support upload functionality).



EurekaLog doesn't support SFTP protocol; only FTP is supported.
Currently EurekaLog supports only FTP; FTPS is not supported.


Constant: wsmFTP.



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