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...make "Steps to reproduce" mandatory?

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This feature is not implemented as a build-in feature, because a typical user would prefer to close/terminate your app rather than type anything in. Especially if you try to force him. Result: you will get less reports. That is probably not what you want?


If you absolutely need to understand what user was doing prior to exception - it is way better to use logging instead. You can use EurekaLog's logging or any 3rd party framework. For example, if you want to use EurekaLog's logging - you can start by placing this code into your functions:


  ELogging,   // for ELogEnter
  EDebugInfo; // for __UNIT__ and __FUNCTION__
procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  ELogEnter(__UNIT__ + '.' + __FUNCTION__).C;
  // Your actual code goes here...


Anyway, if you still want to make "steps to reproduce" field mandatory - you can do this by altering behavior of exception dialog class, so it won't allow empty "steps to reproduce" field. For example:


  EDialog,                // for RegisterDialogClassFirst
  EDialogWinAPIMSClassic, // for TMSClassicDialog
  EModules;               // for CurrentEurekaLogOptions
  TMSClassicDialog = class(EDialogWinAPIMSClassic.TMSClassicDialog)
    function AssignOnCloseData: Boolean; override;
function TMSClassicDialog.AssignOnCloseData: Boolean;
  // Call inherited implementation to fill reproduce text from dialog
  // (and other actions)
  Result := inherited AssignOnCloseData;
  // Block dialog closing when no reproduce steps are present
  if Trim(ReproduceText) = '' then
    MessageBox('Please, describe what you were doing'

      'Not enough information', MB_OK or MB_ICONWARNING);
    Result := False;
  // Replace build-in dialog with our customizations

  // Additionally, change dialog text to indicate that the field is required
  CurrentEurekaLogOptions.CustomizedTexts[mtMSDialog_HowToReproduceCaption] :=
    'What were you doing when the problem happened (mandatory)?';



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