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Caution: this is old EurekaLog 6 documentation. This is not the latest version.


Question: How does EurekaLog work?

Answer: EurekaLog perfectly integrates itself with Delphi's IDE and builds (with the normal compile command) your applications with the new capability to intercept every exception and trace a detailed and customizable log of every code point executed between the application's start and the point where an exception is raised (showing address, module, unit, class, method, line number and much more).


Question: How much does EurekaLog increase compiled file size?

Answer: EurekaLog increases the compiled file size by about 300 Kbyte plus about 0.5%.


Question: Can EurekaLog decrease an application's performance?

Answer: Definitely NOT, because it works only when an exception is raised. Abiliting the Memory Leaks trapping it can decrease your application performances of a max of 5%.


Question: What would cause the compiled file size to increase by more than decleared increasing? (Happens sometimes, but very rarely).

Answer: When you set the "Project/Options/Debugging/Use Debug DCUs" project option, Delphi includes all VCL source-code data in the EurekaLog debug information. This increases the final size of compiled file.


Question: Is EurekaLog compatible with exe compression/protection software?

Answer: Yes, EurekaLog is FULLY compatible with exe compression/protection software, so you can use those tools without any restrictions.


Question: Does EurekaLog work with DLLs and BPLs?

Answer: Yes it does.


Question: What does EurekaLog do when it intercepts an error?

Answer: It displays a window to communicate the error in a graphic (GUI) application, it shows a text in a Console application and shows an HTML document in a Web application.


Question: What is the log file's extension?

Answer: It is *.ELF (EurekaLog File).


Question: Does EurekaLog intercept every type of exception-based error?

Answer: Yes it does. EurekaLog is able to intercept every type of exception-based error, Thread, Console and Internet Web exceptions included.


Question: How many errors can EurekaLog store in the file log?

Answer: There are no limits.


Question: When there are errors already verified and saved in the log file, is it possible to avoid further savings?

Answer: Yes it is. You must set the "Do not save duplicate errors" option in the "Exceptions Log Options..." menu.

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