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EurekaLog settings syntax

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EurekaLog options are stored in text ini-like file. EurekaLog options are stored as set of 'name=value' pairs. They are written under '[Exception Log]' section. You can edit options manually via text editor or Options / Custom/Manual page.



We do not recommend to manually edit EurekaLog settings, unless you need to add/change your own custom options, or change undocumented or hidden settings (e.g. setting which has no option in UI).
EurekaLog stores full set of options when exporting options to external settings. EurekaLog stores only options with values different from defaults when saving base settings.


A short example of .eof file contents:


[Exception Log]

EurekaLog Version=8000






Encrypt Password=""











The following rules are applied:

Each option has form of 'Name=Value';
Each option should occupy single line only (line breaks inside text parameters are allowed via encoding - see below);
Integer values are stored directly;
Boolean values are stored as 0 (False) or 1 (True);
Float values are stored as fixed-point values, decimal delimiter is always '.', e.g. '12.345';
Enumeration values are stored as integers (not as text);
String values are enclosed in double quotes ('"'). This allows you to store spaces and line breaks inside text parameters:
oEmpty strings may be stored as two double quotes ('""') or just as empty param ('');
o'"' symbol should be escaped encoded as '\q';
oLine breaks should be encoded as '\r\n';
o'\' symbol should be escaped by doubling it (e.g. '\\');
o'%' symbol should be escaped by doubling it (e.g. '%%');
oWhile you can store non-ASCII symbols "as is" - we strongly recommend to encode them as '%Uhex-code', for example, '%U044F' for unicode character #$44F (aka #1103, aka Cyrillic Small Letter Ya).
Options are sorted for your convenience, but new options can be entered and placed in any order. There is no need to preserve sort order;
Options with names started with '_' will not be saved into executable. Those are design-time only options, they are saved in project options, but not injected into final executable.
There is no predefined list of allowed option names;
We suggest to use 'Custom_' (or 'My_') prefix for your own keys. EurekaLog will never have any option name, starting with 'Custom_'. Thus, your names will not collide with EurekaLog settings;
You can retrieve any option at run-time via CurrentEurekaModuleOptions.CustomField['My_Option-Name'].



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