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Field TZipHeader.HostOS

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Version made by (HostOS byte; upper)







Code (Delphi)

HostOS: UInt8;



Indicates the compatibility of the file attribute information. If the external file attributes are compatible with MS-DOS and can be read by PKZIP for DOS version 2.04g then this value will be zero. If these attributes are not compatible, then this value will identify the host system on which the attributes are compatible. Software can use this information to determine the line record format for text files etc. The current mappings are:

0 - MS-DOS and OS/2 (FAT / VFAT / FAT32 file systems)
1 - Amiga
2 - OpenVMS
3 - UNIX
4 - VM/CMS
5 - Atari ST
6 - OS/2 H.P.F.S.
7 - Macintosh
8 - Z-System
9 - CP/M
10 - Windows NTFS
11 - MVS (OS/390 - Z/OS)
12 - VSE
13 - Acorn Risc
14 - VFAT
15 - alternate MVS
16 - BeOS
17 - Tandem
18 - OS/400
19 - OS/X (Darwin)
20 thru 255 - unused


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