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Procedure SetAppType

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Set a type of this application.







Code (Delphi)

procedure SetAppType(

const AAppType: TAppType





Type of application to set. This is one of ETypes.atXXX constants. Like atVCL, atConsole and so on.





This is routine from low-level unit. Do not use this unit unless you need to extend or alter EurekaLog behavior.


Examples of application's type are: VCL, CLX, VCLX, console, service, CGI, IntraWeb and so on.


An application type is arbitrary non-empty string.


Application may have more than one type in some cases. For example, it can be both console and CGI.


Application type is generic qualifier that affects EurekaLog behaviour. For example, VCL application intercepts Application.ShowException and uses window error dialog.


EurekaLog plugins can call this routine to indicate that they're installed. For example, EAppVCL calls this as SetAppType(atVCL) - indicating that application is VCL application.


You can use IsAppType function to check application for being of a known type.


There are also simple wrappers for more easy access. For example, IsVCL, IsConsole and so on. See EAppType unit for more info.


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