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Procedure DebugBreak

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Causes a breakpoint exception to occur in the current process.







Code (Delphi)

procedure DebugBreak;



This routine is used to break into debugger. This allows the calling thread to signal the debugger - for example to handle the exception.


If you are running your project under debugger and the debugger stops inside this function - this means that EurekaLog is notifying debugger about a problem (possibly about a fatal one). You can the check call stack to understand what this problem is, and possibly investigate the issue before default handling/processing will take place. You can also continue the execution to let EurekaLog handle the problem. Naturally, this "break into debugger" behaviour does not happen outside of the debugger.



This function raises exception! If there is no debugger attached - then the exception will go into your exception handlers, which can cause unwanted error dialogs or even termination of the process. Always check if debugger is present before calling this function.




Code (Delphi)

if IsDebugged then



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