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Procedure CheckHeap

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Checks heap for consistency.







Code (Delphi)

procedure CheckHeap;



This function will scan heap (dynamically allocated memory) and check each memory block for errors. The errors include overflow and underflow errors (i.e. overwriting header/footer of memory block).


This function will call MemLeaksError event handler for each found error. This usually results in showing bug report about the problem and terminating application.



The function will scan only memory blocks allocated via EurekaLog's memory filter with enabled registering memory leaks.



This function will do nothing if memory leaks checks are not enabled or if leOverflow value is in MemLeaksErrorsToIgnore global variable.



This function will block all memory operations during scanning. Also, the scan takes a lot of time to complete. Do not call this routine in production. This function is designed to be called for local debugging purposes only. I.e. call this routine to locate known memory corruption issue.


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