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Function EurekaReallocMem

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Resizes a memory block.







Code (Delphi)

function EurekaReallocMem(

P: Pointer;

Size: PtrInt

): Pointer;



P [in]

A pointer to memory block returned by EurekaGetMem, EurekaTryGetMem or EurekaAllocMem.


Size [in]

New size of P in bytes. Size can be larger or smaller than original size of P. If Size is larger than old size, then the memory block will be expanded (with non initialized memory). If Size is smaller than old size, then the memory block will be truncated.


Return value

A pointer to allocated memory block of Size bytes. This value may or may not be equal to P. Old content of P is preserved. If Size is larger than old size of P, then newly added memory is not zero-initialized.



EurekaReallocMem reallocates a memory block. EurekaGetMem allocates a block of the given Size on the heap. If you have to change the size of this memory block, call EurekaReallocMem, passing the existing memory block pointer in P and the revised block size in Size. If EurekaReallocMem cannot expand the memory block pointed to by P, it frees the referenced memory and copies the values to the newly allocated memory that is returned. The content of the newly allocated memory is not set to zero.


Do not call EurekaReallocMem manually. This function will be called automatically when you call ReallocMem function when EurekaLog's memory filter is installed.




EurekaReallocMem usually never returns nil nor raise exceptions. Memory allocation errors are considered to be fatal. EurekaLog will call MemLeaksError event handler to hanle memory allocation error and terminate the application. See also: MemLeaksErrorsToIgnore global variable. You can use an explicit call to EurekaTryGetMem function to allocate memory with ignoring errors.



See also

MemLeaksError Event Handler
MemLeaksErrorsToIgnore Global Variable

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