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Procedure NameThreadForDebugging

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Sets the name for a thread.







Code (Delphi)

procedure NameThreadForDebugging(

const AName: String;

const AThreadID: Cardinal = 0




AName [in]

A new name for the thread identified via AThreadID argument.


AThreadID [in, optional]

TID (Thread ID) of the thread to set new name for. 0 means current thread.



Use NameThreadForDebugging to name a thread that was created without a name.


Also, use this function to rename a specified thread. AName is the string specifying the new name. AThreadID is the TID identifier of the thread to be named. If AThreadID is 0 or -1, the current thread is renamed.


A thread name is also used to specify thread name for the debugger's Thread Status tab.



This function is different from the default RTL's System.Classes.TThread.NameThreadForDebugging . This function will update internal EurekaLog thread information storage, so thread name will be used at run-time to insert thread information into bug reports. Therefore this function completes both tasks: sets name for the debugger and stores name for later use in bug reports. Therefore it is recommended to replace existing calls to System.Classes.TThread.NameThreadForDebugging with calls to this function.


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