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Type TRSAKey

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Key for RSA encryption.







Code (Delphi)

TRSAKey = record






This is private and public keys pair used for asymmetrical encryption, decryption, signing and verification by using RSA cipher.


You need to free this key after you have done working with it - by using RSADestroyKey function.


This key can be created by RSAGenKey function or be imported by RSALoadPublicKey and RSALoadPrivateKey functions. You need to be careful when handling private key part of this key. I.e. leaking private key means leaking your key.


Use RSAEncrypt function to encrypt (by using your public key) "clear text" data, use RSADecrypt function to decrypt (by using your private key) encrypted data and get "clear text" back.


Use RSASign function to sign (by using your private key) your data, use RSAVerify to verify (by using your public key) a signature.



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