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Type TTEAKey

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Key for TEA encryption.







Code (Delphi)

TTEAKey = packed array[0..3]of Cardinal;



This type holds binary key which can be used for symmetrical encryption and decryption using TEA cipher.



This type is also used as salt storage. See PSalt/TSalt type.


You do not need to free/release/dispose this key - it does not contain any allocated memory. However, it is strongly recommended to call TEADestroyKey function once you have finished working with key - to erase it with zeros.


This key is derived from string (or binary) password via TEADeriveKey function. You can freely export/import this key as RAW binary value, but you need to be careful - because the key have the same power as password. I.e. leaking this key means leaking your password.


Use TEAEncrypt function to encrypt "clear text" data, use TEADecrypt function to decrypt encrypted data and get "clear text" data back.


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