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EConfig Unit

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Configuration management unit.



This unit contain basic support routines for saving and loading EurekaLog configuration information.


EurekaLog configuration can be stored either in the registry or in .ini-file. This unit encapsulates configuration management, abstracting callers from knowing underlying storage specifics.


EurekaLog code can use ConfigReadXXX and ConfigWriteXXX routines to read and write configuration without worrying about back-end storage. All ConfigReadXXX functions are just wrappers around ConfigReadString function. Similary, all ConfigWriteXXX procedures are just wrappers around ConfigWriteString procedure.


Be default, EurekaLog configuration is stored in the registry under GeneralEurekaLogRegistryKey ('\Software\EurekaLab\EurekaLog\7.0') registry key.


Callers may change this behaviour by calling SetupConfig procedure.


For example, EurekaLog Viewer changes default location to registry key GeneralEurekaLogViewerRegistryKey ('\Software\EurekaLab\Viewer\4.0'). And in standalone mode EurekaLog Viewer changes configuration location to external .ini file.


High-level ConfigXXX functions calls low-level function, depending on current storage's configuration. Low-level routines are RegKeyXXX, IniReadString/IniWriteString, backward-compatibility routines ReadRawStrings/WriteRawStrings and also a helper functions like EncodeConfigValue/DecodeConfigValue and informational routines ConfigIsRegistry, ConfigFileName, ConfigKeyPath.


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