Reasons why we are using EurekaLog on Delphi for PHP.

  We were looking for a solution to allow Delphi for PHP field testers to easily report problems found in beta version of the IDE, and also, include as much information as possible.

  Also, we wanted to include it on the production build, so users are not stuck with a problem and doesn't have an easy way to report it. If it's just a click away, they are not reluctant to report anything they find.

  While CodeGear Rad Studio uses its own system, we wanted something more flexible.

  After check several solutions, we found EurekaLog the perfect solution for us, for several reasons:

    - First, the support is great, Fabio is easily reachable, and is able to fix any problem you find

    - Second, the integration with .map files can be done easily on the building process, this is great to get the call stack when an exception is raised

    - Third, the amount of options you have to customize the way the user gets the error and you get the information for it, is great

  And finally, I recommend every developer to include this system in your apps, because it makes users know you care about the quality of your software, and it saves a lot of time trying to reproduce that kind of problems that "only happen" on the user computer ;-)

NOTE: CodeGear developed Delphi for PHP 2.0 in partnership with Qadram software.

José León, CEO
Qadram software, S.L. (CodeGear partner)