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CodeGear & Qadram

"We were looking for a solution to allow Delphi for PHP field testers to easily report problems found in beta version of the IDE, and also, include as much information as possible. Also, we wanted to include it on the production build, so users are not stuck with a problem and doesn't have an easy way to report it. If it's just a click away, they are not reluctant to report anything they find. After check several solutions, we found EurekaLog the perfect solution for us, for several reasons."

José León, CEO
Qadram software, S.L.


EC Software GmbH (Help & Manual 5)

"As a developer, you know the old saying, "Never touch a running system". But in fact you always do, you have to. And that almost inevitably adds new bugs to your software and bugs are mean: They always strike on the customer's computer, never in your own test lab. That's why we use EurekaLog."

Alexander Halser
EC Software GmbH


Virtuoza Inc.

"When I discovered EurekaLog, I thought it could be nice for a program to be able to report its own bugs. Deciding to use it was a no-brainer since EurekaLog does not reduce application's performance. Moreover, the increase of the .exe file size was insignificant. I did not even think at the time that EurekaLog would become a crucial tool for improving my software and keeping it bug-free."

Boris Yankov, CEO
Virtuoza Inc.


DABE Solutions Inc.

"This piece of software reduced the average bug fixing time cost from 40 minutes to 7 minutes (3 months statistics), enormous save of valuable resources."

Annar Merirand, CEO
DABE Solutions Inc.


SalvaDados Ltda.

"EurekaLog helped us find a bug in a thread 15 minutes after install that was halting development for 3 weeks. It paid for itself in record time!"

Roberto Stern, CEO
SalvaDados Ltda.


We purchased Eurekalog to find one strange bug in our application.

The same day we installed Eurekalog it solved two problems we didn't know about.

The error we originally were looking for was also discovered.

Brian Andersen
Dansk Catering Center

I like Eurekalog very much.
It helped me to find many errors in our big (> 400.000 lines) code.

Also, I like the fast answers and support from author.

Please go on to make EurekaLog better and better... I like it!

Volker Nabholz
Gripsware Datentechnik

The simplicity in setting up EurekaLog is impressive.

With a user base largely comprising non-technical persons, the error reports produced have proved excellent for identifying the cause of problems without having to rely on vague descriptions when they occur.

Overall, a worthwhile investment.

Dennis Allsopp
Ausgen Family History

I am happy to send you a comment:

"EurekaLog is very innovative and easy to use. Has saved me many hours of debugging, and made possible finding errors very hard to pinpoint."

Harry Kakoulidis
Shareware Programmer
Xarka Software

EurekaLog seems to be unique in its approach to delivering usable information regarding the source of bugs. I tried a number of similarly priced debugging aides in my search for a useful tool.

I would like to take the opportunity to commend the author for the frequent, and successively better free updates. This is a Delphi add on well worth the price. Cheers.

Stephen CR Lovejoy
Hayton Systems

Eurekalog is a great tool, that helps to localize the places in the source-code where the exceptions happen.

Delivering the exact line number and unit, Eurekalog speeds up the process of bug-locating and bug-resolving by a factor of 10.

Jürgen Füßl
Senior Software Engineer
ATOSS Software AG

Without Eurekalog, we would have spent much more Time to find our bugs, but with it, we received all needed informations including source code line numbers.

In different projects, we use it to receive a higher quality of Exceptions Messaging, without asking the user.

Great Job, I like your product.

Holger Klemt
The IBExpert Team

I'm using EurekaLog on all my news Projects and I have happy customers because I fix bugs fastly and easily tanks to Eurekalog reports.

Rocco Neri
Software Developer

Our job is air quality monitoring. EurekaLog helps me to ensure this high degree of software stability and data availability.

The quality of the tool itself is only surpassed by the support for it! If you have any strange feedback, you can be sure that Fabio Dell'Aria will handle the problem IMMEDIATELY. And if you have suggestions on how to improve it, chances are, you hold a new version in your hands the other day with your ideas realized in.

Ulrich Bangert
R&D Engineer
Breitfuss Messtechnik

Our company writes software for the shipping industry therefore we needed a way to record errors while the client was at sea and out of communication reach. EurekaLog fitted our criteria perfectly.

The support is A1 from Fabio and updates are easy to apply. I have no hesitation in recommending EurekaLog.

Alan Rose
Senior Soft. Developer
SMI Limited

The EurekaLog component is quite excellent.

In fact it is unique, as I have never seen another package that can compare to it.

Excellent work.

Maximilian Hoelzl
Boeing Flight Captain
Germania Airline

EurekaLog has quite probably saved me hundreds of hours of work. I use Delphi exclusively to build server based applications. Debuging these application is near impossible without something like EurekaLog. This software has enabled me to create world class applications with a reputation for speed and stability.

The support that I have received from the author is nothing short of excellent.

Paul Vernon
Web Architect (UK)

Gone are the days when I have to say to a client "Well, it doesn't happen here!". Now all I have to do is request the .elf file and track errors straight to the source code line that caused it.

This also reduces "It's always crashing..." comment from clients, as I can now see exactly when and how many times an error has occurred.

Aj Sleigh
Software Developer

EurekaLog allows a more productivity because it's possible to go direct to the cause of the problems without loss of time.

Moreover, it allows an excellent customization and differentiated treatments using its events.

Alexandre Fernandes
Software Developer

EurekaLog has been a great addition to my toolkit. Having a complete report of the system state and stack trace, including line numbers, is exactly what I need to track down those pesky bugs. I've been using it for about 6 months now, and it's been great. It has helped me to increase the quality of ClipMate, and has allowed me to more quickly resolve problems. It even works well with Armadillo!

Chris Thornton
Thornsoft Development

I'm the chief developer at AirNav Systems, an aviation software development company. I'm on this field for 15 years. I'm writing to say that your program is by far the best thing happening in the programming world since I've been there.

Congratulations for such an outstanding job.

Andre Brandao
Chief Developer
AirNav Systems, Dallas

Just thought you'd like to know that your software helped me identify a problem that only my customer could reproduce, and using Eurekalog I could narrow it down to the line causing the problem.
Fantastic piece of software!
I plan to incorporate Eurekalog into the remaining components of my software.

Lester Clayton
Software Developer

For me and my company, EurekaLog is such a vital component in the solution I provide, that I just won't ship software without it.

EurekaLog improved the reliability of our software by revealing bugs I just could not hit in my test environment.

It's just like Poor man's Dr. Watson (MS error reporter).

Erez Amir
Senior Engineer

Our customers do not have the Delphi compiler any more.
Since we have some huge projects, EurekaLog helps a lot to detect special cases
where it is very difficult to reproduce issues in a test environment.

Ferenc Belteki
Managing Director

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