How we have spent around five times less programmers resources on debugging.

  This piece of software reduced the average bug fixing time cost from 40 minutes to 7 minutes (3 months statistics), enormous save of valuable resources.

  We have spent around five times less programmers resources on debugging in last 2-3 months, compared to last years (2004) statistics.

  Most of it thanks to EurekaLog.

  Thanks to greatly improved quality and amount of reasonable feedback (the e-mail a bug function) there have been several periods of 6-10 days without a single customer support-call or bug report at all, which was considered unthinkable just in the end of last year!

  Considering the amount of customers using our software it seems impossible even now!

  We have been calling to our biggest customers just to be sure that they don’t have any problems - they indeed verified that everything works just fine.

  We got rid most of the 'ancient' bugs that were hunting us for couple of years, they appeared randomly and we couldn’t properly localize the problem.

  Software with almost no bugs doesn’t seem to be an illusion anymore :) .

Annar Merirand, CEO
DABE Solutions Inc.