Why EurekaLog paid for itself in record time!

  We develop services and ISAPI dlls using Delphi 7. We were using some third party components to handle TCP socket connections in a multithreaded server.

  But a strange AV could not be found when ran with the debugger.

  After enabling email sending in the background and exception log file generation we were able to find the problem.

  Right know EurekaLog is part of any service we develop or any ISAPI, the ability to send an email in the background and helped us correct problems faster when they happen.

  Also the EurekaLog Viewer is a real time saver, we just group by Exception Message and go correcting source code.

  If you are serious about low TCO high availability application then EurekaLog is a must have tool!

Roberto Stern, CEO
SalvaDados Ltda.