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Call Stack section

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Call stack - stack data structure that stores information about the active subroutines of the application. This kind of stack is also known as an execution stack, control stack, run-time stack, or machine stack, and is often shortened to just "the stack". Call stack is a central piece of information in any Bug report. Call stack is a sequence of addresses (mostly with textual description), which leads us to place of the problem (Exception or Leak).


EurekaLog generates bug reports which can be saved to file and/or send to developers (you). Default form of bug report is a text file with .el extension. It can be opened in any text editor. EurekaLog also has Viewer tool which helps you to work with bug reports. Bug report can be also stored in packed form (.elp file) or XML-encoded form (.elx).


No matter which form bug report takes - it always contains the same information. The central part of any bug report is a call stack.


Call Stack Information:


|Address |Module      |Unit    |Class       |Procedure/Method|Line  |


|*Exception Thread: ID=9984; Parent=0; Priority=0                   |

|Class=; Name=MAIN                                                  |

|DeadLock=0; Wait Chain=                                            |

|Comment=                                                           |


|005CBFB4|Project4.exe|Unit4   |TForm4      |Button1Click    |28[1] |

|74658A61|user32.dll  |user32  |            |DispatchMessageW|      |

|005C16FF|Project4.exe|Forms   |TApplication|ProcessMessage  |      |

|005C1742|Project4.exe|Forms   |TApplication|HandleMessage   |      |

|005C1A6D|Project4.exe|Forms   |TApplication|Run             |      |

|005D46AD|Project4.exe|Project4|            |Initialization  |22[4] |



Example of a typical call stack in bug report


There may be multiple call stacks in a single bug report. There is always one call stack minimum - for exception's thread, for hanged thread, or for a leaked resource. But there can be more than one. For example, multi-threaded application can include call stacks of other running threads. And there may be more than one leak, so there will be one call stack per each leak in bug report.


Call stacks can be configured in corresponding options dialog.


Working with any bug report usually goes in this way:

1. You start with understanding call stack



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