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EurekaLog helps you to find and resolve bugs in your code, including exceptions, leaks and hangs.


EurekaLog is the exception tracer tool that gives your application (GUI, Console, Web, etc.) the ability to catch all bugs in your code and generates a detailed log with the call stack, which includes unit, class, method and line number information as shown in the image below. This information shown is also logged to a file and may optionally be forwarded to you via Internet.




Examples of typical EurekaLog dialogs


EurekaLog is easy to use because it is fully integrated into the Delphi/C++Builder IDE. You can just enable EurekaLog for your application and rebuild your application - that's it: now you have all additional powers of EurekaLog!


EurekaLog does not affect the performance of your application, as it only executes when an exception is raised. It increases the compiled file size by about 0.5% - 4% (this space is needed to store some additional, compressed and encoded, debugging information). EurekaLog doesn't require any additional files to work. You have to distribute only your single executable.


EurekaLog is compatible with Delphi 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8, 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo, 10.3 Rio, 10.4 Sydney, 11 Alexandria (*), and with C++Builder 5, 6, 2006, 2007, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8, 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo, 10.3 Rio, 10.4 Sydney, 11 Alexandria (**). It works on Windows platforms, from Windows 95 to Windows 11 (***) - both for Win32 and Win64, including support for Wine, ReactOS and virtual machines. It supports any type of application (****).


It comes with full source (only Enterprise version), full money back guarantee, is royalty free, and freely updatable!


Don't waste anymore time and money debugging your applications: now EurekaLog debugs them for you.



See Features / Editions topic for further details.

See Installation topic for installation process.

See How to use EurekaLog for enabling EurekaLog in your applications.


(*) Delphi 1 and 2 are not supported. Personal, Turbo, Starter, and Community editions are supported. Delphi 3 and 4 is supported by EurekaLog 4, 5 and 6 only.

(**) C++ Builder 1, 3 and 4 are not supported. C++ Builder 5 and 6 is supported by EurekaLog 6 only.

(***) Windows 95, 98, ME and NT are supported by EurekaLog 4, 5 and 6 only. Windows 2000 is supported by EurekaLog 6 without limitations. Windows 2000 is supported by EurekaLog 7, but you will have to install EurekaLog 7 on Windows XP SP3 or newer - because EurekaLog's installer requires support for SHA-2 (SHA256), which is not available in Windows 2000. E.g. you can develop your application on Windows XP (or newer), but still test and deploy on Windows 2000.

(****) EurekaLog comes with predefined templates "out-of-the-box" for common project's types. Some project types doesn't have predefined settings and require you to setup them manually or to write additional code.

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