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Modules section

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Modules section of bug report contain list of loaded executables (i.e. single host exe and all DLLs). This list can be disabled in options.


Note: modules list is automatically disabled for reporting leaks.


Modules Information:


|Handle  |Name        |Description                   |Version       |Size    |Modified           |Path                |


|00400000|Project1.exe|                              |       |16512079|2013-08-17 19:15:26|C:\Projects         |

|76A90000|user32.dll  |Multi-User USER API Client DLL|6.0.6002.18005|820224  |2009-04-11 20:22:43|C:\Windows\System32\|

|76CB0000|kernel32.dll|Windows NT BASE API Client DLL|6.0.6002.18704|1210368 |2012-09-28 20:34:50|C:\Windows\System32\|

|76FF0000|ntdll.dll   |NT Layer DLL                  |6.0.6002.18881|1585256 |2013-07-09 16:04:30|C:\Windows\System32\|

|77190000|psapi.dll   |Process Status Helper         |6.0.6001.18000|16896   |2008-01-21 06:50:47|C:\Windows\System32\|




Example of a modules list (list is shortened)


The list contains the following columns:

Handle value indicate base address of loaded module. This value can be used to calculate offsets (or convert offsets to absolute addresses). Entire list is sorted on that column. Host exe have base address of $400000. This value have 8 hex-characters for 32-bit bug reports and 16 hex-characters for 64-bit code;
Name value indicate file name of loaded module without path;
Description value shows module's description extracted from version information (if available). "File description" field is used as source for description;
Version value shows module's version information (if available). dwFileVersion field from VS_FIXEDFILEINFO structure is used as source;
Size value shows size of exe/DLL file in bytes;
Modified value shows file's modification time in local time zone;
Path value shows folder which contain loaded module. Path and name values form a full file name.



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