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ELP bug reports may contain additional files along with usual textual bug report. Additional files may be supplied by your code (for example, to include configuration file or currently opened document) or it can be a screenshot. Screenshot is not different from any other attached files, but it can be displayed by EurekaLog Viewer tool. EurekaLog Viewer consider additional file to be a screenshot if it has "Screenshot.png" or "BugReport.png" file name.


EurekaLog can automatically take screenshot of your application or desktop. This behavior can be set here.


Screenshot is sent as separate file in 256-color (8-bit) PNG format (if screenshot creation was enabled, of course). Maximum screenshot file size is typically less than 150 Kb for full screen. Typical file size is around 20 Kb (when saving one average window only). Active control or active window are indicated by bounding red rectangle. Screenshot will contain mouse cursor, if mouse cursor was positioned inside captured screen area. Your application's windows may be covered by other applications. This is especially true for "Capture active window only (may belong to other process)" mode. Screenshot may contain data from multiple monitors (capturing entire desktop or capturing window which is placed across few monitors). Any area outside of any monitors (if it exists) will be filled with black color.



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