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Static options

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EurekaLog stores per-project settings in .eof file with the same name as your project (e.g. Project1.eof for Project1.dpr). Each time you build your project with EurekaLog - these options are inserted into final .exe file (or DLL). Then EurekaLog's code can use these options at run-time.


Therefore, you can set options during design-time - and they will be accounted when application is run. In other words, EurekaLog project options works exactly as standard project options dialog.


To view/edit options - you must first open a project in your IDE. Then you should use "Project"/"EurekaLog options" menu command:




Opening EurekaLog project options


(You can also invoke this command if you don't have opened project, but then you'll edit default options for each new project).


The dialog itself is similar to project options dialog from Delphi/C++ Builder:



EurekaLog project options


You can see options categories on the left part (TreeView). Click on any category or sub-category to view and/or change options inside this category.


With this dialog you may change EurekaLog behaviour - to save bug report to disk or not, and where to save it, and what will be inside bug report, and should it be sent to you (as developer), and many other things.


Options are preset to fulfil common needs of developers. As you may guees, not always these "common needs" is what you specifically need in your own project. So we suggest you just to walk through options dialog to get yourself familiar with available options and alter them as you need. Each options has a detailed description in our help system. Yes, F1 works, if you've installed local help files during installation of EurekaLog (which is by default). But you may always visit our online help or just press F1. Moreover, each option has short explanation in the hint. Just hover option's control with mouse cursor and wait a little:



Popup hint with explanation of the option under the mouse cursor



+ easy to use, no coding is necessary
- options are static (i.e. set at design time)



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