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Project options

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This is EurekaLog project's options dialog (do not confuse EurekaLog project options dialog with EurekaLog IDE options dialog.):



EurekaLog project options


You can open it via Project / EurekaLog options command (see also):


Opening EurekaLog project options


Don't see EurekaLog menu items?


Don't use EurekaLog IDE expert?


Please save your project before invoking this command.


This dialog allows you to edit project options, which are specific for EurekaLog. I.e. it allows you to edit EurekaLog options per project. There also another options dialog, which allows you to set global / IDE options for EurekaLog - it's located under Tools / EurekaLog / IDE options (see also).


The project options dialog works like any other dialog with OK and Cancel buttons. These options are stored in your project configuration - so be sure not to delete it. For example, Delphi 7 stores project configuration in .dof file. Delphi 2006 stores configuration in .bdsproj file. Delphi XE stores configuration in .dproj file.


If you don't want to store EurekaLog's options in project configuration - you can export them to external .eof file and use an external settings editor to edit them (see also).



This dialog have 3 parts:

Buttons panel (bottom part)
Menu (left tree)
Options tabs (central part)


Bottom part with buttons is used for usual actions like OK, Cancel and Help (note: you can also press an F1 button). There are also buttons for:


Central part displays an options category, which is selected in the left menu. Therefore its content is different for different selected categories.



See also:

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