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Database roles

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There are four build-in roles for database EurekaLog accounts. The role defines access right for the user's account in the database. Every EurekaLog account must have the one and the only role.


Admin - this is role for all-mighty administrator. User with this role can do anything (including configuration of user's accounts). There must be at least one database account with admin privileges.
Update - this is role for developer, who can view, add, edit and delete reports.
Report - this is role for tester, who can only add new reports, but can not edit or delete existing reports.
View - this is role for guest. User with this right can only view existing bug reports in the database. He can not change, add or delete reports.


Note, that not all database modes supports user's accounts and its roles. It that case, the build-in "admin" pseudo-account is used by default.

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