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EurekaLog comes with some additional tools:


Address Lookup - can get human-readable textual description of raw address location in executable file. Can be used to browse through various sources of debug information.
Debug symbols paths - allows you to setup store for Microsoft's PDB files. PDB files can be used by EurekaLog or Process Explorer tool to display more information in call stacks for system DLLs.
External settings editor - it's standalone editor for EurekaLog's project settings. Can load/save settings in .eof format and any supported IDE project type.
Module informer (PE Informer) - extracts information about compiled executable file. Useful for diagnostic.
Threads snapshot - dumps information about threads in selected process to file. This includes call stacks and wait chains. Useful for debugging hangs on remote machines without debugger.
Viewer - allows you to view bug reports in more convenient way. It also can work as general database for bug reports (i.e. bug tracker).

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