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...change EurekaLog's settings at run-time?

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EurekaLog options are represented by TEurekaModuleOptions class from EClasses unit.


Note: description of almost every option contains name of corresponding property of TEurekaModuleOptions class. For example:


1. "Save bug report to file" (.SaveLogFile) option enables saving...


This means that you can change this option at run-time by altering the .SaveLogFile property of TEurekaModuleOptions instance (see below).


If there is no mention of corresponding property - this means that:

this option can not be changed at run-time:
ooption affects only compilation - for example, stripping relocation tables, or encrypting injecting debug information;
ooption can not be changed after initial setup - for example, using low-level hooks, or installing memory manager filter to catch leaks;
option is changed by other means (for example, leaks and memory options are changed by routines in EMemLeaks unit; hang detection options are changed by routines in EFreeze unit).



Option 1

Assuming you have EurekaLog's exception information object (e.g. inside event handler) - you can use .Options property:


{ ... } AExceptionInfo: TEurekaExceptionInfo; { ... }
AExceptionInfo.Options.SaveLogFile := False;



Option 2

Global options are returned by CurrentEurekaLogOptions function from EModules unit:


  EModules; // for CurrentEurekaLogOptions
CurrentEurekaLogOptions.SaveLogFile := False;



Important Note: altering global options will not affect options of already raised exceptions. If you want to change options for a particular exception - obtain EurekaLog's exception information object for that exception and use .Options property (as shown in "option 1" above). E.g.:


procedure MyExceptionNotifyHandler(const ACustom: Pointer; 
  AExceptionInfo: TEurekaExceptionInfo; 
  var AHandle: Boolean; 
  var ACallNextHandler: Boolean);
  CurrentEurekaLogOptions.SaveLogFile := False; // <- this is wrong!
  AExceptionInfo.Options.SaveLogFile := False;  // <- correct!
  CurrentEurekaLogOptions.SaveLogFile := True; // <- correct!
  AExceptionInfo.Options.SaveLogFile := True;  // <- this is wrong!
  RegisterEventExceptionNotify(nil, MyExceptionNotifyHandler);



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