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...remove EurekaLog from the project?

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If you want to completely remove EurekaLog from the project - go to IDE's "Project" / "EurekaLog Options" menu:



EurekaLog project options in IDE menu


Don't see EurekaLog menu items?


Then click on the "Reset" button:



Reset button in the EurekaLog's options dialog


EurekaLog will ask you if you want to completely remove EurekaLog from the project (e.g. with deleting EurekaLog's options) or just disable it:



Confirmation dialog


Click on the "Remove EurekaLog" button.


This will delete EurekaLog's settings from the project, so EurekaLog will no longer be compiled in.



However, if you have added or wrote any EurekaLog's code in your application manually - you must remove it too (unless you've done it correctly). While removing EurekaLog-specific code - do not forget to remove EurekaLog's units from uses clauses. Our unit names starts with 'E', for example: EBase, EDebugInfo, ExceptionLog7, etc.


Important: a typical mistake is forgetting to remove the TEurekaLogEvents component from the form as well as forgetting to remove EComponent unit from the same form.


If you are unable to find which of your units still references EurekaLog's units - do the following:

1. Close your IDE;
2. Go to "Start" / "Programs" / "EurekaLog" / "Manage EurekaLog in IDEs";
3. Click on your IDE in the shown dialog;
4. Click on "Unregister EurekaLog";
5. Run your IDE;
6. Open your project;
7. Use "Project" / "Build Project" (not "Compile", not "Make");
8. If any of your units contains reference to EurekaLog's units - IDE/compiler will complain, so you can easily spot this and remove;
9. Once you have fixed the problem - close your IDE and return to step 3;
10. Click on "Register EurekaLog (recommended)" in the "Manage" tool.



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