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Installation problems

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Note: these are troubleshooting guidelines for EurekaLog 7 only. If you install other version of EurekaLog - use corresponding help resources.


Please, use our installation troubleshooter first. If it did not help or you can't use it:


You should do the following to make a clean reinstall in case of any problems:


1. Uninstall all installed EurekaLog versions (see also: full manual uninstallation for uninstalling EurekaLog 7).
2. Delete all dcu files, related to your project (you've already should have deleted dcu files related to EurekaLog on previous step).
3. Download the latest EurekaLog version (or RC version, if you like).
4. Install EurekaLog under the same user account. I.e. if you run/work in Delphi under "User1" account - then run installer under "User1" account, not "User2".
5. Note, that there should be your Delphi version present during installation process. I.e. if you have Delphi 7 and Delphi 2009 installed, the EurekaLog's installer should show you both options (switches) during installation (like IDE support/Delphi/Delphi 7 and IDE support/Delphi/Delphi 2009).
6. Restart your PC.



Most common problems:


Q: I do not see my IDE version in the installer

A: First, make sure that you have EurekaLog for Delphi/C++ Builder (because we also have EurekaLog for .NET, which is a different thing). If you do not see all installed Delphi versions in EurekaLog's installer - then probably your Delphi installation was somehow corrupted and EurekaLog installer doesn't see your IDE installations. You can fix your IDE or install EurekaLog manually.



Q: I do not see EurekaLog menu items in IDE after installation

A: If you do not see EurekaLog in Delphi's IDE after installation (and you DID check appropriate switch during installation) - check your package settings:

1. Automatically. Use "Start/Programs/EurekaLog/Manage EurekaLog in IDEs" menu item (run it under administrator account). Click on "EurekaLog 7 with IDE expert" button under your IDE to install EurekaLog.
2. Manually. Open IDE and go to "Component"\"Install Packages". See if there is EurekaLog package and it has a checkbox marked. If checkbox is unchecked - then switch it on. If there is no EurekaLog's expert package - then click on "Add" button and pick a package from your \bin\ folder. More information.



Q: I see "File not found: XYZ" error when I compile my project

A: EurekaLog is not registered in your IDE or it is not registered properly. Check your search paths:

1. Automatically. Use "Start/Programs/EurekaLog/Manage EurekaLog in IDEs" menu item (run it under your account). Click on "EurekaLog 7 with IDE expert" button under your IDE to register EurekaLog.
2. Manually. Open IDE and go to "Tools"\"Options". Set library search paths to appropriate folder in \Lib subfolder of EurekaLog installation. More information.



Q: I see "Unit XYZ was compiled with different version of ABC" or "Could not compile used unit XYZ" errors when I compile my project

A: Your project uses old or wrong files. Clean .dcu/.obj files of your project and make a full build. If this will not help - please check search paths of your project and your IDE as explained here.



Q: My IDE (with many installed components and extensions) hangs or crash during loading of EurekaLog or during project compilation, or it is unable to compile projects (errors like "File not found" while search paths are set)

A: Delphi and C++ Builder IDEs are 32-bit processes, which are limited to 2 Gb of address space. There are also other known limits (such as command-line length, environment variables length and search paths length). Probably you have too many components and extensions installed, so when you install or use EurekaLog - these limits are reached. Try to remove unused components and extensions, try to remove search paths for unused components or re-arrange them to move EurekaLog first. If you can not remove any component or extension - then you can use EurekaLog without using EurekaLog IDE expert. Please read this article fore more information.


Note: please note that limitations of 32-bit processes do not depend on your installed hardware memory (RAM) and disk space.



Q: My IDE crashes when loading or using EurekaLog, but I do not have many components/extensions installed - only few.

A: EurekaLog installs hook in IDE to catch errors in EurekaLog itself. In some rare cases this feature may conflict with other similar hooks. Most typical examples of 3rd party software with same functionality are AQTime, madExcept and JEDI Code Library (JCL). To disable EurekaLog reporting - please uncheck "Catch EurekaLog IDE Expert errors" option.



Other issues:

If installer gives you some error, then make sure that anti-virus or any other scanner does not interfere with unpacking files (for example, anti-virus can block access to files due to false-positive alert). Try to clear your %TEMP% folder. Check if you have enough free disk space. You should also try to run installer under administrator account (run it elevated under Vista or later Windows versions). And, finally, install all available Windows updates via Windows Update.


After installation: check if there are appropriate subfolders in EurekaLog installation directory. For example, if you have Delphi 7 and Delphi 2009 installed, then there should be 2 sets of folders in C:\Program Files\Neos Eureka S.r.l\EurekaLog 7 (substitute with your installation path): \Lib\Win32\Release\Delphi7 and \Lib\Win32\Release\Studio12.


Please refer to IDE names to get "Delphi 2009 <> Delphi12" mapping.


If you see EurekaLog's options in IDE, but (after enabling EurekaLog for project) compiler says that ExceptionLog7 file is not found (or any other EurekaLog-related file) — then add C:\Program Files\Neos Eureka S.r.l\EurekaLog 7\Lib\Win32\Release\DelphiXX folder to your library path (Tools\Options\Library), where XX indicate your Delphi version (C++ Builder and RAD Studio have similar paths).


If you have too many installed components or 3rd party extensions - you %PATH% environment variable may become too large. The limit on environment block could prevent some packages from being loaded in IDE. Try to uninstall unused components and libraries.


If you was unable to install EurekaLog automatically - you can install it manually.



See also:

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