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Build Options Tab

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Caution: this is old EurekaLog 6 documentation. This is not the latest version.




Build Event Options:


You can choose to run a program before and after ever project build.


Is possible choose a different program to execute:

before a build process
after a successful build process
after a failed build process



Compiled File Options:


"Reduce the file size (removing ..." Reduce the final compiled file size, removing the "relocations table" which reduced it by 4KB, or 7% (valid only for non-libraries file)
       NOTE: this option may cause error if used with external localizer software.



"Check file corruption (anti crack)" Check the file integrity at its startup raising a simulate exception in case of its crack (the exception message is customizable via "Messages Text Tab")
       NOTE: this option may cause false-positive error if used with software that modified the final compiled file (as EXE compressors/protectors).


"Use EurekaLog 7 compiler" Switches compiler to compiler from EurekaLog 7. See also EurekaLog 6.1 for more details about meaning of this option.

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