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Advanced Tab

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Caution: this is old EurekaLog 6 documentation. This is not the latest version.




In this section you may customize all the available "Advanced Options".


Call-Stack Options:


"Show the DLLs functions" Display all the DLLs functions contained in call-stack
"Show the BPLs functions" Display all the BPLs functions contained in call-stack
"Show all Borland Threads call..."Display all the running Borland Threads functions contained in call-stack
"Show all Windows Threads call..."Display all the running Windows Threads functions contained in call-stack
"Do not store the Class/Procedure..."Do not store in the Debug data the Class/Procedure names. This will increase the security and will reduce a bit the compiled file size (reducing the Call-Stack readability)
"Encryption Password"Password use to encrypt all the debug data included in the compiled file (the password isn't stored in the final compiled file so never hacker can use the debug information to crack your software). You can use the "EurekaLog Viewer" to decrypt the encrypted Exception Logs.


NOTE: See the "PasswordRequest" event for further details about the encryption method.



Memory-Leaks Options:


In this panel, you can activate the EurekaLog Memory-Leaks detection and all its related options.


"Group son leaks with its father" Group all the derived leaks with the leak that has generated them
"Hide Borland leaks" Hide all the leaks derived from Borland code
"Free all memory"Free all memory leaved unused by the leaks
"Catch leaks exceptions"Catch every advanced leaks exceptions (as double free and memory overrun)



NOTE: see the "Memory Leaks Limit" page for further details.



Anti-Freeze Options:


In this panel, you can select how EurekaLog detects that your application has frozen. You can choose to activate this feature, set the timeout needed to establish that the application is frozen (to customize the message text to be shown when the application freezes use the "Messages Text Tab").


If EurekaLog detects a frozen application, it raises an "EFrozenApplication" exception with your custom message text.



Behaviour Options:


"Auto Terminate/Restart" Terminate/restart the application after a customizable crashed number
"Use Main Module options" Use the EurekaLog options of Main Module (only for the library modules)
"Pause all Borland Threads" Pause all Borland Threads during the Exception Dialog displaying
"Don't pause Main Thread" Do not pause the Main Thread during the Exception Dialog displaying
"Pause all Windows Threads" Pause all Windows Threads during the Exception Dialog displaying


"Handle every SafeCall exception" Force the processing of every SafeCall exception
"Call RTL OnException event" Call the RTL OnException event after than EurekaLog has processed every exception
"Catch Handled exceptions" Catch every HANDLED exception (for this exceptions type EurekaLog did not call the "ExceptionNotify" event but the new "HandledExceptionNotify" event)


"Copy Log in case of wrong sending" Copy the Log text into the clipboard in case of wrong sending
"Save a Zip Files copy in case of..." Save a compressed ZIP copy of files to send in case of wrong sending

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