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Exception Dialogs Tab

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Caution: this is old EurekaLog 6 documentation. This is not the latest version.




In this section you may customize the Exception Dialog (or HTML error page for the Web application).


Dialog Type:


You can choose the Exception Dialog from:


MS Classis
EurekaLog Dialog



Terminate/Restart option:


You can choose to Terminate or Restart the application after a specified number of exceptions.



Foreground option:


You can indicate which Tab, General, Call-Stack, Modules, Processes, Assembler or CPU, should be presented in the foreground when an exception is presented on screen.



Close Dialog option:


You can choose to close every Exception Dialog after a specified number of seconds that the dialog is unused.



Support URL option:


You can set this option to display in the Exception Dialog a specified Internet link (URL).



Common Options:


"Show 'Send Error Report' option" Show the 'Send Error Report' option
"'Send Error Report' option checked" Check the 'Send Error Report' option
"Show 'Attach Screenshot' option" Show the 'Attach Screenshot' option
"'Attach Screenshot' option checked" Check the 'Attach Screenshot' option
"Show 'Copy to clipboard' option" Show the 'Copy to clipboard' option
"Show 'Details' button"Show the 'Detail' button (used to diaplay all the detailed exception data)
"Show dialog in 'Detailed' mode" Show the Exception-Dialog as the customer has pressed the 'Detail' button
"Show dialog in Top-Most mode" Show the Exception-Dialog in Top-Most mode (in Top to all displayed windows)
"Show a custom 'Help' buttonShow a customizable 'Help' button in the main Exception Dialog (you can customize its text via "Messages text Tab" and its behavior via the "CustomButtonClickNotify" event)
"Use EurekaLog 'Look and Feel'" Display the Exception-Dialog using it's personal 'Look and Feel' (ignoring the standard Windows 'Look and Feel')



HTML Layout:


A custom HTML code used to show the HTML error page (Web application only).

Use the <%HTML_TAG%> to indicate where the error message will be show.

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