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Log File Tab

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Caution: this is old EurekaLog 6 documentation. This is not the latest version.




In this section you may customize the log file.


Saving Options:


"Save Log File" Save the log file into the "Output path" folder
"Number of errors to save" Max number of logged exceptions to save (min=1)
"Output Path" The full path of Log File (if is empty then the log is saved into the current program path - if the folder is not writable then the log is saved in the "%UserProfile%/EurekaLog/ProjectName" folder)
"Do not save duplicate errors" Inhibit logging exceptions that have already been logged to the log file (Inhibiting it's send too)
"Append 'Reproduce Text'" Append to the Log File a text, entered by the user of your program, describing How to reproduce the error
"Delete the Log at version change" Delete the Log file when the program version it's changed
"Add 'Computer name' in Log file..."Add the Computer-Name to the Log file name
"Save Modules and Processes Sections" Save the Modules and Processes sections in the Log File (displaying it in the Exception Dialog)
"Save Assembler and CPU Sections" Save the Assembler and CPU sections in the Log File (displaying it in the Exception Dialog)





You may select the type (Application, Exception, etc.) and sub-type (Name, Date, Module, etc.) of the exceptions you wish to store in the log-file.

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