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Send Options Tab

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Caution: this is old EurekaLog 6 documentation. This is not the latest version.




Common Send Options:


"Show the send dialog" Show the send dialog
"Show success/failure msg." Show the success or failure message after the send process
"Send entire Log file"Send the entire log (by default only the log of the latest exception is sent)
"Send an XML Log's copy" Send an XML copy of the Log file
"Send a screenshot" Attach a PNG screenshot to the message
"Use only active window" Catches a screenshot of active window instead that the entire desktop
"Send last HTML page" Send the last generated HTML page (for Web application only)
"Show in a separated thread" Run the send process in a separated thread (so the main process can continue without any other break)
"Add 'Date' in sent file name" Add the current date-time (in ISO format) to the sent file name
"Add 'Computer name' in sent file name"Add the Computer name to the sent file name
"Attached files" A list of files path to attach to the sending message
"Zip Password" An optionally password used to encrypt the sent ZIP file



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