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Restart&Recovery page

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This is "Restart&Recovery" page in EurekaLog project's options.



Restart and recovery options


Options on "Restart&Recovery" page allow you to customize EurekaLog behavior for restarting application on errors.


1. "None/Restart/Terminate" (.AutoCrashOperation, .AutoCrashNumber, .AutoCrashMinutes) option specifies action to trigger when more than specified number of errors occurs in less than specified amount of time interval. None option will disable this feature. Restart option will automatically restart application. Terminate option will automatically close application.


Use this option to automatically restart/terminate application in case of "exception spam" - i.e. when large numbers of exception occurs in a short amount of time.



This option is independent from error dialogs. If you want restart options to be controlled by end-user - then setup appropriate options for dialogs, do not enable this feature. It's not recommended to enable both options (restart in dialogs and this feature) to avoid confusion for end-users.
When number of errors is set to 1 - application will be restarted/terminated after first exception regardless of timeout.
Only unhandled exceptions (i.e. processed by EurekaLog) are counted. If exception is not handled by EurekaLog - it will not be counted. Thus, it's perfectly possible to build application with heavy exception usage.
This is global counter. Be extra careful to use it in multi-threaded applications, as exceptions from multiple threads will be counted within the same timeout interval. For example, if you set to terminate application after 10 errors within 1 minute, and you have 10 threads, and each thread will raise 1 exception - then your application will be terminated.
This setting specify "time window" to monitor exceptions. It is designed to close application if it is "rushed" with exceptions. This is very similar to "Show restart checkbox after N error" setting in dialogs. For example, if there is 10 exceptions total, one exception each second - then application will be terminated after 10 seconds, even though this setting says "Terminate after 10 errors in 1 minute" - because this is what just happened: you get your 10 exception within 1 minute time window.
EurekaLog may terminate your application regardless of these options when it encounters a fatal problem. For example, out of memory error or memory corruption will generate bug report and terminate your application - because it is not possible to continue normal execution after memory problems.



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