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Procedure FreezeNotifyStillAlive

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Lets EurekaLog know that your main thread is still working.







Code (Delphi)

procedure FreezeNotifyStillAlive;



This function will temporarily stop freeze detection without shutdowning background freeze detection thread.


EurekaLog tries to send messages to main thread from time to time. If your main thread is busy or hang - it will not process the messages, therefore EurekaLog will trigger "The thread appears to be frozen" error. Calling this function will skip a single check for main thread's responsivness, so EurekaLog will know that your thread is OK, even though it is not processing messages.



FreezeNotifyStillAlive should be called frequently. Imagine you have notified our freeze checks that your thread is alive. OK, sure: our checks will receive the message and skip a single check. Next, your thread will do something long. Now you are not sending "I am still alive" messages. Our checks will trigger immediately on the next closest check, because your thread is not responding for messages nor we did not receive "I'm still alive" notification.



For the above reason we recommend to use PauseFreezeCheck instead.


It is usually better to just let main thread process messages instead of calling this function. If it is not possible - consider offloading work into a background thread. You can even do this:

Code (Delphi)

Thread := TThread.Create(True);


if WaitForSingleObject(Thread.Handle, YourMaxExecutionTimeInMS) = WAIT_TIMEOUT then

RaiseFreezeException(Thread.ThreadID, Thread.Handle);




FreezeNotifyStillAlive can be called only by main thread.


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