EurekaLog 7.11 update 1 (, 26 January 2023
1. Added: New "Strip embedded non-EurekaLog debug info" option and the --?el_strip command line switch for ecc32. This is analog of tdstrip.exe, tdstrp32.exe, StripTDS.exe, etc. tools
2. Added: A warning about an incorrect DLL configuration
3. Fixed: [x64] Possible range check error when displaying send results
4. Fixed: "Send entire log" option may send duplicate of the current bug report
5. Fixed: Various minor improvements

EurekaLog 7.11 hotfix 1 (, 30 November 2022
1. Fixed: Custom/Help button will not be visible if no event handler is assigned.
2. Removed: Hook for CreateFileA function as no longer used by EurekaLog's run-time code. Now this hook is used only for design-time.

EurekaLog 7.11 (, 28 November 2022
1. Fixed: [64-bit C++ Builder] IDE debugger crash when debugging EurekaLog-enabled executables
2. Fixed: Various minor improvements

EurekaLog 7.10 update 3 (, 12 October 2022
1. Added: Support for RAD Studio 11.2 (update 2 for 11 Alexandria)
2. Added: EurekaLog can now be packaged into a custom BPL package. Options from BPL package will be used to initialize EurekaLog. EurekaLogCore continues to be a default RTL package, which will use options from main executable
3. Added: [C++ Builder] Support for CLang/LLVM objects for memory features
4. Added: [C++ Builder] Support for memory features for 64-bits
5. Added: [C++ Builder] New _TDSComplete option can now be used to turn off TDS processing for faster post-processing of C++ Builder projects (no line numbers will be added), good for quick testing, not recommended for production
6. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Various memory diagnostic improvements
7. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Proper unit handling in IDE when switching target platform
8. Fixed: Added workaround for
9. Fixed: Added support latest changes in JIRA API
10. Fixed: Taking screenshots from non-DPI awared applications
11. Fixed: [x64] Rare crash when following error line from report in IDE
12. Fixed: [Regression] MS Debug Info provider may fail to obtain information
13. Fixed: [Regression] Showing EurekaLog dialog may hung when parent window is not responding
14. Fixed: [Regression] Rare deadlock on startup when using MS Debug Info provider
15. Changed: FastMM support units will no longer include debug information providers. You are supposed to manually add/enable providers that you want/need/use.

EurekaLog 7.10 update 2 hotfix 1 (, 20 July 2022
1. Added: Stay On Top checkbox for MessageBox dialog
2. Fixed: [Regression] ECC32 may fail to compile project when no .dproj/.cbproj file is specified

EurekaLog 7.10 update 2 (, 5 July 2022
1. Added: New .LastSystemErrorCode property for exception info
2. Added: [Viewer] EurekaLog report version is now displayed as the first value under "General" tab
3. Added: A warning about saving your project before editing EurekaLog's options
4. Added: EurekaLog options will now have an unique GUID set
5. Fixed: Improved support for non-default output file extensions
6. Fixed: Freeze detection restart controls improvements
7. Fixed: EurekaLog style dialog will property set a default button
8. Fixed: Sometimes EurekaLog dialog could appear behind app's window
9. Fixed: Rare range-check error in exception dialogs
10. Fixed: Rare crash on startup of  RAD Studio 11 Alexandria (bug in the workaround for the RSP-36484)
11. Fixed: [Regression] SMTP send speed improvements
12. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Incorrect unit initialization order could cause EurekaLog to ignore exceptions
13. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Installation of library paths for 64-bit
14. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Crash on startup in C++ Builder 2010 only
15. Fixed: Minor internal logging improvements
16. Changed: [IDE] New code for EurekaLog version update checks

EurekaLog 7.10 update 1 (, 18 March 2022
It is 7.10 recompiled for RAD Studio 11.1 (update 1 for 11 Alexandria) with minor tweaks (listed below)
1. Added: Ability to add debug information/options to an external file (.edbg) instead of injecting inside executable. Can be used for C++ Builder when debugger is unable to recognize the modified .exe. Additionally, there is a hidden option DoNotTouchExe (for testing or packers/digital signatures)
2. Added: Ability to side-load external debug info for main module (for example, use EurekaLog options, but use JCL debug info)
3. Added: Made SMTPClientAdditionalHeaders to be additional argument for the EurekaLogSendEmail functions
4. Fixed: Rare issues with some SMTP servers
5. Fixed: "Include child classes" option did not work correctly in some cases (mostly on older IDEs)
6. Fixed: OnExceptionNotify now works for leaks too. See:
7. Removed: The "Delete service files after compilation" option. You can add the "del "%_IDEDst%*.map";del "%_IDEDst%*.drc";del "%_IDEDst%*.dcu"" command (without external quotes) to EurekaLog's post-build event:

EurekaLog 7.10 (, 18 January 2022
IMPORTANT: We highly recommend to upgrade to this build if you develop Win64 apps or low integrity apps (for example, ISAPI extensions for IIS)
1. Added: "Use inner exception" option to exception filters
2. Fixed: More customizations for themes. EConsts now have global vars (look for ECol... and color_...), TBaseDialog have new virtual methods. Now EurekaLog is compatible with VCL Styles Utils library by RRUZ. You can add the following units after ExceptionLog7,{$ENDIF}: Vcl.Styles.Ext, Vcl.Styles.Utils, Vcl.Styles.Fixes, Vcl.Styles.Hooks, Vcl.Styles.ColorTabs, Vcl.Styles.FormStyleHooks, Vcl.Styles.Utils.SysControls, Vcl.Styles.Utils.SysStyleHook, Vcl.Styles.Utils.Menus, Vcl.Styles.WebBrowser, Vcl.Styles.ControlColor, Vcl.Styles.Utils.ComCtrls, Vcl.Styles.Utils.StdCtrls
3. Fixed: Various fixes for working in low integrity applications
4. Fixed: Possible memory leak in multi-threading apps in RAD Studio 11 Alexandia
5. Fixed: Very rare hang on startup (LookupAccountSid may hang for offline/unavailable domains)
6. Fixed: Minor UI improvements
7. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Adding/removing EurekaLog when working with custom configs from sub-profiles
8. Fixed: [Viewer] Very rare access violation
9. Fixed: [Regression] Windows XP compatibility for RAD Studio 11 compiled executables
10. Fixed: [Regression] Win64 stack tracing may sometimes fail
11. Fixed: [Regression] IDE error reporting does not work
12. Removed: Importing old EurekaLog 6 settings

EurekaLog 7.9 update 6 (, 19 November 2021
1. Added: Windows 11 detection
2. Added: Support for buffered logging. Default is OFF. Can be enabled via --el_debug_buffering command line switch or when using the new ABufferSize argument in the ELogOpen function. Use the new ELogFlush function to flush buffer to disk before exiting process/thread
3. Added: uROCOMInit to PreInitUnits
4. Fixed: Compatibility issues in the YouTrack API
5. Fixed: Exception filter changes exception message in bug report, while it should do this only for dialogs
6. Fixed: Rare case of two EurekaLog error dialogs (within the same process) fighting over top most window
7. Fixed: Removed hard-coded colors in dialogs
8. Fixed: Added workaround for RSP-35509/RSP-36171
9. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Issues with removing EL's obj files from C++ projects when EUREKALOG conditional symbol is not defined; the old behaviour can be enabled via hidden CBuilderSwitchUnits option
10. Fixed: [Viewer] Possible hang on startup if default printer is unavailable network printer
11. Fixed: Various improvements for GetIt installation
12. Fixed: Various minor UI improvements

EurekaLog 7.9 update 5 (, 30 August 2021
1. Added: Support for RAD Studio 11
2. Added: Additional protection for passwords inside executables and options
3. Added: EurekaLog's configurations now have desriptions. You can enter descriptions for custom configs when saving/exporting options
4. Added: UI option to disable EurekaLog on RAD Studio 2007 and earlier (as base config only, will not work for profiles)
5. Added: Ability (option) to partially match exception message in exception filters
6. Fixed: Issues with exception filters saving
7. Fixed: Cues in options dialog on ANSI IDEs
8. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Crash when reporting memory errors after EurekaLog shutdowns
9. Fixed: Rare wrong error message for failed dialog
10. Changed: Injected options are now packed by default even if debug information is not

EurekaLog 7.9 update 4 hotfix 1 (, 30 June 2021
1. Added: More public crypto functions
2. Added: If bug tracker sender will fail to upload the file - the comment with error message will be added
3. Fixed: [Regression] C++ Builder 2007 headers
4. Fixed: Minor improvements

EurekaLog 7.9 update 4 (, 25 May 2021
IMPORTANT: Previous build has new defaults for Restart and Recovery options. Be sure to review your project options
1. Added: GitLab support
2. Added: GitHub support
3. Added: EBase.SetExceptionMessage helper routine to change exception message in exception object as well as in EurekaLog
4. Added: atEurekaLogInitializing / atEurekaLogInitialized action types for OnExceptionActionEvent
5. Fixed: Very rare range check error
6. Fixed: Access violation in ecc32 when injection of debug info is disabled
7. Fixed: [Regression] Rare crash at startup when running under restricted user accounts
8. Fixed: Minor improvements

EurekaLog 7.9 update 3 (, 6 May 2021
IMPORTANT: Previous build has new defaults for Restart and Recovery options. Be sure to review your project options
1. Added: New tool: Crypto Helper
2. Added Support for CC and BCC special headers to SMTP Client
3. Added: More info is extracted for MS C++ exceptions
4. Added: More info for stack overflow exceptions
5. Added: CanCallMemWipeStack function, now MemWipeStack will not be called when it is not safe (this also fixes rare crashes in unconventional environments)
6. Added: atExceptionHandling / atExceptionHandled action types
7. Added: ThreadStackGuarantee option, EnsureThreadStack function, _resetstkoflw function
8. Added: New options for HTTP upload send method
9. Added: "Delete bug report file at startup" option
10. Added: [Viewer] Added option for switching between time zones
11. Fixed: Possible leak when processing non-Delphi exceptions
12. Fixed: Global exception counter was off by 1
13. Fixed: Better User-Agent HTTP header (also added virtual UserAgent function for user overloads)
14. Fixed: Added few workarounds for anti-virus locking files ("Cannot create file")
15. Fixed: Improved behaviour for automatic restarts
16. Fixed: User e-mail will no longer be copied from license e-mail for Company and Corporate licenses
17. Fixed: Rare crash when retrieving Windows user's email
18. Fixed: Expected exceptions will no longer register towards global exception counter (also disables auto-crash logic for expected exceptions)
19. Fixed: Minor UI improvements in project options dialog
20. Fixed: [Win64][Regression] Stack tracing somtimes produced incomplete call stacks
21. Fixed: [Viewer][Regression] Fixed broken "Copy to clipboard" function for report lines

EurekaLog 7.9 update 2 (, 9 February 2021
1.  Added: Merging includes/generics - as workaround for excessive info in latest IDEs
2.  Added: Removing invalid rogue line entries - as workaround for linker bugs
3.  Added: Convenient wrappers around EurekaLog functions: __MODULE__, __UNIT__, __FILE__, __FUNCTION__, __LINE__ (EDebugInfo); __DATE__, __TIME__ (EModules)
4.  Added: Command-line arguments for ManageProfiles.exe tool:
5.  Fixed: Significant post-processing performance boost for huge projects with large amount of generics
6.  Fixed: [Win64] Building call stacks starting with invalid location
7.  Fixed: "Restart/terminate after N errors" option now will be reflected by dialog
8.  Fixed: E-mail and reproduce controls were hidden if send consent was disabled
9.  Fixed: DumpAllocationsToFile may sometimes fail

EurekaLog 7.9 update 1 hot-fix 4 (, 8 January 2021
1.  Fixed: Rare crash when using RAW memory stack tracing
2.  Fixed: Possible IDE crash when you manually unload EurekaLog's IDE expert
3.  Fixed: Possible variant conversion error when opening project options (old IDEs)

EurekaLog 7.9 update 1 hot-fix 3 (, 9 December 2020
1.  Fixed: EurekaLog project options dialog now will shrink to fit on small desktops
2.  Fixed: Updating installer to be DPI awared
3.  Fixed: Minor improvements for internal crash reports
4.  Fixed: More precise address for "raise at" constructs
5.  Fixed: Minor improvements and polishing for run-time errors / Invalid Pointer
6.  Fixed: [Win64] Possible conflict between two instances of EurekaLog in two different modules
7.  Fixed: [Regression] Possible range check error on Delphi 2010 and earlier when analyzing exception info
8.  Fixed: [Regression] Rare crash when allocating memory for resourcestrings
9.  Changed: Now Viewer will view reports in new window by default. This could be changed back in Viewer's settings

EurekaLog 7.9 update 1 hot-fix 2 (, 12 November 2020
1.  Added: "View in new instance" option for context menu of bug reports - to open report in new standalone instance of the Viewer
2.  Fixed: [Regression] Some actions in YouTrack may fail with 401 "Unauthorized"
3.  Changed: Minor change in compilation statistics in ecc32 output

EurekaLog 7.9 update 1 hot-fix 1 (, 29 October 2020
1.  Added: Workaround for RSP-31458
2.  Fixed: Minor improvements for run-time errors diagnostic

EurekaLog 7.9 update 1 (, 21 October 2020
1.  Added: New "GDI objects", "USER objects", "kernel handles" fields in crash reports
2.  Added: Support for SysUtils.ResStringLoad (RAD Studio 10.4)
3.  Added: Support for {$LIBSUFFIX AUTO}
4.  Added: Now EurekaLog would allow you to copy entire bug report if no text is selected in dialogs, and copy selected text only if there is something selected.
5.  Fixed: Behaviour for memory checks now respects use safe mode option
6.  Fixed: .map parsing for modified or 3rd party .map files
7.  Fixed: [C++ Builder] Various issues with .map parsing (mostly for 64-bit/LLVM)
8.  Fixed: [C++ Builder] Possible crash when using EMemLeaksBCB.cpp in 64-bit
9.  Fixed: Possible crash in RAW tracing for memory leaks
10. Fixed: Bug in offsets calculation when setting low-level hooks (rare crash)
11. Fixed: EurekaLog may fail to create a temp file when you are switching user in a thread (impersonation)
12. Fixed: [Viewer] Updated auto-downloader to use latest TLS
13. Fixed: [Viewer] Recompiled with latest DevExpress, fixes various DevExpress issues
14. Fixed: [Regression] Sometimes ecc32 could return wrong exit code

EurekaLog 7.9 (, 21 September 2020
1. Added: Support for RAD Studio 10.4
2. Added: FastMM5 Support
3. Added: Support for Exceptionless bug tracker
4. Added: Support for new YouTrack API
5. Added: Basic exception info reader for CLR/.NET exceptions
6. Added: Better exception information for non-Delphi exceptions
7. Added: Setting a proper exception address for non-Delphi software exceptions raised with kernel32.RaiseException
8. Added: Visual highlighting for call stacks of deadlocked threads (group header will be orange)
9. Added: Support for COM wait chain traversal
10. Added: [C++ Builder] Support for "fast-exit" - happens when called _exit() (quick version of exit()), e.g. __exit with quick = true (example: _abort() and/or STATUS_FATAL_APP_EXIT/$40000015). Finalization sections of units will not run
11. Added: "Use SafeMode" option (see "Advanced" page)
12. Added: Separate options to enable/disable low-level hooks in current/external modules
13. Added: New "Is process token restricted" value to bug report
14. Added: "Is admin" value now supports limited (unelevated) admins
15. Added: Added time since user profile loaded to "System Up Time" value (Windows 10 uses hybrid shutdown (fast startup), which means Windows 10 rarely shutdowns completely, which makes "System Up Time" less useful)
16. Added: Hook for ShowException - to call EurekaLog on non-Exception exceptions (e.g. raise TObject.Create;)
17. Added: [Viewer] Settings for default screenshot scaling
18. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Headers for C++ Buuilder 2006
19. Fixed: Sometimes build configurations may be missed from project options dialog
20. Fixed: Possible small leak if thread is terminated
21. Fixed: Access violation when double clicked on lists outside of list items
22. Fixed: Better information about waiting on process in WCT info
23. Fixed: Auto-handle thread exception option may not work properly due to blocked hook installation when same handler is used for different hooks
24. Fixed: Accessing non-existing props when exception is not derived from Exception class (e.g. raise TObject.Create;)
25. Fixed: Added lookup by e-mail for Mantis owner account
26. Fixed: Possible 'Data too long for column' for Mantis sender
27. Fixed: Range check error for HWND in logging code
28. Fixed: EurekaLog dialog may not appear if ESC key was pressed/held down during dialog initialization
29. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Getting symbol names
30. Fixed: [Viewer] Resetting grid filter after editing bug entry
31. Fixed: [Viewer] Wrong "invalid password" for reports from Threads Snapshot tool
32. Fixed: Compatibility with DynaTrace
33. Fixed: [Win64] PNG compression issues in some IDEs
34. Fixed: Internal logging improvements
35. Fixed: Minor optimizations for exception readers
36. Fixed: [Regression] Processing non-Delphi exceptions on Win64
37. Fixed: [Regression] Setting default thread names
38. Fixed: [Regression] Typo in checks could cause hangs (sometimes)
39. Fixed: [Regression] Crash if lightweight DLL is not unloaded at app's exit
40. Fixed: [Regression] Non-working EBase.SetEurekaLogStateInThread for lightweight DLLs
41. Changed: Global locks replaced with individual locks with timeout
42. Changed: Emergency "safe mode" termination will now respect restart/terminate settings of application
43. Changed: Made checks for hooking LoadResString optional to allow better compatibility with 3rd party translation tools
44. Changed: Internal crash report will be added as an attach to the following bug report

EurekaLog 7.8 update 2 (, 19 December 2019
1. Added: Support unit for TMS Logging (see \Source\Extras\TMSLoggingEurekaLogOutputHandler.pas)
2. Added: EndThreadEx function to be called as replacement for EndThread in threads created with BeginThreadEx
3. Added: DataProtect/DataUnprotect functions
4. Added: Now EurekaLog will remove digital signature if one was added by post-build event before EurekaLog could post-process file
5. Added: Threads Snapshot tool may be used to monitor process exit
6. Fixed: Added workaround for TwineCompile
7. Fixed: C++ Builder installation paths
8. Fixed: A rare bug in stripping relocations table option
9. Fixed: [Regression] EurekaLog may be not called when compiling packages in IDE
10. Changed: Better license UI in installers

EurekaLog 7.8 (, 20 November 2019
1. Changed: Compiled with RAD Studio 10.3 update 3 (10.3.3)
2. Fixed: Options in .eof files are now sorted without locale (mostly for version control)

EurekaLog 7.8 (, 14 November 2019
1. Added: YouTrack support
2. Added: Global resource tracking (with option)
3. Added: Selectable categories for resource tracking
4. Added: "Log application's exits" option
5. Added: New options for bug report content: UAC, evelation, admin, memory (RTL, RAM, private, virtual)
6. Added: Interfaces information lookup for leaks and memory errors
7. Added: Added stack frames recovery after FPO routine
8. Added: New "Consecutive Processing" multi-threading option to replace various "Pause" options
9. Added: "Message" property to exception filters
10. Added: HTML web dialog now supports XML and JSON
11. Added: [C++ Builder] Ability to show direct caller of memory functions even if RAW stack tracing is not used (leaks detection)
12. Added: Leaks checking for "Lightweight DLL" profile
13. Added: More information for out of memory exceptions
14. Added: Support for Get/SetThreadDescription API
15. Added: Exception2HRESULT function in EBase unit
16. Added: %_EL_Last_Failure% environment variable can be used to indicate send failure reason when chaining few send methods together
17. Added: Preload debug info for some important core BPLs/DLLs
18. Added: Viewer can scale screenshot's preview. We recommend to include 5.9 (Display DPI) in your bug reports, so Viewer can scale screenshot automatically
19. Added: Now EurekaLog is able to tell the immediate caller of kernel32.RaiseException (mostly used for software non-Delphi exceptions)
20. Added: Retrieving info about exceptions from delayed DLL imports
21. Added: Warnings in EurekaLog's project options dialog for disabled EurekaLog
22. Fixed: Various issues with cross-module exceptions
23. Fixed: Now ecc32 will also look for dcc32 in %PATH%
24. Fixed: Some DPI scaling issues for extreme DPI/fonts
25. Fixed: Greatly reduced chances to lock while taking call stacks of external threads
26. Fixed: Shared logging in same process from different executable modules
27. Fixed: [ANSI only] A wrong charset may be used in fonts
28. Fixed: Check for a valid memory address / block
29. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Some line numbers may be missing
30. Fixed: Message about fatal/configuration error is not visible if dialog set to "None"
31. Fixed: Possible crash on shutdown when memory leaks are used with DLL exports provider
32. Fixed: Parent window for send dialogs (used mostly in (S)MAPI send methods)
33. Fixed: Unified "Append bug report" option for various mail send methods; now this option will not remove bug report file from attaches
34. Fixed: Loading EurekaLog 4-6 debug format in Address Lookup tool
35. Fixed: [LLVM/CLang] Added workaround for Exception.RaisingException is not being called
36. Fixed: [LLVM/CLang] Added workaround for ExceptionAddress being equal to nil for software exceptions
37. Fixed: Redmine now supports unlimited amount of projects
38. Fixed: Minor JSON text parsing issue
39. Fixed: Minor issue in logging code
40. Fixed: [Enterprise only] Possible crash when recompile EurekaLog with non-English locale
41. Fixed: IDE may fail to display RTL/VCL units when double-clicking on call stack in EurekaLog's dialogs and Viewer
42. Fixed: Now screenshot will not be captured if sending is disabled
43. Fixed: A rare stack overflow when getting debug information
44. Fixed: False-positive memory leak after ignored resource leak
45. Fixed: "Handler" property of exception filters can properly work with multi-values now
46. Fixed: Buffer overflow in internal logging code
47. Fixed: Minor improvements for internal crash reports
48. Fixed: Range check error in JCL debug provider
49. Fixed: Built-in icons are converted to RCDATA
50. Fixed: Removed ISAPI unit from EurekaLogCore package
51. Fixed: Various issues with freeze detection feature in DLLs
52. Fixed: Possible range-check error in thread wrapper
53. Fixed: Unnecessary label may be visible on MS Classic dialog when text is too large
54. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Added __lock_stream leak to know RTL leaks
55. Fixed: Added support for JIRA API Tokens (JIRA Cloud no longer accepts passwords)
56. Fixed: Added workaround for OpenTools API issues when compiling projects via "Build All Projects" or Build Groups (only for RAD Studio XE and above)
57. Fixed: Leaks checks performance optimizations
58. Fixed: Wrong unit / routine may open in IDE when double-clicking on EurekaLog's call stack dialog when there are collapsed items
59. Fixed: Possible crash in JIRA sender when custom fields contain invalid values
60. Fixed: Call stack building for exceptions in routines with broken stack frame
61. Fixed: Wrong address may be used in RAW stack dump
62. Fixed: Added workaround for TMS Web Core and similar IDE extensions. Additionally, see EurekaLog's help: Advanced topics > Working with configurations > Read-only projects > Non-EurekaLog read-only projects
63. Fixed: Added 'System.SimpleShareMem' to list of allowed units before EL units in "uses" clause
64. Fixed: Rare crash in TerminateThread when low-level hooks are installed
65. Fixed: Minor startup performance improvements
66. Fixed: Minor fixes in ecc32/emake
67. Fixed: Reseting resource leaks categories
68. Fixed: Possible losing GetLastError's value in CreateFileA
69. Fixed: A minor memory leak in apps with thread pools (ISAPI, etc.)
70. Fixed: Rare crash in DumpAllocationsToFile
71. Fixed: Rare crash when using shared memory manager in slave mode and shared memory manager is re-initialized
72. Fixed: A minor performance optimization for startup of packaged apps
73. Fixed: Source files line breaks
74. Fixed: File uploads for JIRA with API Tokens auth
75. Fixed: [Regression] Problems with importing old memory options
76. Fixed: [Regression] List index out of bounds when changing status in Viewer
77. Fixed: [Regression] EUREKALOG symbol is not added correctly when external configuration is used
78. Fixed: [Regression] "Pause threads" options did not work properly
79. Fixed: [Regression] Rare wrong unmangling values from .map debug info provider
80. Fixed: [Regression] Changes in RTL broken generating external *.elsym files
81. Changed: "DLL" profile was renamed to "Lightweight DLL"
82. Changed: Mem/Res leak add handler is converted to function. Now you can return False to indicate that leak was ignored
83. Changed: Leaks checking will now stop collecting leaks info when it reaches 4 times of "Max leaks to report" option. This can cause to report less leaks than "Max leaks to report" - because other collected leaks may be removed later due to grouping (parent/child) or counting (same leaks)
84. Changed: Added more internal logging

EurekaLog 7.7 Update 8 hotfix 2 (, 3 December 2018
1. Fixed: [Regression] Abstract error in TThreadEx / sending
2. Fixed: [Regression] Adjusted sending timeouts
3. Fixed: [Regression] Adding / removing EUREKALOG symbol to / from conditional defines for packages; please note that issue is still present on RAD Studio 2009, RAD Studio 2010 and RAD Studio XE - due to bugs in OpenTools API (OTA); issue is fixed for RAD Studio 2007 and earlier, and for RAD Studio XE2 and higher

EurekaLog 7.7 Update 8 (, 26 November 2018
1. Important: Resource leaks are disabled in this build temporarily
2. Added: Support for final build of RAD Studio 10.3 Rio
3. Added: Separate timeout options for SMTP
4. Added: Removed requirement to call inherited Execute in TThreadEx
5. Added: Added .FatalException property to TThreadEx for Delphi 5 (source code compatibility)
6. Fixed: Disabled VCL theming for send progress dialog (dialog now consistent with other EurekaLog dialog; fixes VCL Theming visual bugs)

EurekaLog 7.7 Update 7 (, 27 October 2018
1. Fixed: Bug report file location option did not accept file names when path is relative
2. Fixed: Added escaping for & character in command line when opening URLs
3. Fixed: Possible range check Viewer crash when sorting certain columns
4. Fixed: [Regression] Disabling debug priviledge when IDE is running in admin mode (restricts IDE's debugging capabilities)
5. Fixed: Rare deadlock
6. Fixed: [Regression] Various issues after upgrading to latest Debug Help DLL
7. Fixed: RTL compatibility issue with latest IDE

EurekaLog 7.7 Update 6 (, 5 October 2018
1. Added: Support for Windows 10 October 2018 update
2. Fixed: [Regression] C++ Builder leaks support
3. Fixed: Unnecessary attempt to modify read-only project files
4. Fixed: Memory leak when using EurekaLog's code without enabling EurekaLog
5. Fixed: DPI-awared icons in Viewer with alpha-channel support
6. Changed: Viewer now auto size columns

EurekaLog 7.7 Update 5 (, 7 September 2018
1. Added: RAD Studio 10.3 support
2. Added: Cleaning up call stack from EurekaLog's service calls for destructors
3. Added: MailHeaderEncodeToStr function
4. Fixed: Possible crash when using CRAM auth methods in SMTP
5. Fixed: Viewer may fail to decrypt some encrypted bug reports

EurekaLog 7.7 Update 4 (, 24 August 2018
1.  Added: SendSMTPClientAdditionalHeaders and SendSMTPServerAdditionalHeaders properties to TEurekaModuleOptions
2. Fixed: [Regression] Various problems with external configurations
3. Fixed: Better retrieving of full / display user name

EurekaLog 7.7 Update 3 Hotfix 1 (, 13 August 2018
1.  Added: AdditionalHeaders virtual method in SMTP sender class (for custom headers, like CC/BCC, priority, etc.)
2.  Fixed: [Regression] Possible crash on startup in web applications
3.  Fixed: UTF-8 encoding in FROM field for SMTP sender

EurekaLog 7.7 Update 3 (, 9 August 2018
1. Added: Support for '"Name" <>' format in e-mail addresses
2. Added: Support for EMailSender.AttachedFiles.AddObject('dummyfilename', AnyStream);
3. Added: Support for multiple recipients (e.g. ',"Name" <>') in the same e-mail / session
4. Fixed: Stripping relocation table for ASLR-enabled executables
5. Fixed: Build events may not run when multi-build configuration is used
6. Fixed: Automatically enable EurekaLog for thread during shutdown of DLL web (ISAPI, etc.) applications (for leaks reporting)

EurekaLog 7.7 Update 2 (, 3 August 2018
1. Added: Support for changes in web apps in latest RTL
2. Fixed: [Regression] Fixed build configurations support

EurekaLog 7.7 Update 1 (, 25 July 2018
1. Added: Additional options for controlling versions in bug trackers
2. Fixed: Possible crash on certain Windows builds
3. Fixed: Now Viewer can send information to IDE launched with admin rights

EurekaLog 7.7 (, 28 June 2018
1. Important: Debug information is no longer compressed by default (for faster speed and lower memory usage), check your options if you want smaller executables
2. Important: Some events were changed (signature)
3. Important: "Use Main Module Options" option was removed. Please, use external configurations
4. Important: Options that do not affect EurekaLog at run-time are changed to read-only. Use EBase, EMemLeaks, EResLeaks, EFreeze units to control some of these options.
5. Added: Support for Redmine bug tracker
6. Added: Default implementation for OnExceptionError event. Set ACallNextHandler to False if you assign this event handler and do not want the default behaviour. You can switch to old behaviour by assigning an empty event handler
8. Added: Manual validation of SSL server certificates (better logging and diagnostic)
9. Added: New UI for enabling/disabling EurekaLog in projects
10. Added: New options for debug information
11. Added: Improvements in DumpAllocationsToFile (note that signature has changed)
12. Added: "Use call stack heuristic for grouping" option (previosly this option was permanently enabled)
13. Added: Option for non-visual app types; hides message boxes (see in "Hooks")
14. Added: File-based method to enable run-time debug mode; new "unique" naming mode
15. Added: Added ability to select SSL/TLS for e-mail wrapper functions (see wrapper functions in ESendMail unit)
16. Added: Hook for TObject.Free (when low-level hooks are enabled) allows early notification about double-free errors
17. Added: Options for customizing statuses for bug trackers (sndBugZillaInProcessStatuses, sndJIRAClosedStatuses, sndJIRAOpenedStatuses, sndMantisClosedStatuses, sndMantisInProcessStatuses, sndRedmineClosedStatuses, sndRedmineOpenedStatuses)
18. Added: Wipe stack on idle option and MemWipeStack function
19. Added: IPV6 support for network info in bug reports
20. Added: Finalization order error detection for shared memory manager
21. Added: IsFreezeCheckInstalled / IsFreezeCheckEnabled
22. Added: Support for non-text and multi-select custom fields in JIRA
23. Added: Viewer caches ZIP password
24. Added: .ForceTerminate and .ForceRestart methods and .TerminateBtnEnabled property to TEurekaModuleOptions.
25. Fixed: Various issues with UseMainModules option
26. Fixed: Files are not attached when "Pack report" options is disabled (you have to re-setup send options)
27. Fixed: Mantis/BugZilla project version search
28. Fixed: Mantis sender leak
29. Fixed: Added support for \\?\ prefix
30. Fixed: Max reports in file can't be set to 0 (unlimited)
31. Fixed: You no longer need to uncheck "Capture stack only for exceptions from current module" option when using EurekaLog-enabled DLLs
32. Fixed: EurekaLog Viewer now always shows dates in your local time zone
33. Fixed: Wrong configuration may be used in some cases when compiled from command-line
34. Fixed: Possible crash when creating bug report while there are non-started threads
35. Fixed: Possible "Unsupported project" for corrupted .dprojs
36. Fixed: Missing "Statistics" page
37. Fixed: Parsing complex generics names
38. Fixed: Added workaround for various linker bugs (mostly generics-related in older IDEs)
39. Fixed: ThreadID may be lost in CreateThread hook
40. Fixed: Mantis sender may crash on older IDEs
41. Fixed: Improved support for .inc and generics
42. Fixed: Exception dialog may appear twice for same exception in background thread
43. Fixed: Possible range-check error on Win64 in logging code
44. Fixed: Added workaround for damaged stack frames in Win64
45. Fixed: Crash when sending leaks report with background thread (latest IDEs only)
46. Fixed: Leaks when extracting encrypted ZIPs
47. Fixed: Added workaround for Delphi 5 synchronize issue
48. Fixed: Added accounting bug file name options when testing sending
49. Fixed: REX prefis is ignored for some valid opcodes
50. Fixed: DataSnap hooks are updated to the 10.2 Tokyo
51. Fixed: Range check errors on invalid Base64 input
52. Fixed: [Regression] Encrypted debug information may fail dialogs
53. Fixed: Rare crash on startup
54. Fixed: Stack overflow reporting improved
55. Fixed: Rare hang when creating bug report
56. Fixed: 3rd party directives are preserved when modifying uses clause in .dpr
57. Fixed: Rare ignoring REX prefix in 64-bit disasm
58. Fixed: Various time zone related issues in Viewer
59. Fixed: Improved AQTime support
60. Fixed: Various issues with shared MM
61. Fixed: Possible crash during memory leaks detection at shutdown
62. Fixed: Stability issues with MS debug info provider
63. Fixed: Performance fixes for DLL exports provider
64. Fixed: Updated DbgHelp to latest version
65. Fixed: Unit namespaces
66. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Possible crash on DLL startup
67. Fixed: Improved read-only project support in IDE
68. Fixed: Various range check issues with memory leaks on Win64
69. Fixed: Several parsing issues for uses clause in .dpr
70. Fixed: [Delphi 2007 and earlier] Exception may be marked as expected when memory filter is not enabled
71. Fixed: Overlapping checkboxes in EurekaLog-style dialog
72. Fixed: Compatibility issues with VMWare App Volume
73. Fixed: [Viewer] Visual glitches when screenshot tab is active on changing reports

EurekaLog 7.6 Hotfix 6 (, 27-August-2017
1. Various installer adjustments

EurekaLog 7.6 Hotfix 5 (, 11-August-2017
1. Added: Diagnostic of "use after free" for interfaces
2. Fixed: Added workaround for stack overflow in System.Classes.BinToHex (C++ Builder RTL)
3. Fixed: Possible MessageBox hang when displaying extra large message texts (from sending fails with commands and logs)
4. Fixed: Changed SMTP base64 line break limit from 70 to 72 chars

EurekaLog 7.6 Hotfix 4 (, 9-August-2017
1. Fixed: Blocked ability to select project's own config as external config
2. Fixed: Changed SMTP base64 line break limit from 80 to 70 chars
3. Fixed: Very rare crash on startup due to buffer overflow in SystemParametersInfoForDPI
4. Fixed: Wrong line numbers may be used in code with anonymous methods

EurekaLog 7.6 Hotfix 3 (, 2-August-2017
1. Fixed: C++ Builder headers compatibility
2. Fixed: Workaround for codegen bug in older IDEs

EurekaLog 7.6 Hotfix 2 (, 28-July-2017
1. Fixed: Possible crash when calculating compilation statisicts
2. Fixed: Wrong unit include in uses by ecc32

EurekaLog 7.6 Hotfix 1 (, 25-July-2017
1. Fixed: UI for external configurations
2. Fixed: Wrong dcc32 may be used by ecc32

EurekaLog 7.6 (, 20-July-2017
1. Important: Installer will ask you a licence information. See:
2. Important: Debug information format was completely changed. Be sure to test your applications
3. Important: Added a major upgrade to bug tracker code. Be sure to test your applications
4. Important: BugID generation alg was changed. Be sure to test your applications
5. Important: EurekaLog will now store configuration in .eof file instead of .dof, .bdsproj, .dproj, etc.
6. Added: Support for 10.2 Tokyo
7. Added: ecc32 will now modify uses list in your .dpr file to match specified configuration
8. Added: --el_prepare switch is added to be used when --el_alter_exe is used
9. Added: New option to stip all string names from debug information and store it in external file
10. Added: Debug information's and ZIP's passwords are now saved locally on developer machine - to be used by application and Viewer (this simplifies local debugging when passwords are set). OnPasswordChange event will not be called
11. Added: New "--el_password=debug-info-password" command-line option can be passed to application to decrypt encrypted debug information. OnPasswordChange event will not be called
12. Added: Our own implementation of XML, XML-RPC, and SOAP. We no longer use RTL's implementation, therefore now we have support for bug tracker's API even on old IDEs
13. Added: New options for bug trackers (new fields, append call stack instead of full bug report, links, text limits)
14. Added: A helper "Connect" button in EurekaLog project options dialog to retrieve project names, users, field names, components, areas, and other info for bug tracker
15. Added: Working hyper-links support in bug tracker success message via TaskDialogs (Vista+)
16. Added: BugID tab in EurekaLog project options dialog - allowing you to customize uniqueness without writing OnCustomBugID event handler
17. Added: New column in call stack: "Source" (e.g. actual .pas file name)
18. Added: Threads selection to hang detection page
19. Added: Support for MessageBox from NT services
20. Added: "Lookup Error" option in Viewer - there is a new toolbar, as well as new context menu item for "General" tab
21. Added: ELogging unit implements log capabilities. EurekaLog will stream log into CodeSite-compatible format. Currently it has no UI control. Use ELogOpen function to stream log to the specified file
22. Added: (Delphi only) EurekaLog units in uses list are wrapped into IFDEF block
23. Added: Call stack, modules and processes use different colors now. For call stacks: red indicates exception line, black - stack frame entry (positive), grey - RAW (could be false-positive), other colors - service entries
24. Added: Support for DataSnap applications. Do not forget to enable EurekaLog for background threads (either as "Enable for RTL threads" or as SetEurekaLogStateInThread in OnConnect handler)
25. Added: Handler name property for exception info and ability to filter with it. Handler name indicates handler which is processing the exception, it can be used to distinguish between VCL, Thread, DataSnap exceptions, etc.
26. Added: Ability to filter by descendant classes
27. Added: ACompareForCount argument to DumpAllocationsToFile routine
28. Added: LoadCustomizedTextsToStream/SaveCustomizedTextsToStream
29. Added: Threads Snapshot tool can be used as post-morten debugger. Use /install command-line switch to register tool as debugger (admin rights are required).
30. Added: Support for Synopse mORMot (.mab) debug information format
31. Added: "Terminate threads on shutdown" option
32. Fixed: Reduced ecc32/emake memory footprint, thus allowing to post-process larger projects
33. Fixed: Debug information design-time performace optimizations (reduced compilation time)
34. Fixed: Debug information run-time performace optimizations (reduced startup time)
35. Fixed: Minor optimizations for call stack to string render
36. Fixed: Display bug in detailed EurekaLog dialog tabs when not all tabs were showing
37. Fixed: [10.1 Berlin] Weak references are no longer detected as leaks
38. Fixed: A "recursive area removed" mark may be left in call stack even if area's items were filtered out
39. Fixed: Fatal errors (e.g. panic mode) now properly set terminate option in dialogs
40. Fixed: Possible crash on startup when using certain 3rd party memory managers
41. Fixed: Possible crash when EurekaLog's debug mode is enabled
42. Fixed: XML header of bug reports
43. Fixed: Added workaround for OTA bug when {$E ext} is used in project
44. Fixed: (C++ Builder only) Possible crash when handling certain exceptions
45. Fixed: Firebird Embedded in Viewer was upgraded to 2.5.6. This solves a rare encoding problem when using Firebird backend
46. Fixed: (Delphi 2005 and earlier) Bug in workaround for
47. Fixed: Checkboxes not respecting default state when switching between dialogs (e.g. MS Classic -> EurekaLog Detailed)
48. Fixed: Visual glitches in EurekaLog dialogs when VCL styles are used
49. Fixed: Compatibility with 3rd party software of password-encrypted ZIPs
50. Fixed: Possible range check error in debug information
51. Fixed: EurekaLog dialogs are now per-monitor DPI awared
52. Fixed: Silent ignoring invalid time stamps in PE headers
53. Fixed: Added workaround for certain bugs in .map files
54. Fixed: Minor regression issues
55. Fixed: Viewer may hang when passing file name to open to main instance
56. Fixed: Windows 2000 compatibility issues
57. Fixed: Possible stack overflow in multi-threaded apps when low-level hooks are disabled
58. Fixed: CLang compatibility fixes
59. Fixed: DebugExport provider will now load names only on demand (performance boost on startup)
60. Fixed: Possible crash when processing certain external exceptions
61. Improved: New call stack/assembler encryption when encrypt password is set for debug info
62. Improved: Better call stack filtering from EL service routines when encryption is enabled
63. Improved: Any share violation error during compilation will report which process is holding the file
64. Changed: ecc32.exe and emake.exe are the same file for all IDEs. Current IDE is selected based on ecc32/emake file location or via --el_ide=num command-line option
65. Changed: Translations of strings with "application" substitution now supports selecting a specific "application" translation. Simply replace %s with %0:s or %1:s. Default translations are already adjusted.
66. Changed: Internal crash reports made Viewer-compatible
67. Changed: Removed stubs for ComObj unit
68. Removed: Web-based bug tracker support

EurekaLog 7.5 update 1 (, 24-November-2016
1)....Important: EurekaLog 6 compatibility mode was completely removed
2)....Added: --el_debug_standalone option to have separate .log files for each EurekaLog module (.exe or DLL)
3)....Added: Improvements in memory errors diagnostics
4)....Added: Improvements in fatal errors diagnostics
5)....Added: Capturing thread names from non-EurekaLog code (only when low-level hooks are installed)
6)....Fixed: (C++ Builder only) Crash when using memory debugger
7)....Fixed: (x64 only) Possible crash when using DLL compiled in IDE with incompatible TObject
8)....Fixed: (Low-level CreateThread hook) Possible crash in applications using DLL which changes SSE/FPU state
9)....Fixed: Broken "Test" sending button
10)..Fixed: "Cannot locate menu item 'HelpThirdPartyMenuItem'"
11)..Fixed: Improved hang detection
12)..Fixed: Crash when creating anonymous thread without EurekaLog active
13)..Changed: New EHash, EEncrypt, EEncoding units

EurekaLog 7.5 (, 18-August-2016
1)....Important: Installation layout was changed. All packages now have version suffix (e.g. EurekaLogCore240.bpl). No files are copied to \bin folder of IDE. Run-time package (EurekaLogCore) is copied to Windows\System32 folder. Refer to help for more info.
2)....Added: RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin support
3)....Added: IDE F1 help integration (on CHM-based IDEs only, i.e. XE8+)
4)....Added "--el_injectjcl", "--el_createjcl", and "--el_createdbg" command-line options for ecc32/emake to inject JEDI/JCL debug info, create .jdbg file, and create .dbg file (Microsoft debug format). Later is supported when map2dbg.exe tool is placed in \Bin folder of EurekaLog installation (separate download is required)
5)....Added: Exception2HRESULT in EAppDLL to simplify developing DLLs with "DLL" profile
6)....Added: Use ShellExecute option for mailto send method
7)....Added: "Mandatory e-mail only when sending" option
8)....Added: Exception line highlighting in disassember view in EurekaLog exception dialog and Viewer
9)....Added: Detection/logging Delphi objects in disassembly view
10)...Added: Support for multi-monitor info
11)...Added: Support for detection of Windows 10 updates
12)...Added: OS edition detection
13)...Added: "User" and "Session" columns to processes list, processes list is also sorted by session first
14)...Added: Support for showing current user processes only
15)...Added: Expanding environment variables for "Support URL"
16)...Fixed: Range-check error on systems with MBCS ACP
17)...Fixed: 64-bit shared memory manager may not work
18)...Fixed: Possible "Unit XYZ was compiled with a different version of ABC" when using packages
19)...Fixed: FastMM shared MM compatibility
20)...Fixed: Minor bugs in stack tracing (which usually affected stacks for leaks)
21)...Fixed: Rare deadlocks in multi-threaded applications
22)...Fixed: Taking screenshot of minimized window
23)...Fixed: NT service may not log all exceptions
24)...Fixed: SSL port number for Bugzilla
25)...Fixed: Disabling "Activate Exception Filters" option was ignored
26)...Fixed: Missing FTP proxy settings
27)...Fixed: IntraWeb support is updated up to 14.0.64
28)...Fixed: Retrieving some process paths in processes list
29)...Fixed: CPU view rendering in EurekaLog exception dialog and Viewer
30)...Fixed: Some issues in naming threads
31)...Fixed: Removed exported helper _462EE689226340EAA982C5E8307B3F9E function (replaced with mapped file)
32)...Changed: Descriptions of EurekaLog project options now list corresponding property names of TEurekaModuleOptions class.
33)...Changed: Default template of HTML/web dialog now includes call stack by default
34)...Changed: EurekaLog 7 now can be installed over EurekaLog 6 automatically, with no additional actions/tools

EurekaLog 7.4 (, 26-January-2016
1)....Fixed: Performance issue in DLL exports debug information provider
2)....Fixed: Range-check error in Send dialog
3)....Fixed: Possible FPU control word unexpected change
4)....Fixed: JIRA sending to project with no version info
5)....Fixed: Viewer sorting affected by local region settings
6)....Fixed: Exception filters ignore settings for restart/terminate

EurekaLog 7.3 Hotfix 2 (, 20-October-2015
1)....Fixed: Added workaround for codegen bug in Delphi 7 (possibly - other), bug manifests itself as wrong date-time in reports or integer overflows
2)....Fixed: Some MAPI DLLs may not be loaded correctly
3)....Fixed: Handling SEC_I_INCOMPLETE_CREDENTIALS in SSPI code (added searching client certificate)
4)....Fixed: Range-check error when closing WinAPI dialog

EurekaLog 7.3 Hotfix 1 (, 2-October-2015
1)....Fixed: Long startup time on terminal services servers

EurekaLog 7.3 (, 24-September-2015
1)....Added: RAD Studio 10 Seattle support
2)....Added: Performance counters for run-time (internal logging with --el_debug)
3)....Fixed: spawned by ecc32/emake processes now start with the same priority
4)....Fixed: ThreadID = 0 in StandardEurekaNotify
5)....Fixed: Dialog auto-close timer may reset without user input
6)....Fixed: Possible hang when quickly loading/unloading EurekaLog-enabled DLL
7)....Fixed: Possible hang in COM DLLs
8)....Fixed: Removed some unnecessary file system access on startup
9)....Fixed: Possible wrong font size in EurekaLog tools
10)...Fixed: Ignore timeouts from Shell_NotifyIcon
11)...Fixed: Possible failure to handle/process stack overflow exceptions
12)...Changed: VCL/CLX/FMX now will assign Application.OnException handler when low-level hooks are disabled

EurekaLog 7.2 Hotfix 6 (, 14-July-2015
1)....Added: csoCaptureDelphiExceptions option
2)....Fixed: Handling of SECBUFFER_EXTRA in SSPI code
3)....Fixed: Several crashes in sending code for very old Delphi versions
4)....Fixed: Regression (from hotfix 5) crash in some IDEs

EurekaLog 7.2 Hotfix 5 (, 1-July-2015
1)....Added: HKCU\Software\EurekaLab\Viewer\4.0\UI\Statuses registry key to allow status customizations in Viewer
2)....Added: "Disable hang detection under debugger" option
3)....Fixed: Wrong button caption in standalone "Steps to reproduce" dialog
4)....Fixed: Wrong passing of Boolean parameters in JSON (affects JIRA)
5)....Fixed: Wrong sorting of BugID, Count and DateTime columns in Viewer
6)....Fixed: Empty "Count" field/column is now displayed as "1" in Viewer
7)....Fixed: Generic names with "," could not be decoded in Viewer
8)....Fixed: Updated Windows 10 detection for latest builds of Windows 10
9)....Fixed: Sleep and hybernation no longer trigger false-positive "application freeze"
10)...Fixed: Wrong function codes for hooking (affects ISAPI application type)
11)...Fixed: Wrong button caption in "Steps to Reproduce" dialog
12)...Fixed: Crash when taking snapshot of some proccesses by Threads Snapshot tool
13)...Fixed: Minor improvements in leak detection

EurekaLog 7.2 Hotfix 4 (, 10-June-2015
1)....Added "ECC32TradeSpeedForMemory" option - defaults to 0/False, could be changed to 1 via Custom/Manual tab. This option will switch from fast-methods to slower methods, but which take less memory. Use 0 (default) for small projects, use 1 for large projects (if ecc32 runs out of memory).
2)....Added: --el_DisableDebuggerPresent command-line option for compatibility with 3rd party debuggers (AQTime, etc.)
3)....Added: AQTime auto-detect
4)....Fixed: Performance optimizations
5)....Fixed: Windows 8+ App Menu shortcuts
6)....Fixed: Unmangling on x64

EurekaLog 7.2 Hotfix 3 (, 20-May-2015
1)....Added: Support for token auth in Bugzilla (latest 4.x builds)
2)....Added: Support for API key auth in Bugzilla (5.x)
3)....Added: Support for /EL_DisableMemoryFilter command-line option
4)....Added: Asking e-mail when user switches to "details" from MS Classic without entering e-mail
5)....Fixed: Compatibility issues with older Bugzilla versions (3.x)
6)....Fixed: Passing settings between dialogs
7)....Fixed: "Ask for steps to reproduce" dialog is now DPI-aware
8)....Fixed: Silently ignore and fix invalid values in project options

EurekaLog 7.2 Hotfix 2 (, 30-April-2015
1)....Fixed: Confusing message in Manage tool when using with Trial/Pro
2)....Fixed: Range check error in processes information for x64 machines (affects startup of any EurekaLog-enabled module)
3)....Fixed: Auto-detect personality by project extension if --el_mode switch is missing
4)....Fixed: More details for diagnostic sending
5)....Fixed: Wrong settings for MAP files in C++ Builder
6)....Fixed: Wrong code page was used to decode ANSI bug reports
7)....Fixed: Attaching .PAS files instead of .OBJ in C++ Builder 2006+ Pro/Trial

EurekaLog 7.2 Hotfix 1 (, 3-April-2015
1)....Fixed: Wrong float-str convertion when ThousandSeparator is '.'

EurekaLog 7.2 (, 1-April-2015
1)....Important: TEurekaLogV7 component was renamed to TEurekaLogEvents. Please, update your projects by renaming or recreating the component
2)....Important: File layout was changed for BDS 2006+. Delphi and C++ Builder files are now located in StudioNum folders instead of old DelphiNum and CBuilderNum folders. Update your search paths if needed
3)....Added: Major improvements in DumpAllocationsToFile function (EMemLeaks unit)
4)....Added: MemLeaksSetParentBlock, MemLeaksOwn, EurekaTryGetMem functions (EMemLeaks unit)
5)....Added: Improvements for call stack of dynarrays/strings allocations (leaks)
6)....Added: "Elem size" when reporting leaks in dynarrays
7)....Added: Streaming unpacked debug info into temporal files instead of memory - this greatly reduces run-time application memory usage at cost of slightly slower exception processing. This also reduces memory footprint for ecc32/emake
8)....Added: Showing call stacks for 2 new types of fatal memory errors
9)....Added: EMemLeaks._ReserveOutOfMemory to control reserve size of out of memory errors (default is 50 Mb)
10)...Added: "MinLeaksLimitObjs" option (EMemLeaks unit)
11)...Added: Fatal memory problem now pauses all threads in application
12)...Added: Fatal memory problem now change thread name (to simplify debugging)
13)...Added: boPauseELThreads and boDoNotPauseELServiceThread options (currently not visible in UI)
14)...Added: Support for texts collections out of default path
15)...Added: Support for relative file paths to text collections and external settings
16)...Added: Support for environment variables in project option's paths
17)...Added: Support for relative file paths and environment variables for events and various module paths
18)...Added: Logging in Manage tool
19)...Added: Windows 10 version detection
20)...Added: Stack overflow tracing
21)...Added: Major improvements in removal of recursive areas from call stack
22)...Added: Statistics collection
23)...Added: Support for uploading multiple files in JIRA
24)...Added: EResLeaks improvements (new funcs: ResourceAdd, ResourceDelete, ResourceName; support for realloc-like functions)
25)...Fixed: Added workaround for bug in JIRA 5.x
26)...Fixed: Rare EurekaLog internal error
27)...Fixed: Ignored unhandled thread exceptions (when EurekaLog is disabled) now triggers default OS processing (WER)
28)...Fixed: Irnored exceptions (via per-exception/events) now bring up default RTL handler
29)...Fixed: Format error in Viewer
30)...Fixed: Leak of EurekaLog exception information object
31)...Fixed: Wrong chaining exceptions inside GetMem/FreeMem
32)...Fixed: Memory leak after low-level unhook of function
33)...Fixed: Re-parenting after ReallocMem
34)...Fixed: Editing SMTP server options
35)...Fixed: SMTP server not using real user e-mail in FROM field
36)...Fixed: Some multi-threading crashes
37)...Fixed: Fixed crashes in Manage tool
38)...Fixed: Range-check error in Viewer
39)...Fixed: EurekaLog error dialog appearing under other windows
40)...Fixed: AV when parsing TDS (emake/C++ Builder specific)
41)...Fixed: Unable to build call stacks for other threads due to insufficient rights
42)...Fixed: Version checks for BugZilla and JIRA
43)...Fixed: Not catching out-of-module AVs when "Capture exceptions only from current module" option is checked
44)...Fixed: Checking for remaining exceptions at shutdown (C++ Builder specific, AcquireExceptionObject returns wrong info)
45)...Fixed: "get call stack of ... threads" / "suspend ... threads" options (avoid rare multithreading race conditions)
46)...Fixed: Crash when naming thread without EurekaLog thread info
47)...Fixed: Detection of immediate caller for memory funcs
48)...Fixed: Non-working Assign for options
49)...Fixed: Handling of explicitly chained exceptions
50)...Fixed: Various exception/threading fixes for MS debug provider
51)...Fixed: Processing hardware unhandled exceptions (QC #55007)
52)...Fixed: Unchecking dialog options when export/import
53)...Fixed: BSTR leak
54)...Fixed: JIRA decimal separator bug
55)...Changed: Now unhandled exceptions will be handled by EurekaLog even if EurekaLog is disabled in the thread - only global EurekaLog-enabled status is respected
56)...Changed: Viewer version now matches version of EurekaLog
57)...Changed: DeleteServiceFilesOption now always False by default
58)...Changed: Speed improvements for known memory leaks (reserved leaks)
59)...Changed: Improved logging for sending
60)...Changed: Switching to detailed mode without entering (mandatory) e-mail: now EL will not block this
61)...Changed: .ToString for exception info now uses compact stack formatter
62)...Removed: Custom field editor (replaced it with link to "Custom" page)
63)...Removed: EurekaLog 7 no longer could be installed over EurekaLog 6. Manage tool from EurekaLog 7 will no longer work with EurekaLog 6.

EurekaLog 7.1 update 1 (, 19-October-2014
1)....Added: "Send in separated thread" option
2)....Added: Hang detection will now use Wait Chain Traversal (WCT) on Vista+ systems to detect deadlocks in any EurekaLog-enabled threads
3)....Added: OS install language and UI language fields in bug report
4)....Fixed: Viewer is not able to decrypt reports with generics
5)....Fixed: EVariantTypeCastError in Viewer when changing status of some bug reports
6)....Fixed: EcxInvalidDataControllerOperation in Viewer
7)....Fixed: Stack overflow at run-time for certain combination of project options
8)....Fixed: BMP re-draw bug in UI dialogs
9)....Fixed: Rogue "corrupted" error message for valid ZIPs of certain structure
10)...Fixed: Various range check errors in Viewer
11)...Fixed: Possible encoding errors for non-ASCII reports in Viewer on certain environments
12)...Fixed: Wrong count in Viewer when importing reports without proper "count" field
13)...Fixed: Duplicate reports may appear in bug report file when "Do not save duplicate errors" option is checked
14)...Fixed: False-positive detection of some virtual machines
15)...Fixed: Processing of exceptions from message handlers during message pumping cycle inside exception dialogs
16)...Fixed: Access Violation if exception dialog was terminated by exception
17)...Fixed: Hardware exceptions from unit's initialization/finalization may be unprocessed
18)...Changed: "VIEW" action for Viewer now will open ALL bug reports inside bug report file; reports will not be merged by BugID. "IMPORT" action remains the same: duplicate reports are merged, "count" is increased
19)...Changed: Charset field in bug report now shows both charset and code page

EurekaLog 7.1 (, 23-September-2014
1)....Added: XE7 support
2)....Added: XE6 support
3)....Added: New DLL demo
4)....Added: Custom profiles are now shown in "Application type" combo-box
5)....Added: Non-empty "steps to reproduce" will be added to existing bug tracker issues with empty "steps to reproduce"
6)....Added: Support for custom fields in FogBugz (API version 8 and above)
7)....Added: Support for unsequenced line numbers in PDB/DBG files (--el_source switch)
8)....Fixed: XML bug report were generated wrong
9)....Fixed: Strip relocations code for Win64
10)...Fixed: EurekaLog conditional symbols removed improperly when deactivating EurekaLog
11)...Fixed: Sending reports to non-default port numbers (affects web-based methods)
12)...Fixed: SSL validation check may reject valid SSL certificate (SMTP Client/Server)
13)...Fixed: SSL errors may be not reported
14)...Fixed: Viewer did not consider empty bug reports as corrupted
15)...Fixed: "DLL" profile now can be used with packages properly
16)...Fixed: Few rare memory leaks
17)...Fixed: Possible deadlock when using MS debug info provider
18)...Fixed: C++ Builder project files was saved incorrectly (RAD Studio 2007+)
19)...Fixed: "Show restart checkbox after N errors" counts handled exceptions
20)...Fixed: IDE expert's DPR parser (added support for multi-part idents)
21)...Fixed: Rare access violation in hook code
22)...Fixed: Thread handle leaks (added _NotifyThreadGone/_CleanupFinishedThreads functions to be called manually - only when low-level hooks are not installed)
23)...Fixed: EurekaLog's installer hang
24)...Fixed: Bug in object/class validation
25)...Fixed: Bug when using TThreadEx without EurekaLog
26)...Fixed: Leaks detection may not work with certain combination of options
27)...Fixed: Deadlock in some cases when using EurekaLog threading option set to "enabled in RTL threads, disabled in Windows threads".
28)...Changed: TEurekaExceptionInfo.CallStack will be nil until exception is actually raised
29)...Changed: FogBugz and BugZilla: changed bugs identification within project (to allow two bugs exists with same BugID in different projects)
30)...Changed: Blocked manual creation/destruction of ExceptionManager class and EurekaExceptionInfo
31)...Changed: ECC32/EMAKE runs from IDE without changing priority, added ECC32PriorityClass option
32)...Improved: Minor help and text improvements

EurekaLog 7.0.7, (25-November-2013)
1)....Added: Ability to use Assign between call stack and TStrings
2)....Added: 64-bit disassembler
3)....Added: Support for variables and relative file paths in "Additional Files" send option
4)....Added: --el_source switch for ecc32/emake compilers
5)....Added: support for post-processing non-Embarcadero executables
6)....Added: EOTL.pas unit for better OmniThreadLibrary integration
7)....Added: RAD Studio XE5 support
8)....Added: New "Capture call stacks of EurekaLog-enabled threads" option
9)....Added: "Deferred call stacks" option for 64-bit
10)...Added: Copy report to clipboard now copies both report text and report file
11)...Added: "AttachBothXMLAndELReports" option to include both .elx and .el files into bug report
12)...Added: EMemLeaks.MemLeaksErrorsToIgnore option to exclude certain memory errors from being considered as fatal
13)...Added: Call stack with any encrypted entry will be fully encrypted now
14)...Added: Option to exclude certain memory errors from being considered as fatal (EMemLeaks.MemLeaksErrorsToIgnore)
15)...Added: New "HTTP Error Code" option for all web-based dialogs (CGI, ISAPI, etc.)
16)...Added: Support for Unicode in Simple MAPI send method (requires Windows 8 or latest Microsoft Office)
17)...Added: New value for call stack detalization option (show any addresses, including those not belonging to any executable module)
18)...Fixed: Wrong JSON escaping for strings (affects JIRA send method)
19)...Fixed: Range-check error in Viewer when viewing bug reports with high addresses
20)...Fixed: Selecting Win32 service application type is no longer resets to custom/unsupported
21)...Fixed: Possible hang when testing dialogs from EurekaLog project options dialog
22)...Fixed: Rare resetting of some options when saving .eof file
23)...Fixed: Exception pointer could be removed from call stack due to debug details filtering
24)...Fixed: Rare case when LastThreadException returned nil while there was active thread exception
25)...Fixed: Rare case when ShowLastThreadException do nothing
26)...Fixed: Improved compatibility for OmniThreadLibrary and AsyncCalls
27)...Fixed: Included fix for QC #72147
28)...Fixed: 64-bit MS Debug Info Provider (please, re-setup cache options using configuration dialog)
29)...Fixed: "Deferred call stacks" option failed to capture call stack when exception is re-raised between threads
30)...Fixed: "Deferred call stacks" option may produce cutted call stack in rare cases
31)...Fixed: Several minor call stacks improvements and optimizations
32)...Fixed: Several 64-bit Pointer <> Integer convertion issues
33)...Fixed: Multi-threading deadlock issue
34)...Fixed: Black screenshots in 64 bit applications
35)...Fixed: Copying to clipboard hot-key was registered globally
36)...Fixed: Shell (mailto) send method may fail (64 bit)
37)...Fixed: Possible wrong file paths for attaches in (S)MAPI send methods
38)...Fixed: Environment variables were not expanded in MAPI send method
39)...Fixed: (non-Unicode IDE) EurekaLog is not activated when application started from folder with Unicode characters
40)...Fixed: Encrypted call stacks may be encrypted partially by EurekaLog Viewer in rare cases
41)...Fixed: Crash when sending leak report with visual progress dialog (only some IDEs are affected)
42)...Fixed: ecc32/emake could not see external configuration file with the same name as project (e.g. Project1.eof for Project1.dpr)
43)...Fixed: Added missed RTL implementation for ExternalProps in Delphi 6 (affects Mantis sending)
44)...Fixed: IDE crash when switching to threads window
45)...Changed: Removed temporal solution which was used before option to defer call stack creation was introduced
46)...Changed: "Default EurekaLog state in new threads" option is changed from Boolean flag into enum. You need to re-setup this option
47)...Changed: Disable EurekaLog for thread when creating call stack or handle exception - this increases stability and performance
48)...Changed: LastException property is remove from exception manager as not thread safe. Use LastThreadException property instead
49)...Changed: Lock/Unlock from thread manager and exception manager are removed to avoid deadlocks
50)...Changed: ThreadsSnapshot tool now tries to capture call stack without injecting DLL
51)...Changed: Build events now runs with CREATE_NO_WINDOW flag (console window is hidden)
52)...Improved: More articles in help

EurekaLog 7.0.6, (1-June-2013)
1)....Added: Experimental 64 bit C++ Builder support
2)....Added: New tab in EurekaLog project options: "External tools"
3)....Added: Option to catch all IDE errors (to debug your own IDE packages)
4)....Added: Option to catch only exceptions from current module
5)....Added: Option to defer building call stack
6)....Added: RAD Studio XE4 support
7)....Added: Support for AppWave
8)....Fixed: Fixed event handlers declarations for the EurekaLog component
9)....Fixed: Infinite recursive calls when using ToString from EndReport event handler
10)...Fixed: UPX compatibility issue
11)...Fixed: Range check errors for system error codes
12)...Fixed: Rare IDE stack overflow
13)...Fixed: JIRA unit was not added automatically
14)...Fixed: EurekaLog no longer tries to check for leaks when memory manager filter is disabled
15)...Fixed: Possible deadlock on shutdown with freeze checks active
16)...Fixed: Issues with settings dialog and Win32 Service application type
17)...Fixed: ThreadSnapshot tool was not able to take snapshots of Win64 processes
18)...Fixed: WCT is disabled for leaks
19)...Fixed: TContext declarations for Win64
20)...Fixed: Check for updates now correctly sets time of last check
21)...Fixed: (Win64) Several Pointer <> Integer convertion errors
22)...Fixed: Internal error when exception info object was deleted while it was still used by SysUtils exception object
23)...Fixed: Semeral problems with "EurekaLog look & feel" style for EurekaLog error dialog
24)...Fixed: Using text collection resets exception filters
25)...Fixed: Rare access violation if registering event handlers is placed too early
26)...Fixed: SMTP RFC date formatting
27)...Fixed: Rare empty call stack bug
28)...Fixed: Hang detection was not working if EurekaLog was disabled in threads
29)...Fixed: AV for double-free TEncoding
30)...Changed: ecc32/emake no longer alters arguments for dcc32/make unless new options --el_add_default_options is specified
31)...Changed: Save/load options methods was moved to TEurekaModuleOptions class
32)...Changed: Saving options to EOF file now adds hidden options and removes obsolete options (only when compatibility mode is off)
33)...Changed: Compiling installed packages now silently ignores EurekaLog instead of showing "File is in use" error message
34)...Improved: More readable disk/memory sizes in bug reports
35)...Improved: More descriptive settings dialog when using external configuration
36)...Improved: ThreadSnapshot tool now aquired DEBUG priviledge for taking snapshot. This allows it to bypass security access checks when opening target process.
37)...Improved: Changed BugID default generation to include error code for OS errors and error message for DB errors
38)...Improved: Mantis API (WSDL) was updated to the latest version (1.2.14)
39)...Improved: IntraWeb compatibility (old and new versions)
40)...Improved: COM applications compatibility
41)...Improved: Build events now accept shell commands
42)...Improved: More articles in help

EurekaLog 7.0.5, (7-February-2013)
1)....Added: JIRA support
2)....Added: Virtual machine detection (new field in bug reports)
3)....Fixed: "Use Main Module options" option was loading empty options for some cases
4)....Fixed: Wrong record declarations for Simple MAPI on Win64
5)....Fixed: Performance issues with batch module options updating
6)....Fixed: Wrong leaks report with both MemLeaks/ResLeaks options active
7)....Fixed: Wrong info for nested exceptions in some cases
8)....Fixed: AV under debugger for Win64 (added support for _TExitDllException)
9)....Fixed: Wrong record declarations for process/thread info on Win64
10)...Fixed: Support for FinalBuilder on XE2/XE3 with spaces in file paths
11)...Fixed: Rare double-free of module information (ModuleInfoList)
12)...Fixed: Rare External Exception C000071C on shutdown (only under debuggger)
13)...Fixed: Added large addresses support in Viewer
14)...Fixed: Counter options in memory leaks category is now working properly
15)...Fixed: Rare range-check error in TEurekaModulesList.AddModuleFromFileName
16)...Fixed: FTP force directories dead lock
17)...Fixed: Fixed wrong index being used when clearing compatibility mode (EurekaLog project options dialog)
18)...Fixed: Default thread state do not affect main thread now
19)...Fixed: Sometimes wrong thread may be used when altering EurekaLog active state for external thread
20)...Fixed: Wrong DNS lookup on ANSI
21)...Fixed: Problems with IDE expert and projects on network paths
22)...Fixed: Added support for arguments in URLs (HTTP sending)
23)...Fixed: Possible deadlock in multithreaded applications
24)...Fixed: Problems with unicode characters in project files on non-Unicode IDEs
25)...Fixed: Infinite recursive calls when using ToString from EndReport event handler
26)...Fixed: Win64 GetCaller now returns pointer to call instruction, not return address
27)...Improved: Standalone Editor do not force save/load folder by default
28)...Improved: DLL profile now can use additional application type hooks automatically
29)...Improved: EurekaLog now able to work with read-only projects (see help for more info)

EurekaLog 7.0.4, (2-December-2012)
1)....Added: Support for nested exceptions in DLLs
2)....Fixed: Options bug in EurekaLogSendEmail function
3)....Fixed: Weird behaviour for steps to reproduce and custom fields
4)....Fixed: Installation for single personality (BDS)
5)....Fixed: Range check error in EModules
6)....Fixed: Bug in exception destroy hook
7)....Fixed: OnExceptionNotify event is no longer called for handled exceptions without option checked
8)....Fixed: DEP checks on startup no longer cause exception
9)....Fixed: Invalid declaration for MS Debug API
10)...Fixed: OLE mode change error for "Test" send button
11)...Fixed: Fixes for multiply loading of the same DLL
12)...Fixed: Removed PNG compression from icons (tools)
13)...Fixed: Range-check error in dialogs with EurekaLog style enabled
14)...Fixed: Send progress dialog may keep busy forever processing window messages (message flood from rapid application GUI updates)
15)...Fixed: Thread pausing options now work correctly
16)...Improved: New features in exception filters - marking exceptions as "expected", filtering by properties (RTTI)
17)...Improved: Recovery from memory errors without debugging memory manager
18)...Improved: Viewer's password edit now hides password with asterisks
19)...Updated: Changed names of .inc files to avoid name conflicts with other libraries
20)...Updated: Help

EurekaLog 7.0.3 (6-October-2012)
1)....Fixed: Removed some consts keywords for event handlers, so now C++ Builder can alter arguments (this change may require you to adjust your custom code)
2)....Fixed: Fallback code for false-positive results on memory probing
3)....Fixed: Range check errors in SSL/TLS implementation
4)....Fixed: "EurekaLog is not active" error message during send testing
5)....Fixed: Incorrect memory probing when DEP is off (old systems)
6)....Fixed: Installation of 64-bit BPLs
7)....Fixed: Dialog preview
8)....Fixed: Win64 fixes for XE3
9)....Fixed: Support for project groups (mixed project types)
10)...Fixed: Windows 2000 hooks compatibility
11)...Fixed: mailto double quotes escaping
12)...Fixed: Simple MAPI WOW compatibility
13)...Fixed: Simple MAPI modal issues
14)...Fixed: Various range check errors
15)...Changed: Removed minor version number from program group name

EurekaLog (12-September-2012):
1)....Fixed: Range check error in Viewer
2)....Fixed: Bug in hooking code

EurekaLog 7.0.2 (11-September-2012):
1)....Added: Improved memory problems detection
2)....Added: Minor IDE Expert usability improvements
3)....Added: Auto-size feature for detailed error dialog
4)....Added: Workaround for QC #106935
5)....Added: Workaround for bug in InvokeRegistry (SOAP/Mantis)
6)....Fixed: Nested OS exceptions
7)....Fixed: Multiply Win64 fixes
8)....Fixed: Compatibility mode fixes
9)....Fixed: Altered behaviour of "Add BugID/Date/ComputerName" options
10)...Fixed: Blank screenshots
11)...Fixed: Check file for corruptions
12)...Fixed: Viewer is unable to decrypt certain bug reports
13)...Fixed: Internal DoNoTouch option now works for post-processing and condtionals
14)...Fixed: Possible out of memory error for "Do not store class/procedure names" option
15)...Fixed: EurekaLog did not properly install itself when there is only Delphi installed, but no C++ Builder of the same version (or visa versa)
16)...Fixed: Wrong argument for OnRaise event
17)...Fixed: Handling memory errors in initialization/finalization sections
18)...Fixed: Updating steps to reproduce and user e-mail in bug report
19)...Fixed: Proper Success/Failure for some errors during SMTP send
20)...Added: Workaround for wrong GUI fonts
21)...Added: Delphi XE3 support
22)...Added: Individual options for each exception

EurekaLog 7.0.1 (28-June-2012):
1)....Added: New "Modal window" option (MS Classic and EurekaLog dialogs)
2)....Added: New "Owned window" option (MS Classic and EurekaLog dialogs)
3)....Added: New "Catch EurekaLog IDE Expert errors" option
4)....Added: Backup memory manager to recover from critical errors
5)....Added: Alternative methods to provide additional features when memory filter is not set
6)....Fixed: Contains fixes from hotfixes 1-3
7)....Fixed: Performance improvements
8)....Fixed: Improved IDE Expert's speed, stability and compatibility with other 3rd party extensions
9)....Fixed: MS Classic dialog size adjustments for large "click here" translations
10)...Fixed: Fixed resetting few EurekaLog project options to defaults
11)...Fixed: Multiplying exception filters when options are assigned (for example: when switching to/from "Custom" page in project options)
12)...Fixed: (Compatibility mode) Fixed send options merging
13)...Fixed: Updated help

EurekaLog 7.0.0 build 273 - hot-fix 3 (20-June-2012):
1)....Fixed: ERangeError in EResLeaks (THandle <> Integer)
2)....Fixed: C++ Builder breakpoints for large projects
3)....Fixed: Help (updates policy changed)
4)....Fixed: Text collections applying
5)....Fixed: Build events are now called for unlocked file
6)....Fixed: Proper handling of C++ Builder project options files from Delphi code (settings editor and IDE expert)
7)....Fixed: Terminate/Checked sub-option for MS Classic dialog
8)....Fixed: Confusing message for already post-processed executables
9)....Fixed: Access violation for some EurekaLog IDE menu items when no project was loaded
10)...Fixed: Invoking help for "Variables" window
11)...Fixed: EurekaLog Viewer version info
12)...Fixed: Events in components
13)...Added: Retry option for "Sorry, you must close all running IDE instances before installation"
14)...Added: Italian translation
15)...Added: Actual change log is now included into installer
16)...Added: Even more setup logging
17)...Added: New help articles (recompilation and manual installation)

EurekaLog 7.0.0 build 261 - hot-fix 2 (10-June-2012):
1)....Fixed: Wrong version info reporting to IDE
2)....Added: Workaround for Delphi 2005 TListView bug
3)....Added: Workaround for possible invalid FPU state in exception handlers
4)....Added: Missed declarations for ExceptionLog (compatibility mode)
5)....Fixed: Work for unsaved projects
6)....Added: Escaping for '--' in options (confuses IDE's XML parsing)
7)....Added: Storing thread's class/name in call stack for terminated threads
8)....Added: More setup logging
9)....Fixed: Help (broken links)
10)...Added: "Upgrade to EurekaLog 7" help topic
11)...Fixed: Clean up installed files

EurekaLog 7.0.0 build 256 - hot-fix 1 (6-June-2012):
1)....Fixed: Invalid Format() arguments in ELogBuilder.

EurekaLog 7.0 (1-June-2012):
1)....Improved: Main change - EurekaLog's core was rewritten (refactored) to allow more easy modification and remove hacks.
2)....Improved: New plugin-like architecture now allows you to exclude unused code.
3)....Improved: New plugin-like architecture now allows you to easily extends EurekaLog.
4)....Improved: Greatly extended documentation.
5)....Improved: Installer is now localized.
6)....Improved: Greatly speed ups creation of minimal bug report (with most information disabled).
7)....Changed: EurekaLog's root IDE menu was relocated to under Tools and extended with new items.
8)....Added: New examples.
9)....Added: New tools (address lookup, error lookup, threads snapshot, standalone settings editor).
10)...Added: Support for DBG/PDB formats of debug information (including symbol server support and auto-downloading).
11)...Added: Support for madExcept debug information (experimental).
12)...Added: WER (Windows Error Reporting) support.
13)...Added: Full unicode support.
14)...Added: Professional and Trial editions: added source code (interface sections only)
15)...Improved: Dialogs - new options and new customization possibilities:
16)...Added: All GUI dialogs: ability to test dialog directly from configuration dialog by displaying a sample window with currently specified settings.
17)...Improved: All GUI dialogs: dialogs are DPI-awared now (auto-scale for different DPI).
18)...Added: MessageBox dialog: added detailed mode (shows a compact call stack).
19)...Added: MessageBox dialog: added ability for asking a send consent.
20)...Added: MessageBox dialog: added support to switch to "native" message box for application.
21)...Added: MS Classic dialog: added control over "user e-mail" edit's visibility.
22)...Added: MS Classic dialog: added ability to personalize dialog view with application's name and icon.
23)...Added: MS Classic dialog: added ability to show terminate/restart checkbox initially checked.
24)...Added: EurekaLog dialog: added ability to personalize dialog view with application's name and icon.
25)...Added: EurekaLog dialog: added ability to show terminate/restart checkbox initially checked.
26)...Added: EurekaLog dialog: added ability to switch back to non-detailed view.
27)...Added: WEB dialog: added new tags to customize bug report page.
28)...Improved: WEB dialog: improved support for unicode and charset.
29)...Added: New dialog type: RTL dialog.
30)...Added: New dialog type: console output.
31)...Added: New dialog type: system logging.
32)...Added: New dialog type: Windows Error Reporting.
33)...Improved: Sending - new options and new customization possibilities:
34)...Added: All send methods: added ability to setup multiply send methods.
35)...Added: All send methods: added ability to change send method order.
36)...Added: All send methods: added separate settings for each send method.
37)...Added: All send methods: ability to test send method directly from configuration dialog by sending a demo bug report.
38)...Added: SMTP client send method: added SSL support.
39)...Added: SMTP client send method: added TLS support.
40)...Added: SMTP client send method: added option for using real e-mail address.
41)...Added: SMTP server send method: added option for using real e-mail address.
42)...Added: HTTP upload send method: added support for custom backward feedback messages.
43)...Added: FTP upload send method: added creating folders on FTP (like remote ForceDirectories).
44)...Added: Mantis send method: added API support (MantisConnect, out-of-the-box since Mantis 1.1.0, available as add-on for previous versions).
45)...Added: Mantis send method: added support for custom "Count" field.
46)...Added: Mantis send method: added options for controlling duplicates.
47)...Added: Mantis send method: added support for SSL/TLS.
48)...Added: FogBugz send method: added API support (out-of-the-box since ForBugz 7, available as add-on for FogBugz 6).
49)...Added: FogBugz send method: EurekaLog will update "Occurrences" field (count of bugs).
50)...Added: FogBugz send method: EurekaLog will respect "Stop reporting" option (BugzScout's setting).
51)...Added: FogBugz send method: EurekaLog will respect "Scout message" option (BugzScout's setting).
52)...Added: FogBugz send method: EurekaLog will store client's e-mail as issue's correspondent.
53)...Added: FogBugz send method: added options for controlling duplicates.
54)...Added: FogBugz send method: added support for "Area" field.
55)...Added: FogBugz send method: added support for SSL/TLS.
56)...Added: BugZilla send method: added API support.
57)...Added: BugZilla send method: added support for custom "Count" field.
58)...Added: BugZilla send method: added options for controlling duplicates.
59)...Added: BugZilla send method: added support for SSL/TLS.
60)...Added: New send method: Shell (mailto protocol).
61)...Added: New send method: extended MAPI.
62)...Added: Support for separate code and debug info injection.
63)...Added: Ability to use custom units before EurekaLog's units.
64)...Added: Support for external configuration file in IDE expert.
65)...Added: Now EurekaLog stores only those project options which are different from defaults (to save disk space and reduce noise in project file).
66)...Added: Now EurekaLog stores project options sorted (alphabet order).
67)...Added: Separate settings for saving modules and processes lists to bug report.
68)...Added: Support for taking screenshots of multiply monitors.
69)...Added: More screenshot customization options.
70)...Added: More control over bug report's file names.
71)...Added: New environment variables.
72)...Added: Deleting .map file after compilation.
73)...Added: Support for different .dpr and .dproj file names.
74)...Improved: memory leaks detection feature - new options and new customization possibilities:
75)...Added: Ability to track memory problems without activation of leaks checking.
76)...Added: Support for sharing memory manager.
77)...Added: Support for tracking leaks in applications built with run-time packages.
78)...Added: Option to zero-fill freed memory.
79)...Added: Option to enable leaks detection only when running under debugger.
80)...Added: Option for manual activation control for leaks detection (via command-line switches).
81)...Added: Option to select stack tracing method for memory problems.
82)...Added: Option to trigger memory leak reporting only for large leaked memory's size.
83)...Added: Option to control limit of number of reported leak.
84)...Added: CheckHeap function to force check of heap's consistency.
85)...Added: DumpAllocationsToFile function to save information about allocated memory to log file.
86)...Added: Registered leaks feature.
87)...Added: Run-time control over memory leak registering.
88)...Added: New recognized leak type: String (both ANSI and Unicode are supported).
89)...Added: Memory features support for C++ Builder.
90)...Added: Resource leaks detection feature.
91)...Improved: Compilation speed increased.
92)...Added: Support for generics in debug information.
93)...Added: Chained/nested exceptions support.
94)...Added: Wait Chain Traversal support.
95)...Added: Support for named threads.
96)...Added: Additional information for threads in call stack.
97)...Improved: EurekaLog Viewer Tool:
98)...Added: Now Viewer has its own help file
99)...Added: Viewer now supports a FireBird based database on local file or remote server.
100)..Added: You can have more that one user account for FireBird based database.
101)..Added: Viewer now can be launched in View mode (Viewer can be configured to any DB or View mode).
102)..Added: Viewer's database now supports storing files, associated with the report (you can also add and remove files manually).
103)..Added: Viewer supports "Import" and "View" commands for report files.
104)..Improved: Extended support for more log formats (XML, packed ELF, etc).
105)..Added: Columns in report's list now can be configured (you can hide and show them).
106)..Added: There are a plenty of new columns added to report's list.
107)..Added: Ability of auto-download reports from e-mail account.
108)..Improved: printing - now you can print the entire report (including screenshots). Old behaviour of printing just one tab (call stack only, for example) also remains.
109)..Added: Viewer can now have more that one run-time instance.
110)..Added: File import status dialog is now configurable (you can disable it, if you want to).
111)..Added: There is a preview area for screenshots, available in reports.
112)..Improved: Now Viewer is more Vista-friendly (i.e. file associations are managed in HKCU, rather that in HKLM, storing configuration in user's Application Data, etc, etc).
113)..Added: Report's list now supports multi-select, so operations can be performed on many reports at time.
114)..Added: There are plenty of new command line abilities, like specifying several files and new switches.
115)..Improved: Bunch of minor changes and improvements.

There are many changes in this release.
See the "Changed from the old 6.x version" help topic for further information!
EurekaLog 7 also have "EurekaLog 6 backward compatibility mode". Please, refer to help file for more information.
We also have the upgrade guide in our help system.

|                                     |
| ***   OLD 6.x version changes   *** |
|                                     |

EurekaLog 6.1.04 (19-Jan-2012)
1)...Added: Support for MainSource in dproj files
2)...Fixed: Compatibility issues with RAD Studio XE2 Update 3
3)...Fixed: Unexpected dialog behaviour in unattended enviroments
4)...Fixed: Some complex C++ Builder's idents were not recornized by Viewer

EurekaLog 6.1.03 (28-Sep-2011)
1)...Added: support for RAD Studio XE2 (Win32 platform only)
2)...Added: support for FireMonkey framework (Win32 platform only)
3)...Improved: new leaks for "Hide Borland leaks" option
4)...Fixed: Escape key could cancel process termination
5)...Fixed: variables didn't worked for exception filters
6)...Fixed: rare application hang up at shutdown
7)...Fixed: encoding issues for run-time option switching

EurekaLog 6.1.02 (19-Jul-2011)
1)...Added: BugZilla 4.x support
2)...Added: (Mantis) category is now optional
3)...Fixed: address space leak due to multi-thread concurensy
4)...Fixed: Sometimes EurekaLog unable to get thread's call stack
5)...Fixed: EurekaLog fails to show information about last routine in unit
6)...Fixed: memory leaks detection has trimmed call stack (some specific Delphi versions)
7)...Fixed: Viewer configuration issue on limited user
8)...Fixed: emake sometime doesn't work
9)...Fixed: crash, if module info wasn't available
10)...Fixed: wrong detection of handled exceptions for certain environments
11)...Fixed: problems with thread locking for specific components
12)...Fixed: error in fallback code in DllFullPath
13)...Fixed: Installer creates unnecessary files
14)...Fixed: nag screen is not DPI awared
15)...Fixed: wrong handling of WM_QUIT - dialog enters endless cycle
16)...Fixed: .eof file can be not recognized as valid .eof file on some rare conditions
17)...Fixed: changed date-time is not updated when overwriting .eof file
18)...Fixed: increased stability for getting memory dumps

EurekaLog 6.1.01 (31-Jan-2011)
1)...Added EurekaLog 7 Compiler support (see for more details)

EurekaLog 6.0.25 (16-Nov-2010)
1)...Added support for Delphi XE and C++Builder XE;
2)...A little Call-stack tracing improvment;
3)...Add the SafeMM memory manager support;
4)...The EurekaLog IDE integration is now set to OFF by default (to activate it use the "EurekaLog/IDE Integration" menu);
5)...Fixed a bug that istructed EurekaLog to catches exceptions also when disabled;
6)...Fixed an Installer bug that didn't activate EurekaLog by default if this option was enabled;
7)...Fixed a bug that caused a wrong decode of some assembles views in the EurekaLog Viewer window;

EurekaLog 6.0.24 (20-Jul-2010)
1)...Added: ModuleInfoByAddr and ModuleInfoByHandle routines to improve EurekaLog usage with packages;
2)...Fixed: unable to save empty multi-line properties;
3)...Fixed: Mantis 1.2.1 login issue;
4)...Fixed: EurekaLog wasn't working with IntraWeb and C++ Builder 2010;
5)...Fixed: rare AV in BDS 2010;
6)...Fixed: changes date-time format while EurekaLog application running could break it;
7)...Fixed: splash screen is not large DPI aware;
8)...Fixed: fixed issue with missing wsock32.dll wrapper;
9)...Fixed: wrong encoding for saving some files in BDS 2009 and above;
10)...Fixed: Mantis encoding issues;

EurekaLog 6.0.23 (25-Feb-2010)
1) for BugZilla 3.4.4 added;
2)...Fixed a memory corruption in TLogFile.LoadFromStream (BDS 2009 and above);
3)...Fixed a fatal crash in Base64 (usually appears in SMTP sending);
4)...Fixed of the log validity checks;
5)...Fixed a garbage instead of very long idents in call stack;
6)...Fixed a rare ecc32 crash on certain conditions;
7)...Fixed a possible buffer overflow in PNG encoding routines;
8)...Fixed a random crash at application's shutdown;

EurekaLog 6.0.22 (14-Dec-2009)
1)...Call stack tracing improvements;
2)...Call stack of main thread is now captured;
3)...Added support for Mantis 1.2;
4)...Added the new command-line compiler "--el_verbose" option to get detailed output;
5)...Added the new command-line compiler "--el_path" option (to can specify a different EurekaLog's path);
6)...Added support for multiply projects compilation (Delphi 2010);
7)...Added the "CustomSmtpHeloCommand" routine to customize the SMTP HELO command;
8)...Improved the Viewer ability to check the line breaks at the end of the file;
9)...Some Help improvements;
10)...Improved/fixed the Zip routines support (improving the MSVCRT-library checks);
11)...Fixed a Viewer bug that imported some invalid logs;
12)...Fixed a Viewer bug that was unable to decode some names in assembler view;
13)...Fixed a Viewer bug unable to recover after "Wrong file format" error;
14)...Fixed a Base64 implementation that corrupted memory;
15)...Fixed a bug that could change working directory when sending email;
16)...Fixed a bug that showed Cyrillic texts as ???? (from Delphi 2009);
17)...Fixed a bug that could create malformed bug reports;
18)...Fixed a bug that caused invalid parsing of map files;
19)...Fixed wrong support for C++Builder 2010;

EurekaLog 6.0.21 (17-Sep-2009)
1)...Added support for Delphi and C++Builder 2010;
2)...Added support for Windows 7;
3)...Added support for BugZilla 3.4 (was "Invalid XXX request" error);
4)...Added handling for unhandled exceptions in certain specific cases;
5)...Fixed memory corruption in log handling code (BDS 2009/2010 only, unicode related);
6)...Fixed attach-forming code for e-mails (SMTP client/SMTP server modes), could cause errors with sending zipped reports (BDS 2009/2010 only, unicode related);
7)...Fixed a rare "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error message in EurekaLog's expert (while locating source line);
8)...Fixed 100% load of BDS.exe after deactivating EurekaLog (new C++Builder versions only);
9)...Fixed e-mail input field in error dialog now have unlimited length;

EurekaLog 6.0.20 (29-Apr-2009)
1)...Behavior of saving EurekaLog's settings was reverted back to behavior of 6.0.18;
2)...Fixed a bug, that sometimes displayed partial or empty call stack;
3)...Fixed a bug, that may prevent memory-leaks feature from working on "Delphi 7";
4)...Fixed a bug, that sometimes may display a message "Unable to find 'Winspool.dll'" at start-up of C++ Builder applications;
5)...Fixed a bug of non-working date, time and CD environment variables;
6)...Fixed a bug, when IDE rarely does not recognize file as changed after actual changes by EurekaLog's expert;
7)...Fixed a bug, which can damage PE structure, when "Reduce file size (remove relocations table)" option is on.

EurekaLog 6.0.19 (16-Mar-2009)
1)...Support for Mantis 1.1.5 added;
2)...Now EurekaLog automatically searches its options data in the .BDSPROJ file (only if it hasn't found them in the .DOF file);
3)...BugZilla 3.0.x support added (the previous 3.x support did not work on the last BugZilla 3.0.x versions);
4)...Added the ability to change default Web Fields values using the OnCustomWebFieldsRequest event;
5)...Now the Command-Line Compiler writes its EurekaLog and Delphi/C++Builder versions;
6)...Now from C++Builder 2006 to the current project is added the ExceptionLog.obj file instead of the ExceptionLog.pas file (solves more build problems);
7)...improved the Help topic about the command-line-compiler;
8)...Fixed a bug that rarely raised a random Access Violation;
9)...Fixed a bug that corrupted the "Delphi 2009/C++Builder 2009" options file containing Unicode data;
10)...Fixed a bug that hangup an application showing a memory leak in an application unable to show any dialog (no rights or enough resources);
11)...Fixed a bug that corrupted non-English strings in EL's project options;
12)...Fixed a bug that produces a malformed requests to bug-trackers with some regional settings;
13)...Fixed a source code issue (Enterprise version only), that was preventing recompile with some regional settings;
14)...Fixed a bug that rarely saves incorrect e-mail settings (that can prevent e-mail from being sent) after certain user's actions.

EurekaLog 6.0.18 (03-Dec-2008)
1)...Added the "TIntConst" Classes.pas leak to the "Borland leaks" list (new on Delphi 2009);
2)...Improved the "Hide Borland Leaks" detection feature;
3)...Improved the GetLastExceptionAddress and GetLastExceptionObject functions;
4)...Fixed a bug that sometimes captured wrong screenshot area;
5)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised an "Unknown error" bug;
6)...Fixed an installer newsgroups subscription bug;
7)...Fixed a bug that randomly crashed IDE (only on Trial version);
8)...Fixed a bug that did not installed C++Builder .LIB files;
9)...Fixes a Builder bug that created unusable CExceptionExpert BPL packages;
10)...Fixed a bug that created the EurekaLog Viewer as Console application raising a "Wrong file format" exception;
11)...Fixed a bug that rarely truncated some exception message lines (only on "MS Classic" dialog type);
12)...Fixed a bug that rarely hangs the application shutdown (only with memory leak feature enabled);
13)...Fixed a bug that rarely raised an Access Violation at application starts;
14)...Fixed a bug that raised the "ExceptionLog.pas compiled with a System.TObject.InstanceSize different version" compiler error (only Delphi 2009);
15)...Fixed a bug the raised the "Invalid argument" error setting the EurekaLog option or building a project (only C++Builder 2009);
16)...Fixed some little strange behaviors deriving from last "Delphi 2009" porting;
17)...Fixed a bug that on some C++Builder 2009 did not activated EurekaLog into the compiled file;
18)...Fixed a bug that sometimes called EurekaLog also if the exception was handled into a try/except block (only in initialization/finalization section);
19)...Fixed a bug that did not activated EurekaLog on C++Builder 2009 applications compiled without packages;
20)...Fixed a bug that rarely caused an EurekaLog loop (nested exceptions);
21)...Fixed a bug that showed as exception the SetThreadName Indy procedure with the "Catches Handled Exception" option enabled;
22)...Fixed a bug that did not catch some handled exceptions with the "Catches Handled Exception" option enabled;
23)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not activate EurekaLog on some C++Builder projects (only C++Builder 2007 and 2009);

EurekaLog 6.0.17 (08-Oct-2008)
1)...Added Delphi 2009 support;
2)...Added C++Builder 2009 support;
3)...Added the new function "GetSourceInfoByAddr" to can obtain debug information from a memory address;
4)...Now the setup copy the ecc32.exe command-line compiler into any C++Builder installation;
5)...Added a workaround to an IntraWeb bug that did not allow to show custom messages when an exception is raised into an OnRender event;
6)...Fixed a bug that sometimes removed the EurekaLog options from the project (only Delphi 5 and 6);
7)...Fixed a bug that did not activated memory-leaks detection on DLL files loaded from an .EXE file not compiled with Delphi or C++Builder;
8)...Fixed a bug that rarely hangs the project during the EurekaLog processing;
9)...Fixed a bug that generated wrongly environment variables results;
10)...Fixed a bug that sometimes corrupted TIdThread object on old Indy 9 versions;
11)...Fixed a bug that rarely did not allowed sent emails via some ESMTP servers;
12)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not send the email message if the autoclose timer expires (affect only "EurekaLog - Dialog Type");
13)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not imported old Delphi 2005/2006 EurekaLog options in Delphi 2007/2009;

EurekaLog 6.0.16 (27-Aug-2008)
1)...Now the OnCustomWebFieldsRequest event is called also for the Web-BugTraking sent (BugZilla/FogBugz/Mantis);
2)...Now the BugZilla/FogBugz "Version" field are automatically fills (feature just available on Mantis);
3)...Now the "How to reproduce" text is automatically fills with the bug description (feature just available on Mantis);
4)...Now the version number is automatically changed when is updated a Web Bug-Tracker bug;
5)...Now all the OutputPath not existing folders are automatically created;
6)...Now every EStackOverflow exception is handled (also if into a try/except block);
7)...Now the RTL Exception Dialog isn't showed anymore after the raising of an exception into the Initialization/Finalization block (only from Delphi 5);
8)...Now before delete any temp file is removed any eventual read-only flags (just to be sure to deleted any temp file);
9)...Fixed a bug that catches handled exceptions raised into the Initialization/Finalization section;
10)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not showed line number of exceptions occurred in Initialization section (only Delphi 2006/2007);
11)...Fixed a bug that reported a wrongly name for the main project procedure (only Delphi 2006/2007);
12)...Fixed a bug that caused an EurekaLog IDE Options "Messages Text Grid" trouble painting;
13)...Fixed a bug that sometimes truncated some error messages lines;
14)...Fixed a bug that sometimes returns a wrong DNS entry aborting the "SMTP Server" sent;
15)...Fixed an EurekaLog Viewer bug that did not decoded the Assembler source lines;
16)...Fixed a bug that did not identify exceptions raised in DllMain entry point (only C++Builder);
17)...Fixed a bug that showed a "Project Name field empty" error if the "Web-Traker" Password field was empty;
18)...Fixed a bug that did not saved the .ELF file in the OutputPath folder if it contains Environment variables;
19)...Fixed a bug that sometimes crashed the application calling the Indy SetThreadName procedure;
20)...Fixed a bug that sometimes showed a wrong exception line;
21)...Little help fixes;

EurekaLog 6.0.15 (02-Jul-2008)
1)...FogBugz 6.x support added;
2)...BugZilla 3.x support added;
3)...Improved the "sending progress bar" precision;
4)...Now if the "Exception Dialog Type" is "MS Classic" and the "Send Mode" is only "Email Client" (no Web Send Mode) then EurekaLog hide the "Email Address" control;
5)...Changed the DLL icon in the Exception Dialog controls;
6)...Changed the DLL icon in the EurekaLog Viewer controls;
7)...Added the "TIntConst" Classes.pas leak to the "Borland leaks" list;
8)...Added the "TIdThreadSafeInteger" IdThreas.pas Indy leak to the "Borland Leaks" list;
9)...Now the Command-Line Compiler for Delphi 2007 read the ProjectFile.cfg file (only if presents, of course);
10)...Now EurekaLog saves its files in the "%AppData%\EurekaLog" folder (only if it hasn't permissions to save on default path);
11)...Now if in the BugZilla configuration the "Assign To" field is empty then EurekaLog assign the bug to the logged user;
12)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not aborted the Exception Dialog operation pressing the ESC key;
13)...Fixed a bug that placed at wrong screen coordinates the "Send Dialog" (with "Exception Dialog" = none);
14)...Fixed a bug that locked the IDE minimize key after a jump-click from the Exception Dialog to the project source code (only on not docked IDEs);
15)...Fixed a bug that did not handled some Initialization/Finalization exceptions;
16)...Created a Work-Around to fix a bug that on Vista with UAC enabled returns as Company/User Microsoft/Microsoft (now returns empty strings);
17)...Fixed a bug that did not stored the TEurekaModuleOptions.ReproduceText field with the "Exception Dialog Type" set to (none);
18)...Fixed a bug that disabled the "Log-File/Show Options" panel unchecking the "Save Log File" option;
19)...Fixed a bug that did not full disabled EurekaLog calling the SetEurekaLogState/SetEurekaLogInThread procedures if the "Catch Handled exception" options was enabled;
20)...Fixed a BugZilla 2.2x integration bug that did not allowed to modify old bugs;
21)...Fixed a bug that did not added the ExceptionLog unit to the Project uses list, if some uses units containing the '.' char;

EurekaLog 6.0.14 (14-May-2008)
1)...Little speed improvements;
2)...Added the ability to copy the Exception Message from the simple exception dialog (now this control is a read-only edit);
3)...Now pressing the ESC key, with the Exception Dialog showed, abort any operations;
4)...Now the Indy 9/10 leaks are automatically removed if the "Hide Borland leaks" option is enabled;
5)...Little memory-leak detection improvement;
6)...Fixed some C++Builder EurekaLog packages compilation errors;
7)...Fixed a bug that rarely returns a wrongly call-stack;
8)...Fixed a bug that rarely do not showed all the Exception Message (only in "MS Classic" dialog style);
9)...Fixed a bug that sometimes returned empty unit filename extension (so the jump-click function did not works);
10)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not opened the corrected history file;
11)...Fixed a bug that raised an "Access Violation" trying to get the text of an UNICODE control;
12)...Fixed a bug with Mantis 1.1.1 integration that returns an error in BugReport modify (only in not-English versions);
13)...Fixed a bug that trapped handled exception in not TThread threads (only C++Builder);
14)...Little help fixes;

EurekaLog 6.0.13 (22-Apr-2008)
1)...Now the Jump-Click feature automatically identify the correct IDE instance and open only it also with more other IDEs presents;
2)...Now the Jump-Click feature is able to open the IDE editor and set its focus (before the focus remained to the last focused window);
3)...Now EurekaLog is able to shows its internal leaks abiliting the DUNIT define in file);
4)...Replaced all the Exception Dialogs RichEdit controls with RichEdit2 version (to can show really long texts);
5)...Some little installer improvements;
6)...Changed the EZLib unit name to EZLib2 to avoid some conflicts with 3th party libraries/packages;
7)...Increased the CallStack tracing checking (to avoid false positive);
8)...Fixed an "Exception Filters" bug that runned the Filter Action also if the Handler <> EurekaLog;
9)...Fixed a bug with Mantis 1.1.1 integration that returns an error in BugReport modify;
10)...Fixed a bug in the Command-Line Compiler that did not saved the EurekaLog debug data if used with the "-E" option (only Delphi 2007);
11)...Fixed a bug that did not added the EurekaLog Debug data in Packages compiled with an extension different from .BPL;
12)...Fixed a bug that caused wrongly 64bit OS detection;
13)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised an Access Violation checking the Network configuration;
14)...Fixed more EDebug unit leaks;
15)...Fixed a bug that rarely raised an EOutOfMemory exception (only Windows NT);
16)...Fixed a bug that did not recognize some Application freezes (if the Application foreground TForm changed at run-time);
17)...Fixed a bug that showed wrongly some complex Custom Data;
18)...Some help examples fixes;
19)...Fixed a bug that rarely did not showed the Exception Dialog detecting an Application Freezes;
20)...Fixed a bug that rarely did not freed the created ScreenShot;
21)...Fixed a bug that rarely raised an Access Violation handling "On Except" exceptions;

EurekaLog 6.0.12 (26-Feb-2008)
1)...Added the "emake.exe" Command-Line Compiler for C++Builder 2007 (usable only with the "--el_alter_exe" option);
2)...Added the Command-Line Compiler ability to get the projects options from the .dproj and .cbproj files;
3)...Added the ability to specify an alternative "compiled file full path" in the "Command-Line Compiler" --el_alter_exe option;
4)...Added to the Command-Line Compiler the ability to read the options from the .DPR/.BPR files (if the .bdsproj, .dproj or .cbproj files are absents);
5)...Now the Command-Line Compiler do not read more the ProjectFile.cfg file (starting from Delphi 2007);
6)...Added the new "--no-config" DCC32.exe option support to the Command-Line Compiler;
7)...Increases the "Command-Line Compiler" verbosity;
8)...Remove some hints messages;
9)...Added the ability to use Environment Variables in the "Web Tracker" AssignTo/Project/Category/Area fields;
10)...Now the TExceptionDialogOption edoAttachScreenshotChecked/edoSendErrorReportChecked options are affected by the showing dialog (only EurekaLog style);
11)...Added the new TEurekaModuleOptions.ReproduceText property (to read/write the Reproduce Text);
12)...Very big improvements in the TObject and TClass internal validation routines (to avoid strange and unreproducible bugs);
13)...Fixed a bug that did not allowed the Command-Line compiler to send EurekaLog bug reports;
14)...Fixed a bug that rarely raised an Access Violation on Win 9x/ME;
15)...Fixed a bug that sometimes returns an empty default printer string (Win 9x/ME only);
16)...Fixed a bug that rarely crashed the application at its start;
17)...Fixed a C++Builder "GUI Source Demo" compilation bug;
18)...Fixed an EurekaLog Viewer bug that caused a wrong "Module field" grouping (no more case sensitive);
19)...Fixed an EurekaLog Viewer bug that did not synchronized the "ToolBar Buttons Enabled status" with the bugs list status;
20)...Fixed an EurekaLog Viewer bug that moved the selected row at the top after deleting the last bug;
21)...Fixed an EurekaLog Viewer bug that rarely raised an EConvertError exception working with wrong .ELF files;
22)...Fixed an EurekaLog Viewer bug that truncated the text headers in some views;
23)...Fixed a bug that not detected more that 2Gb of RAM;
24)...Fixed a conflict with other Memory Leaks detector;
25)...Fixed a bug that created hundreds of .BIN files in TEMP directory (only with the "Catches Memory Leaks" option disabled);
26)...Fixed a bug that sometimes created empty LastHTMLPage into the %TEMP% folder;
27)...Fixed a bug that handled many times the same SafeCall Exception also with the TBehaviourOption.boCatchHandledExceptions option disabled;
28)...Fixed a bug that called the PostSuccessfulBuildEvent (instead of PostFailureBuildEvent) with canceled builds;
29)...Fixed a bug that caused wrongly "Compiler Version" check results;

EurekaLog 6.0.11 (12-Dec-2007)
1)...Fixed a bug that raised an exception trying to export the EurekaLog options (from the IDE);
2)...Fixed a bug that raised an "Access Violation" during the handling of same DLLs exceptions;
3)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised an Access Violation with the "Catch Memory Leaks" options activates;
4)...Fixed a bug that detected wrong Windows Versions (ex: 2003 instead of XP x64);
5)...Fixed a bug that rarely returns an empty "GetLastExceptionCallStack function" result;
6)...Fixed a bug that rarely raised an "Out of Memory" exception with the "sndUseOnlyActiveWindow" option activated;
7)...Fixed a bug that raised an EStringListError inserting as "Additional Data" (from the OnCustomDataRequest event) not-DOS texts;
8)...Fixed a bug that rarely formatted wrongly the "Custom Information" additional texts;
9)...Fixed an "EurekaLog Viewer" bug that sometimes raised an EOleSysError exception;

EurekaLog 6.0.10 (19-Nov-2007)
1)...The EurekaLog Viewer now save all its filters;
2)...The EurekaLog Viewer now open all the .ELF files in a single instance;
3)...The EurekaLog Viewer, after a delete command, now move the selected line to the next available;
4)...Improved the "error message details" received in case of "Web Sent" failure;
5)...Added the ability to can send "Web Messages" to HTTPS servers with invalid/expired/wrong SSL certificates;
6)...Little improvements to the EurekaLog Pascal parser (internally used to can add the "ExceptionLog" unit to the project uses list);
7)...Fixed a bug that rarely raised an Access Violation after a combination of Exception and Leaks reports;
8)...Fixed a bug that called some EurekaLog events two times (only if called from StandardEurekaNotify/StandardEurekaError functions);
9)...Fixed a bug that did not identified old EurekaLog modules (before of 4.2.4 version);
10)...Fixed an EurekaLog Viewer bug that rarely raised an EVariantTypeCastError exception;
11)...Fixed a bug that raised an Access Violation using some modules compiled with old EurekaLog versions;
12)...Fixed a bug that did not saved the EurekaLog options changes into the EurekaLog events;
13)...Fixed a bug that rarely corrupts ZOrder of application windows;
14)...Fixed a bug that caused an "Access Violation" during the unloading of some COM libraries;

EurekaLog 6.0.9 (30-Oct-2007)
1)...Now EurekaLog automatically fills the Mantis "OS", "OS Version", "Product Build", and "Steps To Reproduce" fields;
2)...Now the EurekaLog Installer and Uninstaller are "Digitally Signed" (to prevent the XP SP2 and Vista warnings);
3)...Not the Uninstall process did not remove the "configuration files" and the "EurekaLog Viewer DataBase";
4)...Fixed an "EurekaLog Viewer" bug that raised a "List out of bound" exception clicking on delete button quickly;
5)...Fixed an "EurekaLog Viewer" bug that showed a "Memory Leak" log as an "Exception Log";
6)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not activated EurekaLog on project imported from "BDS Studio 2006" to "RAD Studio 2007";
7)...Fixed a bug that did not modified a Mantis Bug Report but always inserted a new bug (only with the "Advanced Update" option set);
8)...Fixed a bug that rarely caused an application hangs;
9)...Fixed a bug that processed the MainThread Messages Queue with the "Pause all Borland Threads" option enabled;
10)...Fixed a bug that rarely raised an Internal Critical Error;
11)...Fixed a bug that raised an Access Violation activating the "Catch Handled exceptions" option;
12)...Fixed a bug that crashed the IDE after an Exception raising;
13)...Fixed a bug that did not activate EurekaLog on Delphi 2007 (only on PC with customized Windows versions as "HP Pavilion" or others...);
14)...Fixed a bug in the "Get Default Printer" function that sometimes raised an Access Violation;
15)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised an "Access Violation" using a dynamically loaded/unloaded DLL compiled with EurekaLog;
16)...Fixed a bug that sometimes crashed applications that uses DLL compiled with EurekaLog;

EurekaLog 6.0.8 (02-Oct-2007)
1)...Some little Help improvements;
2)...Support for "FastMove, FastCode, PatchLib, FastObj, FastSys" units added;
3)...New procedure "SetFTPPassiveMode" added (to set the FTP PASV/PORT mode);
4)...New "Win32ExceptionRecord: PExceptionRecord" and "Win32Context: PContext" fields added to the TEurekaExceptionRecord type;
5)...Little installer size improvement (about 150/200 Kb less);
6)...Now is possible use a TEurekaLog component without enable EurekaLog (to can use multiple project configurations without changes any sources);
7)...Now EurekaLog reports if the OS is a 64 bit version;
8)...Now the Command-Line Compiler is able to returns more detailed text errors;
9)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised an Access Violation in projects compiled with Indy run-time packages;
10)...Fixed a bug that sometimes showed leaks with empty call-stack;
11)...Fixed a bug that raised an "Unable to connect to host" error when the username contain the '@' char;
12)...Fixed a bug that did not send the Web BugTraker report to an SSL (https) connection;
13)...Fixed a bug that try to use Proxy settings when Proxy settings was empty;
14)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not catches application freeze;
15)...Some Memory Leaks unit fixes;
16)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not showed the Project Name in the EurekaLog Options IDE Form (only Delphi/C++Builder <= 6);
17)...Fixed a bug that stored the EurekaLog Options for Packages Project in .BPR file (instead of .BPK file);
18)...Fixed a bug that created wrong MAP file for empty packages (only C++Builder);
19)...Fixed a bug that added the EurekaLog Options to the compiled packages also with EurekaLog deactivated (only C++Builder);
20)...Fixed a bug that did not imports the EurekaLog Options from an old C++Builder 2006 project to a new C++Builder 2007 project;
21)...Fixed little bugs with "EurekaLog Style Exception Dialog" and Multi-Monitor support;
22)...Fixed a bug that rarely created duplicated BudIDs for exceptions raised in different programs;
23)...Fixed some installer related bugs;
24)...Fixed a bug that rarely did not added the EurekaLog Debug Data to the final compiled file (only C++Builder 2006);
25)...Fixed a bug that caused an Installer "Corrupted File" error (only C++Builder 2007);
26)...Fixed a bug that rarely did not installed the C++Builder 2007 version (wrong registry entries);
27)...Fixed a bug that rarely created a wrong .map file causing random Exceptions at run-time (only C++Builder);

EurekaLog 6.0.7 (13-Aug-2007)
1)...C++Builder 2007 support added;
2)...Increased the exception handling speed;
3)...DBISam Memory Manager support added;
4)...Fixed a bug that delay the applications for about 20/30 secs with exceptions flooding;
5)...Fixed a bug that did not imported the first line of customized texts;
6)...Fixed a bug that sometimes caused an application hangs;
7)...Fixed a bug that sometimes caused an Access Violation an the application exit;
8)...Fixed a bug that install a non-empty EurekaLog Viewer DataBase;
9)...Fixed a bug that caused C++Builder Compilation/Linking error;
10)...Fixed a bug that sometimes replaced the customized "Messages Text" with the Default values;
11)...Fixed a bug that rarely caused problem with emails containings more Environment Variables in the Text Body;
12)...Fixed a bug that sometimes corrupted the EurekaLog Viewer Logs DataBase;

EurekaLog 6.0.6 (19-Jun-2007)
1)...Mantis sub-projects and sub-sub-projects support added (thanks to Konstantin);
2)...EurekaLog Viewer multi files import added;
3)...Now the "User Profile" folder is get using the "SHGetFolderPath" API (to a best OS compatibility);
4)...Now if the Log Path is empty then the .elf file is saved under "%UserProfile\EurekaLog" folder (only on Windows Vista);
5)...Fixed a little Delphi 7 EurekaLog menu IDE bug;
6)...Fixed a bug that rarely showed wrongly DisAsm code;
7)...Fixed a bug that rarely did not jump from CallStack line and IDE source code;
8)...Fixed a bug that raised an Access Violation working on Windows NT 4;
9)...Fixed a bug that did not showed the MS Style Exception Dialog on OS Windows versions without Multi-Monitor support;
10)...Fixed a little EurekaLog Options interface bug (only in the old windows versions);
11)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not saved the screenshot of a minimized application;
12)...Fixed a bug that sometimes caused an application hangs;
13)...Fixed an EurekaLog Viewer bug that rarely raised a "Wrong Password" exception;
14)...Fixed a bug that managed the EAbort exception (only with "Catch Handled Exceptions" option enabled);
15)...Fixed a bug that raised an Access Violation (only with "Catch Handled Exceptions" option enabled);

EurekaLog 6.0.5 (31-May-2007)
1)...FogBugz 5.x support added;
2)...Mantis 1.1.x support added;
3)...Check on the correct "Web Bug Tracker" data insert added;
4)...Now EurekaLog saves its configurations data in the "%UserProfile%\EurekaLog" folder (to increases Windows Vista compatibility);
5)...Changed the Processes List procedure (to increases Windows Vista compatibility);
6)...Memory-Leaks catches disabled in all projects compiled with packages;
7)...Full Multi-Monitor support added;
8)...Little UI improvements;
9)...Fixed a bug that did not works with FogBugz online Trial version;
10)...Fixed a bug that rarely did not showed some leaks;
11)...Fixed a bug that rarely did not manager C++Builder exceptions;
12)...Fixed a bug that did not activate EurekaLog on Delphi 2007 + "XP Media Center OS";
13)...Little docs fixes;

EurekaLog 6.0.4 (15-May-2007)
1)...Experimental C++Builder 2007 support added (only EurekaLog Enterprise version and only on PC with Delphi 2007 installed);
2)...Fixed same "Delphi 2007" installer bugs;
3)...Removed the "PowerUser" privileges required from the 6.0.3 installer;
4)...Now EurekaLog create the .MAP files directly from the .TDS files (to avoid a C++Builder Linker Access Violation, raised creating a big .MAP files);
5)...Functions "InternalInternalSetProxyServer()" and "InternalSetProxyAuthenticationData()" renamed to "SetProxyServer()" and "SetProxyAuthenticationData()" for backward compatibility with EurekaLog 5.x;
6)...Fixed an ActiveX bug that did not catches exceptions;
7)...Fixed another bug that raised the OutOfMemory exception using modules compiler with an EurekaLog version great of that used into the Main module (version <= 5.1.5);
8)...Fixed a bug that did not added the user email into the log file;
9)...Fixed a bug that did not send SMTP emails if the email address contains '.' char;
10)...Fixed a "C++Builder 2006" command-line compiler bug that did not added the EurekaLog Debug Information;
11)...Fixed a bug that rarely raised an Access Violation creating a Win32 Thread;
12)...Fixed a bug that crashed the application using the Indy SetThreadName procedure;

EurekaLog 6.0.3 (01-May-2007)
1)...Now EurekaLog is installable from any "poweruser" account;
2)...Fixed a bug that raised random exceptions using modules compiler with an EurekaLog version great of that used into the Main module;
3)...Fixed a bug that rarely saved a wrong EurekaLog options file;
4)...Fixed same Windows Vista related bugs;
5)...Fixed same "Delphi 2007" installer bugs;
6)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not send SMTP emails;
7)...Fixed same "C++Builder 2006" command-line compilers bugs;

EurekaLog 6.0.2 (17-Apr-2007):
1)...Delphi 2007 support added;
2)...New "Clear" DataBase Exceptions button added to the EurekaLog Viewer;
3)...Now EurekaLog did not shows leaks generated by units without debug information;
4)...Now is possible customize the SMTPFrom field adding the "from name" (using the format: "name" <email>);
5)...Fixed a bug that raised exceptions loading modules compiled with old EurekaLog versions (4.x or 5.x versions);
6)...Fixed a bug that wrongly added the ExceptionLog.pas unit in the C++Builder 2006 packages;
7)...Fixed an EurekaLog Viewer bug that sometimes raised the "Wrong File" error;
8)...Fixed a bug that did not positioned the EurekaLog Viewer cursor opening only duplicated logs;
9)...Fixed a bug that did not changed the Exception Dialog Type at Run-Time;
10)...Fixed a bug that rarely raised an Internal Critical Error;
11)...Fixed a bug that did not handled the charset of the old 5.x logs;
12)...Fixed a bug that did not terminate/restart the application using the "ForceApplicationTermination" function both with the "edtMSClassic" Exception Dialog Style;
13)...Fixed a little installer bug that sometimes showed wrongly installation folder;
14)...Fixed a bug that rarely caused a "stack overflow" exception;
15)...Fixed an EurekaLog Command-Line Compiler bug that rarely did not compiled the file (only C++Builder version);
16)...Fixed a bug that created hundreds of .BIN files in TEMP directory;
17)...Fixed a bug that raised an exception in the "ActiveX" demo project;
18)...Little help fixes;

EurekaLog 6.0.1 (12-Mar-2007):
1)...Big increasing of EurekaLog stability during critically exceptions (as EOutOfMemory);
2)...Detection of not compatibles Memory Managers added;
3)...The Command-Line compilers has compiled with EurekaLog activated;
4)...EurekaLog Viewer import ability improved (just to check the file corruption avoid the importing of wrong files);
5)...Fixed a bug that caused an Access Violation at the "EurekaLog Viewer" starts;
6)...Fixed a little bug in the HELP "OnExceptionNotify example";
7)...Fixed a bug that showed the RunTime error MessageBox after an exception raising into an Unit Finalization section;
8)...Fixed a bug that did not translated the "click here" exception dialog text;
9)...Fixed same bugs that caused "Internal Critical Errors";
10)...Fixed a bug that corrupted the "EurekaLog Viewer DataBase" importing .ELF files generated with Win9X OS;
11)...Fixed a bug that rarely restarted the IDE after the raised of same exceptions;
12)...Fixed a bug that used wrong section number for the "Custom Data" General section;
13)...Fixed a bug that rarely showing the 'OK' button in a wrong position;
14)...Fixed a bug that blocked the Command-Line compiler (C++Builder 2006 only);

EurekaLog 6.0 (19-Feb-2007):
1)...The EurekaLog Viewer is more similar to a stand alone BUG tracking tool;
2)...Full revisited EurekaLog Options form;
3)...New "IDE/EurekaLog/EurekaLog IDE Options" form;
4)...Run custom programs before and after every project build;
5)...History integration (for the unit line searching on modified sources);
6)...Options to reduce the .EXE file size;
7)...Option to detect .EXE cracks;
8)...Catches of every MEMORY-LEAKS;
9)...Delivery of every BUG to the most used Web BUG-Tracking tools;
10)...Display the Dis-Assembler section;
11)...Display the Processes list section;
12)...Display of more Hardware and Software info (DPI, printer, VGA, privileges, ...);
13)...Full .jdbg (Jedi Debug file), .MAP and .TDS (TD32 Debug file) support;
14)...Full customizable Exception-Dialog (with more styles - as MS style);
15)...Full customizables Exceptions Filters (can choose style, behavior, messages, ...);
16)...All the files to send are compresses and encrypted in ZIP format;
17)...Full COM and SafeCall Exceptions customization;
18)...Optionally catches every HANDLED EXCEPTION;
19)...Fully customizable message texts collections (for multi-language applications);
20)...Environment variables (%EnvironmentVariablet%) support;
21)...New ZIP compress file format to (password encryption allowed);
22)...Add a customizable HELP button (call an event);
23)...Full UNICODE logs handling;

In this new release some old options are changed.
See the "Changed from the old 5.x version" help topic for further information!

|                                     |
| ***   OLD 5.x version changes   *** |
|                                     |

EurekaLog 5.1.12 (14-Feb-2007):
1)...EConsts.hpp C++Builder unit added (to can use the EurekaLog constants);
2)...Little EurekaLog Viewer improving;
3)...Fix a bug that rarely did not released same EurekaLog resources;
4)...Fixed a bug that did not added the EurekaLog data in files compiled using in the "Output Path" environment variables;
5)...Fixed a bug that rarely raised an AV at program starting;
6)...Fixed two resource leaks;
7)...Fixed a bug that rarely raised an Access Violation at the IDE starting;
8)...Fixed a bug that rarely raised an Access Violation at the IDE closing;
9)...Fixed a bug that rarely caused an applications hangs (for 5/10 secs) after a error-report sent;
10)...Fixed a bug that caused an Access Violation calling the GetComilationDate without have enabled EurekaLog;
11)...Fixed an EurekaLog Viewer bug that on "Windows Vista" caused an Access Violation on startup;

EurekaLog 5.1.11 (15-Nov-2006):
1)...Now, to avoid conflicts, the Uninstall process remove any existing files under the installation directory (also modified or new files);
2)...Fixed a bug that raised an AV at program starting (only Delphi 3/4/5);
3)...Fixed a command-line compiler bug (only BDS projects);
4)...Fixed a bug that raised an Access Violation calling "StandardEurekaNotify(ExceptObject,ExceptAddr)" without any real exception;
5)...Fixed a bug that did not handled the "sndUseOnlyActiveWindow" option if enabled by an EurekaLog event;
6)...Fixed a bug that hangs the application disabling the "show send dialog" option;
7)...Fixed a bug that did not found the new EurekaLog versions on the site;
8)...Fixed a bug that did not installed a source file in the Enterprise version (only Delphi 4);
9)...Fixed a bug that did works with the Jump-Click feature (only Delphi 3/4);

EurekaLog 5.1.10 (25-Oct-2006):
1)...Little Help source demo fixes;
2)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not attach the screenshot;
3)...Fixed a bug that sometimes hangs showing the Email client dialog;
4)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised an Access Violation handling DLL exceptions (only for DLL compiled with packages);
5)...Fixed a bug that raised an Access Violation exiting from an IntraWeb project compiled with the Compression property set;
6)...Fixed a bug that rarely raised an Access Violation using DLL compiled with EurekaLog in projects compiled with EurekaLog;
7)...Fixed a bug that locked the log file using the "do not save duplicate errors" options;
8)...Fixed a bug that did not used the EurekaLog options to send emails with the "EurekaLogSendEmail" command;
9)...Fixed a bug that rarely caused an Access Violation at the project starting;
10)...Fixed a bug that sometimes caused an Access Violation accessing to the ExceptionRecord.ExceptionObject event parameter;
11)...Fixed same little call-stack imprecisions;

EurekaLog 5.1.9 (12-Sep-2006):
1)...Improved the CGI/ISAPI output "cache control";
2)...Increased the call-stack precision for the DLLs/BPLs files;
3)..."Turbo Edition" support added;
4)...Fixed a bug that rarely created a wrong call-stack;
5)...Fixed a bug that rarely did not used EurekaLog options changed at run-time;
6)...Fixed a bug that did not processed the application messages during same exception dialog showing;
7)...Fixed a little installer bug that did not removed the old EurekaLog installation (Win95 only);
8)...Fixed a bug that used wrong "C++Builder 2006" IDE paths during the EurekaLog works;
9)...Fixed a little uninstaller bug that did not removed a file (only Trial version);

EurekaLog 5.1.8 (28-Aug-2006):
1)...Little installer improvements;
2)...Little improvements to the Jump-Click feature;
3)...EurekaLog Viewer speed improvements;
4)...Some fixes to the Jump-Click feature;
5)...Fixed a bug that rarely did not used EurekaLog options changed at run-time;
6)...Fixed a bug that rarely hang-up the application during an exception handling;
7)...Little EurekaLog Viewer fixes;
8)...Fixed a "loNoDuplicateErrors" related rarely bug;

EurekaLog 5.1.7 (08-Aug-2006):
1)...Little installer improvements;
2)...Support for SimpleShareMem memory manager unit added;
3)...Little improvements to the "C++Builder 2006" IDE package;
4)...FTP passive-mode send added (works much better through firewalls);
5)...Fixed a bug that rarely raised an "Invalid password" exception in the EurekaLog Viewer;
6)...Fixed a bug that rarely showed wrong call stack information (line numbers, ...);
7)...Fixed a bug that did not logged the exception message in the "Event Viewer" when an NT Service raised an exception;
8)...Fixed a bug that some times did not handled the Windows Messages during the EurekaLog exception handling;
9)...Fixed a bug that did not install the TEurekaLog component in the "C++Builder 2006" IDE;
10)...Fixed a bug that did not decrypted the call-stack saving log-file as XML file;
11)...Fixed a bug that did not send via Web the Log-File with AppendLogs option selected;
12)...Fixed a bug that did not save in XML the Log-File with AppendLogs option selected;

EurekaLog 5.1.6 (19-Jun-2006):
1)...Improved the compatibility layer with other EurekaLog versions;
2)...Fixed a bug that did not added the EurekaLog information to the compiled file if compiled with the "Release Build" configuration (only C++Builder 2006);
3)...Fixed a command-line compiler bug that did not added the EurekaLog information to a compiled package if compiled with one of the PREFIX/SUFFIX/VERSION option not empty;
4)...Fixed a bug that showed always the message of successfully sent always if the sent failed;
5)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised an exception in a DLL if the Anti-Freeze option was actived;
6)...Fixed a little bug in the internal critical bug report;
7)...Fixed a little bug that rarely did not showed the "Exception Dialog" error bitmap;
8)...Fixed a bug that rarely did not handled threads exceptions;

EurekaLog 5.1.5 (15-May-2006):
1)...Improved the threads in libraries call-stack detail (in the running thread);
2)...Added the threads in libraries call-stack detail (in the calling thread);
3)...Same JumpToClick improvements;
4)...Some internal errors text details improved;
5)...Fixed a bug that did not showed exceptions line occurred in initialization section (only BDS 2006);
6)...Fixed a rarely library exception handling bug;
7)...Fixed a bug that raised an Access Violation exception when an exception occurs (only Delphi 3);
8)...Same JumpToClick fixes;

EurekaLog 5.1.4 (01-May-2006):
1)...BDS 2006 Update 2 support added;
2)...New "CallStackToStrings" procedure added (to convert any EurekaLog call-stack into a simple text representation);
3)...New "GetLastExceptionCallStack" function added (to obtain the last handled/unhandled exception call-stack);
4)...New "GetCallStackByLevels" function added (to obtain a call-stack subset working on the calls levels);
5)...New "GetEurekaLogModuleVersion" function added (to obtain the EurekaLog version used to compile a specified module);
6)...The EurekaLog Viewer now save the last password used;
7)...A notable speed improvement in exceptions handling;
8)...Little help improvements;
9)...nxShareMem, QMemory and ShareQmm memory managers support added;
10)...Little improvements to the EurekaLog Viewer;
11)..."Windows Vista" detection added;
12)...Added the ability to call the EurekaLog events placed in DLLs (from the Main module);
13)...Little improvements in DLLs exceptions handling;
14)...Now the "application restoring" after an exception is done only if screenshot or exception dialog are actived;
15)...Fixed a bug that used only the first DNS server to send an SMTP message;
16)...Fixed an EurekaLog Viewer bug that rarelly jumped to the wrong source line;
17)...Fixed a very rarely little leak (only in C++Builder);
18)...Fixed a bug that did not handled correctly the "boUseMainModuleOptions" options;
19)...Fixed a bug that sometimes appended wrong chars in the .DOF files;
20)...Fixed a bug that did not recognized frozen applications with the WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW extended style actived;
21)...Fixed a bug that rarely did not handled the ForceApplicationTermination procedure;
22)...Fixed same Command-Line compiler bugs;
23)...Fixed a bug that returns same secondary wrong results calling the GetCurrentCallStack function;
24)...Fixed a bug that showed a wrongly screenshot when the exception was raised in a not primary monitor;
25)...Fixed a showing bug for the 120 DPI screen resolution;

EurekaLog 5.1.3 (02-Mar-2006):
1)...Little compression/decompression unit updates;
2)...Add the new "--el_alter_exe" command line compiler option (to add the EurekaLog debug info into a just compiled project);
3)...Big speed improvement when EurekaLog is disabled at run-time (via SetEurekaLogState and SetEurekaLogInThread routines);
4)...Fixed an EurekaLog Viewer memory leak;
5)...Fixed a bug that raises an Access Violation disabling/deinstalling EurekaLog with other projects opened;
6)...Fixed a bug that did not added the "EUREKALOG" and "EUREKALOG_VER5" defines in the C++Builder projects;
7)...Fixed a bug that did not handled IntraWeb application with Compression property set;

EurekaLog 5.1.2 (08-Feb-2006):
1)...Fixed a bug that raised an Access Violation at IDE closing;
2)...Fixed a command line compiled bug that did not add EurekaLog to the project;
3)...Fixed a bug that rarely showed the Access Violation module name in short format (old DOS 8.3 style);
4)...Some source Demos fixes;
5)...Little Internet unit improvement;
6)...Little improvement to the internal critical errors check;
7)...Support for ShareFastMemory and FastMemory memory manager units added;
8)...Some installer improvements;

EurekaLog 5.1.1 (30-Jan-2006):
1)...New "EurekaLogSendEmail" function added (to send email via default email client);
2)...Little C++Builder "StandardEurekaNotify" function improvements;
3)...Little improvement to the internal critical errors check;
4)...Little improvement to IDE exception call stack details;
5)...Fixed a but that sometimes did not showed the details exception dialog;
6)...Fixed a bug that raised an Access Violation at IDE closing;
7)...Fixed a bug that sometimes created log file with short name (old DOS 8.3 style);
8)...Fixed an EurekaLog Viewer bug that showed a short-file name (old DOS 8.3 style) opening a log file via double click;

EurekaLog 5.1 (16-Jan-2006):
1)...Delphi 2006 support added;
2)...C++Builder 2006 support added;
3)...Borland Developer Studio 2006 Update 1 support added;
4)...IntraWeb 8 support added;
5)...Increased the Jump-Click speed (from EurekaLog Dialog line to the IDE source line);
6)...Big improvement to the internal critical errors check;
7)...Some Installer improvements;
8)...Fixed a bug that did not handled C++Builder console applications;
9)...Fixed a bug that showed always the "Message sent with success" dialog also if the message was failed to sent;
10)...Fixed a bug that did not sent the email with "SMTP server" selected and old "SMTC Client" UserID/Password fields not empty;
11)...Fixed a bug that showed the "How to reproduce the error" dialog also if it was not needed;
12)...Fixed a bug that rarely did not handled exceptions in application that using dynamic dll and run-time packages;

EurekaLog 5.0.6 (29-Nov-2005):
1)...MAPI email send support improved and fixed;
2)...Big screenshot quality improvement;
3)...Fixed a bug that sent wrongly email if the subject field contains not standard chars;
4)...Fixed a command-line compiled bug that did not added the EurekaLog data to the final compiled file;
5)...Fixed a bug that did not opened the read-only .eof files with the EurekaLog Viewer;
6)...Fixed a bug that showed a wrongly EurekaLog new version text in the version update notifier process;
7)...Fixed a bug that rarely crashed then IDE at startup (Delphi 3/5 and C++Builder 5 only);
8)...Fixed a bug that installed the command-line compiler for Delphi 7 in the Delphi 2005 installation;
9)...Fixed a bug that did not permit to call the Application.HandleException/ShowException from an EurekaLog event;
10)...Removed a compilation warning (only C++Builder);
11)...Fixed a bug that caused an application hangs during the processing of some corrupted .ELF files;
12)...Fixed a bug that rarelly called twice the EurekaLog events;
13)...Fixed a bug that did not added the "CustomData" and "How to reproduce" section to the EurekaLogRecord.LogText field (in the EurekaLog events);
14)...Fixed a bug that did not restored the Exception Dialog size pressing the "<< Details" button with the Dialog maximized;
15)...Fixed a bug that did not adjusted the "How To Reproduce" text height;

EurekaLog 5.0.5 (08-Nov-2005):
1)...EurekaLog Viewer Modules column sorting feature added;
2)...New file write rights check added (if the user did not have the write file rights EurekaLog move the file on the %UserProfile%\EurekaLog folder);
3)...EurekaLog "Call-Stack Overflow" exceptions flood stability improved;
4)...Fast Memory Manager 4 FastMM_FullDebugMode.dll support added;
5)...New "EurekaLog Options.." menu item icon added;
6)...Now is possible choose if activate or not EurekaLog by default on all projects in the installation process;
7)...Add the new "Show Tutorial..." item menu;
8)...Now EurekaLog try to send a MAPI email avoiding the annoying email client dialog asking to grant access (only some clients);
9)...Fixed a bug that did handled sequentially the exceptions flood;
10)...Fixed a bug that rarely raised a "List index out of Bound(-1)" exception after a project compilation;
11)...Fixed a memory leak;
12)...Fixed a little bug that showing a wrong progressing bar percentage in the error send;
13)...Fixed a bug that did not handled send report to protected Web pages;
14)...Fixed a bug that did not sent all the Web fields to the Web pages;
15)...Fixed a little bug that showed a wrong network data;
16)...Fixed a bug that did not handled the C++Builder Synchronize exceptions;
17)...Fixed a bug that sometimes sent wrong email using MAPI interface;
18)...Fixed a bug that did not ran the GUI C++Builder source Demo project on the C++Builder 5;
19)...Fixed a bug that rarely insert wrong chars in call-stack log;
20)...Fixed two IDE integration memory leaks;

EurekaLog 5.0.4 (11-Oct-2005):
1)...Support for more default email clients (for more users) added;
2)...Support for email clients with limited MAPI support added;
3)...Network data alignment improved;
4)...Fixed two bugs that rarely caused an EurekaLog freeze;
5)...Fixed a bug that rarely caused a command-line compiler crashes;
6)...Fixed a little bug that rarely hidden a part of the "Send a Screenshot" label;
7)...Fixed a bug that rarely did not allowed to debug EurekaLog (Delphi/C++Builder <= 5);
8)...Fixed a bug that opened two times the Web HTTP/S page for every log-file send;
9)...Fixed a bug that raised some exceptions installing EurekaLog as limited rights user;

EurekaLog 5.0.3 (20-Sep-2005):
1)...Now EurekaLog check for a new version only if an Internet connection is active;
2)...Libraries hooking speed increased (to speed up the starting application);
3)...PDF printable manual added;
4)...New GetLastExceptionAddress function added (to obtain the RAM address of last raised exception);
5)...New GetLastExceptionObject function added (to obtain the type of last raised exception);;
6)...New ShowLastExceptionData procedure added (to show the last raised exception);
7)...More Installer/Uninstaller improvements;
8)...Support for Fast Memory Manager (FastMM) 2,3 and 4 added;
9)...Support for internal crashes check improved;
10)...Removed many cases of "Cannot find the ???? procedure" error;
11)...Now the 'OS language', "System Up Time" and "Display Mode" fields are displayed in English;
12)...Fixed a little C++Builder command-line compiler bug;
13)...Fixed a bug that raised an Access Violations calling concurrently an hooked procedures;
14)...Fixed a bug that did not allowed to handled Exceptions in standard mode with IntraWeb < 7.2.31;
15)...Fixed a bug that caused an Access Violation running an application with particular parameters;

EurekaLog 5.0.2 (20-Jun-2005):
1)...Now the "EurekaLog processing..." window appears only if the "Show compiler progress" environment option is set;
2)...New EUREKALOG_VER5 DEFINE added (to discriminate from the old 4.x and the new 5.x version, at compile time);
3)...Now EurekaLog displays all the net adapters info (not only the first adapter info);
4)...Now EurekaLog can works with the C++Builder 6 linker installed on C++Builder 5 (to fix some C++Builder 5 linker issues);
5)...Now EurekaLog did not change the "Show Mangled Names" linker setting (only C++Builder);
6)...Automatic update checking added at IDE start (1 check every 15 days customizable via '\Windows\EurekaLog.ini' file - "CanCheckUpdates" option);
7)...Support for Indy 8 added;
8)...Fixed a bug that did not handled exception (or raised Access Violation) in projects compiled with IntraWeb >= 7.2.31;
9)...Fixed a bug that did not showed IntraWeb HTML in project compiled with the packages support;
10)...Fixed same 120DPI exception dialog-box defects;
11)...Fixed an EurekaLog Viewer bug that raised the "Invalid password" error when find some System.pas internal '@ProcName' calls in the encrypted project call-stack;
12)...Fixed a bug that did not handled the OnPasswordRequest event;
13)...Fixed a bug that did not showed the ClassName field in the EurekaLog Viewer (only in encrypted call stack);
14)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised a VCL exception in the IDE;
15)...Fixed a bug that crashed Delphi 2005 working with a projects;
16)...Fixed a little incompatibility with some EXE protectors;

EurekaLog 5.0.1 (30-May-2005):
1)...Big improvement of Internet error message feedback;
2)...Little changes at SMTP email header to obtain a greater AntiSpam filters compatibility;
3)...Improved the OS thread execution priority compliance;
4)...Internal TObject validity system improved;
5)...Improved the AntiConflict feature;
6)...Delphi 2005 Update #3 support added;
7)...Multi monitors screenshot support added (detect the current foreground window monitor);
8)...New GetCompilationDate function added;
9)...Now the EurekaLog Viewer saved and restored it last position and state;
10)...Ability to disable/enable the EurekaLog IDE exception trapping added (via '\Windows\EurekaLog.ini' file - "Enabled" option);
11)...Fixed a little bug that sometimes did not opened the EurekaLog Viewer in the IDE;
12)...Fixed a bug that showed the non-ANSI chars wrongly;
13)...Fixed a bug that raised an Access Violation in the IDE EurekaLog Options;
14)...Fixed a bug that did not added files lesser that 512 bytes in the .TGZ file (and any file added after it);
15)...Fixed a little bug that sometimes did not handled exceptions raised in SafeCall methods or procedures;
16)...Fixed a bug that caused a stack-overflow at calling of ShowException procedure (thanks to Morris Ying);
17)...Fixed a little bug that sometimes did not handled some windows messages (during the exception handling);
18)...Fixed a bug that did not added the EurekaLog debug data to the compiled project (caused from a conflict with other IDE plugins as FreeVCS);
19)...Fixed a little bug that caused a wrong EurekaLog Viewer showing in multi monitor environments;
20)...Fixed a little bug that rarely caused a message error running application encoded with Armadillo;
21)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not handled exception raised in packages;

EurekaLog 5.0 (28-Apr-2005):
1)...Integration with the Delphi/Cbuilder IDE help (in HTML format)
2)...Upload of log-file and attached files via HTTP/HTTPS and FTP protocol;
3)...Send a log-file copy in XML format;
4)...Send the last generated HTML page (only for the WEB applications);
5)...Send the email/"upload files" in a separated thread;
6)...Compress all files to send in tar.gz format (.tgz);
7)...Attach customizable files to the send message;
8)...Add customizable data to the log-file;
9)...Add customizable fields to the uploading HTML page;
10)...New improved Exception-Dialog GUI interface;
11)...Full Exception-Dialog customization;
12)...Adding customizable "Support Link" in the Exception-Dialog;
13)...Customizable HTML error page via HTML template;
14)...Automatic Exception-Dialog closing after customizable time;
15)...Customizable log-file section view (show/hide Modules/CPU sections);
16)...Full Call-Stack customization;
17)...Display of detailed running Threads call-stack (calling Thread call-stack included);
18)...Choose if show/hide the Windows/Borland Threads call-stack;
19)...Display of Procedure Offset (to use sources modified after the software delivery);
20)...Automatic software Terminating/restarting after a customizable crashes number;
21)...Pause all Windows/Borland Threads during the Exception show;
22)...Use the Main-Module options (for the library modules only);
23)...Save a compressed files contained all the data in case of wrong send;
24)...Encrypt every debug info with a password not saved in the compiled file;
25)...New EurekaLog Viewer full integrated with the OS Shell and Delphi/CBuilder IDE;

In this new release some old options are changed.
See the "Changed from the old 4.5.x version" help topic for further information!

|                                     |
| ***   OLD 4.x version changes   *** |
|                                     |

EurekaLog 4.6.7 changes (26-May-2005):
1)...Fixed a bug that did not handled some OLE/COM exceptions (ex: ADO);
2)...Fixed a little bug that sometimes did not handled exceptions raised in SafeCall methods or procedures;
3)...Fixed a bug that did not handled correctly the exceptions raised by the TThread.Synchronize method;
4)...Fixed a bug that did not return the correct exit code with the emake.exe C++Builder command line compiler;
5)...Fixed a bug that caused a stack-overflow at calling of ShowException procedure (thanks to Morris Ying);
6)...Fixed a little bug that sometimes did not handled some windows messages (during the exception handling);
7)...Fixed a bug that did not added the EurekaLog debug data to the compiled project (caused from a conflict with other IDE plugins as FreeVCS);
8)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not handled exception raised in packages;
9)...Little changes at SMTP email header to abtain a greater AntiSpam filters compatibility;
10)...Improved the OS thread execution priority compliance;
11)...Internal TObject validity system improved;
12)...Improved the AntiConflict feature;
13)...Delphi 2005 Update #3 support added;

EurekaLog 4.6.6 changes (13-Apr-2005):
1)...Fixed a little memory leak;
2)...Fixed a bug that handled wrongly exceptions raised in project compiled with packages;
3)...Fixed a bug that handled the exception used to set the thread name (SetThreadName);
4)...Fixed a little bug that did not showed the screenshot cursor in the correct position;
5)...Fixed a bug that did not added the "Reproduce Text" to the sent log with the "Save Log File" option disabled;
6)...Fixed a bug that rarely hid the application forms after an exception raising;
7)...Some little screenshot creation improvements;
8)...Some little SMTP-server improvements;

EurekaLog 4.6.5 changes (31-Mar-2005):
1)...Fixed a little bug that rarely truncated the multi-lines exception messages;
2)...Fixed a rarely memory leak;
3)...Improved the stream compression/decompression speed;
4)...Little internal Sockes improvement;
5)...Fixed a little bug in the GMT time calculation;
6)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not execute the TCustomForm.Release method;
7)...Fixed a bug that caused an infinite-loop if an exception was raised in an EurekaLog event;
8)...Fixed a bug that rarely caused an Access Violation after the project compilation;
9)...Fixed an IDE integration memory leak (only Delphi 7);
10)...Fixed a bug that rarely caused an Access Violation at same C++Builder projects start;
11)...More new Memory-Manager support added;
12)...Delphi 2005 Update #2 support added;
13)...Fixed a bug that crached applications that used more DLLs compiled with packages;
14)...Imptoved the call-stack purge system;
15)...Fixed some problems causes by unupdated or modified Borland libraries;
16)...Fixed a bug that adding the EurekaLog data in projects compiled with linker errors;
17)...Fixed a bug that did not works with the "loNoDuplicateErrors" option actived and the OutputPath changed at run-time;
18)...COM/OLE exception handling rewrited;
19)...Fixed same little EurekaLog Options bugs with Delphi 2005;

EurekaLog 4.6.4 changes (25-Jan-2005):
1)...Now, after any unhandled exception raising, the application is restored;
2)...Internal EurekaLog threads priority changed from tpNormal to tpHighest (to allow a good works with critical applications);
3)...Big SMTP sending, speed improvement;
4)...Little internal stability improvement;
5)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised an "Error into WSACleanup" exception (SMTP);
6)...Removed the design-time "project reload" support (sometimes did not allowed to save the EurekaLog options);
7)...Fixed a bug that crashed opened a project saved with not European message text (only C++Builder/Delphi2005);
8)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not detected the Application-Freeze;
9)...Fixed a little bug that stored wrong value in ExceptionRecord.ExceptionThreadID field for EFrozenApplication exceptions;
10)...Fixed a bug that rarely crashed the C++Builder multi-threads projects;
11)...Fixed a bug that rarely crashed the IDE during the close operation;

EurekaLog 4.6.3 changes (18-Jan-2005):
1)...Multi application type support added (ex: GUI forms together with Web module);
2)...Little Internal Log improvement;
3)...Fixed a bug that sometimer raised the "Invalid argument to data encode." exception;
4)...Fixed a bug that did not passed the corrected parameter fo the thread created with BeginThread function;
5)...Fixed a bug that did not passed the corrected parameter fo the thread created with Createhread function;
6)...Fixed a bug that rarely change the Application Icon (corrupting the PE Resource section);
7)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not allowed to save the EurekaLog default options;
8)...Fixed a bug that did not load the EurekaLog options (using the "Load Options File..." IDE command);
9)...Fixed a command-line compiler bug that raised an exception used with an AntiVirus softwares with "Advanced heuristic" search enabled;

EurekaLog 4.6.2 changes (07-Jan-2005):
1)...Fixed a bug that raised Access Violation into the ISAPI dlls;
2)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised an EListError "List index out of bound (??)" exception at the program end;
3)...Fixed a bug that did not executed the TThread.Execute method if called from a different thread;
4)...Fixed a bug that truncated the long unit names (ex: MainForm.MyProject.pas);
5)...Fixed some old IDE integration bugs;
6)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not saved the EurekaLog project options;
7)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised an Access Violation during the project saving;
8)...IDE integration support improved;
9)...Support for the design-time "project reload" added (option file changed via shell);
10)...Fixed a little Delphi 2005 update #1 TThread.Synchronize exception management bug;
11)...Fixed a little BeginThread management memory leack;
12)...Fixed some multi threads management bugs;

EurekaLog 4.6.1 changes (29-Dec-2004):
1)...Fixed a bug that did not started the installation founded only a Delphi 2005 installation on PC;
2)...Fixed a bug that corrupted the C++Builder .bpr files;
3)...Fixed a bug that did not saved the EurekaLog options of a new project or of a renemed project;
4)...Fixed a bug that did not showed the EurekaLog AboutBox in Delphi 3;
5)...Fixed a bug that handled the EAbort exception;
6)...Fixed a bug that caused exceptions raising and process freezing in multi threads applications;
7)...Call Stack quality improved;
8)...Fixed a bug that sometimes saved wrong Exception Dialog coordinates;
9)...Cheking control for the Project type (C#, Delphi .NET or Delphi Win32) added (in unsupported project type EurekaLog options menu item is disabled);
10)...Fixed some ecc32.exe command-line compiler bugs;
11)...IntraWeb exception handling speed improved;
12)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised an Access Violation at program startup;

EurekaLog 4.6 changes (24-Dec-2004):
1)...Full "Delphi 2005 Win32" support added (updated to the last Delphi 2005 "Update Pack #1");
2)...Delphi 2005 multi configuration support added (see the link);
3)...Automatical updates from the old EurekaLog options file (.dof files) to the new Delphi 2005 options file (.bdsproject file) added;
4)...New "Delphi 2005 Splash Screen" EurekaLog item added;
5)...Delphi 2005 Update #1 installation checking added;
6)...Delphi 7 Update #1 installation checking added;
7)...Little Installer compression ratio improved;
8)...IDE integration support improved;
9)...Big Threads exception management inproving;
10)...Big IntraWeb exception management inproving;
11)...Internal memory checking speed improved (about 20%);
12)...Big internal Log system changes;
13)...The TApplication.ShowException method now is managed by EurekaLog (to improve the C++Builder exception handling);
14)...TEurekaModuleInfo.LastModified field added;
15)..."Please wait..." text (showed after project compilation) replaced with "EurekaLog processing..." text;
16)...Fixed some old IDE integration bugs;
17)...Fixed some CLX bugs;
18)...Fixed a bug that rarely raised an Access Violation;
19)...Fixed a bug that rarely crashed the application;
20)...Fixed a bug that rarely managed the handled exception raised by Windows API;
21)...Fixed a bug that rarely crashed handling a Thread exception;
22)...Fixed a bug that rarely crashed handling an exception raised into a big memory module;
23)...Fixed a bug that did not adjusted the Exception-Dialog Button with for the long caption texts;
24)...Fixed some IDE packages management bugs;
25)...Fixed a NexusDB-Memory-Manager2 bug that caused a run-time error at the project starting;
26)...Fixed a bug that raised a second exception for exceptions raised with the TThread.Synchronize method;
27)...Fixed a bug that did not delegated the EurekaLog event management to Main module, for every exceptions raised from a DLL form;
28)...Fixes some little Windows 9x/ME incompatibilities;
29)...Little help update;
30)...Little internal log system fixes (caused some rarely strange AV);
31)...Little IntraWeb exception management fixes;
32)...Little Threads exception management fixes;
33)...Little internal memory checking system fixes;
34)...Little ActiveX Demo fix;

EurekaLog 4.5.8 changes (26-Oct-2004):
1)...Fixed a bug that truncated email messages containing 8bit chars;
2)...Internal instability checking (caused by the pervasive exceptions) increased;
3)...Fixed some command-line compiler bugs (ecc32.exe) related to the excetion changing;
4)...Fixed a bug that raised an exception running a Web application with IIS in "High protected" mode;
5)...Fixed a bug that frozen some closing Library compiled with the Anti-Freeze option active;
6)...Fixed an internal memory leak (as well cause of a potential internal instability);
7)...Fixed a bug that raised many internal critical error calling the 'StandardEurekaNotify' procedure in the same time from the different threads;
8)...Fixed a bug that sometimes generate a program infinite-loop setting to True the AttachScreenshot property (only a run-time);
9)...Fixed a little RFC date format bug;
10)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not executed the threads created with BeginThread/CreateThread commands;
11)...Fixed a bug that did dot showed the correct register values in the Modules section;
12)...Fixed a bug that disabled EurekaLog into C++Builder packages with the "Final Output" field not empty;
13)...Internal stability increased;

EurekaLog 4.5.7 changes (07-Oct-2004):
1)...Fixed a bug that created a ProjectName.log file into the project folder;
2)...Fixed a bug that did not correctly handled the exceptions raised into a TThread (only C++Builder);
3)...Fixed a little bug that showed the wrong EurekaLog versions (4.5.5 instead of 4.5.6) into the "Component/Installed Packages..." menu;
4)...Little internal speed improvements;
5)...More internal log improvements;
6)...Fixed an compatibility bug with the Nexus Memory Manager;
7)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised an EStringListError as internal EurekaLog bug (only with "Do not save/send duplicate errors" option active);
8)...Fixed a bug that generated a compilation error with Resources DLL compiled with EurekaLog active;
9)...Fixed a memory-leack into the "CallStackToStringList" manual function;
10)...Same little help improvements;

EurekaLog 4.5.6 changes (25-Sep-2004):
1)...Fixed a wrong log file formatting bug;
2)...Fixed a bug that looked the log file;
3)...Fixed a bug that rarely caused an "Out of memory" exception;
4)...Fixed a bug that did not handles correctly an exception raised into a Web application with the "Show Exception Dialog" option disabled;
5)...Fixed a bug that sometimes showed a wrong call-stack;
6)...Fixed a bug that did not handled the OS exceptions raised into the COM/COM+/DCOM object;
7)...Fixed some bugs that occurred during the packages compilations;
8)...Improved the "Windows style" look;
9)...Improved the design-time call-stack quality;
10)...Now EurekaLog is always integrated into the IDE;
11)...Fixed a bug that did not showed the full call-stack for exceptions raised into the TThread.Synchronize method;
12)...Little stability improvements;
13)...Big improvement of shell email sending;
14)...Fixed a bug that blocked the C++Builder Packages saving;
15)...Fixed some ecc32.exe command-line compiler bugs;
16)...Fixed a bug that blocked the help file showing;

EurekaLog 4.5.5 changes (07-Sep-2004):
1)...Some SMTP fixes and improvements;
2)...Fixed a little "How to Reproduce" bug (the messages text was truncated);
3)...Fixed a bug that did not add the EurekaLog debug information into a Package compiled with the "prefix,suffix or version" options not empties;
4)...Fixed a bug that did not add the EurekaLog featured into a project with thousand of units/forms;
5)...Fixed a bug that did not sent the email if the email settings was make at run-time (only if with "ShowExceptionDialog=False");
6)...Fixed a bug that did not showed the call-stack line numbers for packages compiled with the "Global/BPL output directory" not empty;
7)...Fixed a bug that showed the "Unknowed error message" message for the exceptions raises in DLLs (only C++Builder 5/6);
8)...Now is possible use more than one TEurekaLog components into the same Projects;
9)...Fixed a bug that raised an Access Violation during the handling of more complexes exceptions blocks;
10)...Fixed a bug that did not showed the Exception Dialog for the termination exceptions (exception that causes an Halt(1) instruction);
11)...Fixed a bug that saved the EurekaLog options outside of <IDEOPTIONS> C++Builder options file section (FinalBuilder 2.x conflict solved);
12)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not added the EurekaLog debug information into the final executable file (only Delphi 3);
13)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised an Access Violation during the .elf log file management;
14)...Internal log system improved;
15)...Fixed a bug that sometimes inserted the "ExceptionLog" unit in the wrong uses position;
16)...Fixed a bug that sometimes crashed a DLL compiled with EurekaLog and loaded at OS login;
17)...Fixed some COM/OLE applications bugs;
18)...New "IsEurekaLogModule" function added (to check if a module has been compiled with the EurekaLog support);
19)...Now EurekaLog interacts with the IDE only for exceptions raises into a Packages compiled with EurekaLog support;
20)...Fixed some bugs pertinent to the "loNoDuplicateErrors" option;
21)...Fixed a bug that did not added the ExceptionLog unit in projects without any "USES" clausole;
22)...Fixed a bug that corrupted the Debug section of executables files (AQTime & MemProof conflicts solved);
23)...More speed improvements;
24)...Fixed a memory-leak caused into the CopyToClipboard procedure;

EurekaLog 4.5.4 changes (13-May-2004):
1)...Fixed a bug that corrupted the C++Builder project files (.bpr);
3)...Fixed a bug that did not managed an exception with the Application.OnException method, if EurekaLog was disabled at run-time;
3)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised a conflict exception at IDE starting (only D5/D7);
4)...A little license improvement (not it's possible install EurekaLog on a Desktop and a Notebook witout simultanely use);
5)...Little "How to Reproduce" dialog improvements;
6)..."DEMO" DEFINE directive name changed in "EUREKALOG_DEMO" (to avoid conflicts with the other trials);
7)...A new "SaveScreenshot(const Filename: string)" procedure added (only Pro/Ent versions);
8)..."Activation Key" protection removed;
9)...Little Trial-Installer improvement;

EurekaLog 4.5.3 changes (11-May-2004):
1)...Fixed a little bug with the EAbort exception;
2)...Fixed a little bug with the On/Except block;
3)...Fixed a bug that stored into the log file (.elf file) the password of the actived TEdit control;
4)...Fixed two bigs memory leaks into the IDE project compilation;
5)...Fixed a little resource leack (TTimer);
6)...Now it's possible change the Exception Message into the EurekaLog events (the new text will be saved into the log file);
7)...Fixed a bug that created the compilation errors into packages with the {$IFDEF} directives;
8)...Fixed a bug that removed some additional Exception properties;
9)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not showed the application forms into the screenshot;
10)...Fixed a bug that did not showed correctly log data into the IntraWeb 7.1;
11)...Load/Save options speed increased;
12)...Some little help improvements (thanks to Jim Fleming);

EurekaLog 4.5.2 changes (22-Apr-2004):
1)...Little SMTP improvement;
2)...Little compatibility improvements with other third-party tools;
3)...Some Demos fixes and improvements;
4)...Little help fixes.
5)...IDE integration stability increased;
6)...Fixed a bug that did not manages correctly the re-raised exceptions (only CBuilder);
7)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised an "package not found" exception at design-time;
8)...Email header standard compliance improved;
9)...Fixed a bug that showed the "How to Reproduce" Dialog for a duplicated exception;

EurekaLog 4.5.1 changes (29-Mar-2004):
1)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised an Access Violation on application closing;
2)...Fixed a bug that created an empty Log File when the "Save Log File" option was unchecked;
3)...Fixed a "Duplicate Errors" bug (works only if the duplicated exceptions was the first into the Log File);
4)...Fixed a bug that showed the "Send error via Email" when a "Duplicate Errors" found;
5)...Improved the AntiConflict feature;
6)...Fixed a bug that causes a DeakLock at the end of Libraries (DLLs, BPLs, ...) compiled with the Anti-Freeze option;
7)...Improved the libraries exception managment;
8)...Fixed a bug that did not read the EurekaLog options changed at run-time into the libraries;
9)...Fixed a memory leak;
10)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised an Access Violation handling an exception listed into the "Exceptions generationg no error" tab;
11)...Improved the internal log system;
12)...Fixed a bug that added the EurekaLog information to the incomplete compiled file;
13)...Fixed a Delphi 3 bug that sometimes raised a "Debug Kernel Error 4" exception during the project debugging;
14)...Fixed a bug that sometimes created a black screenshot;
15)...Fixed a bug that raised an Access Violation on StandardEurekaError and StandardEurekaNotify functions;
16)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not repaint the OLE graphical objects after that an exception was raised;
17)...Fixed a bug that created an empty PNG screenshot if the file was greater of 64 Kb.

EurekaLog 4.5 changes (12-Mar-2004):
1)...Changed the EmailObject property in EmailSubject;
2)...Changed the TEmailSendOptions type in "(esoNoSend, esoEmailClient, esoSMTPClient, esoSMTPServer)";
3)...Changed the TLogOption type in "(loNoDuplicateErrors, loAppendReproduceText)";
4)...Many interfaced changes/improvements;
5)...SMTP Sever feature added;
6)...Now into any email is sent by default only the log of currently exception;
7)...Added the SMTP Dialog to show the SMTP sending process;
8)...Changed the AppendToLog property in AppendLogs;
9)...Added the AttachScreenshot property to attach a 256 color PNG Screenshot file to the email;
10)...Fixed a bug that did not catch any exceptions raises into libraries (Dlls, BPLs);
11)...New loAppendReproduceText TLogOption item;
12)...Email From field added for the SMTP options;
13)...New procedure "SetEurekaLogInThread" added (to activate/deactivate EurekaLog from a selected Thread);
14)...New function "IsEurekaLogActiveInThread" added (to check if EurekaLog is activete/deactivate on a selected Thread);
15)...New procedure "SetEurekaLogState" added (to activate/deactivate EurekaLog at Run-Time);
16)...New function "IsEurekaLogActive" added (to check the EurekaLog global state);
17)...New "SMTPShowDialog" property added;
18)...Changed the "MuteMode" property in "ShowExceptionDialog" (with inverted value);
19)...New property "ModulesList" added to the TEurekaExceptionRecord type;
20)...New "Modules" Tab added;
21)...Types elements "mtDialog_DetailsCaption, mtDialog_DetailsHeader" of TMessageType type are renamed in "mtDialog_CallStackCaption, mtDialog_CallStackHeader";
22)...Types elements mtModule??? renamed in mtCallStack???;
23)...New "mtDialog_ModulesCaption, mtDialog_ModulesHeader" elements added to the TMessageType type;
24)...Fixed a bug that sometimes causes strange exceptions;
25)...Fixed a CLX support bug;
26)...Fixed a bug that caused a deadlock;
27)...Improved the TEurekaLog component creation code (did not raise the "cannot create more..." exception);
28)...More improvements to the IDE integration;
29)...Fixed a bug that did not added the EurekaLog informations into the compiled Packages;
30)...Fixed a bug that sometimed crached IDE after application compilation;
31)...Fixed a bug tnat sometimes did not run some threads created with BeginThread procedure;
32)...Fixed a bug that did not shows the Call Stack DLLs for the debugged process (only Win9x OS);
33)...Fixed a non-ANSI chars bug;
34)...Rewrite the Log management;
35)...New SendEntireLog property added;
36)...The TForegroundType type changed in "(ftGeneral, ftCallStack, ftModules, ftCPU)";
37)...Change the Date format using the RFC Date standard;
38)...TEmailConfirmType type removed;
39)...EMailSendConfirm property removed;
40)...Added a check-box to use to copy the log into the clipboard;
41)...New "CPU" Tab added;
42)...mtLog_AppParameters (Application Parameters) item added into the TShowOptions type;
43)...mtLog_CmpUser (User Name) item added into the TShowOptions type;
44)...mtLog_OSUpdate (Service Pack) item added into the TShowOptions type;
45)...Fidex a bug that did not saved the correct value of GetLastError into a Try/Except block;
46)...Fixed a bug that raised a "cannot write .dof file" exception in Delphi 3/4 projects with .dof file with read-only access;
47)...Fixed a bug that did not handled the exceptions managed with the standard exception event;
48)...Fixed a little bug into Packages demos;
49)...EResFile.pas removed;
50)...FastShareMem support added;
51)...Fixed a bug that sometimer raised the "Cannot found the ExceptionLog.??????" unit;
52)...Added the AntiConflict checking (to avoid the presenze of multi EurekaLog with different version, into the same PC);
53)...More help changing and improvements;
54)...Some demos reworked;
55)...Fixed a CurrentEurekaLogOptions bug that raised an Access Violation exception if called without EurekaLog actived;
56)...Reduced the Installer file size ~50%;
57)...Increased the EurekaLog data compression rate ~50%;

EurekaLog 4.2.4 changes (09-Dec-2003):
1)...Now the EurekaLog debug information is stored into the Win32 resources (compatibility with Exe compressors/protectors improved);
2)...Now EurekaLog is full compatible with all the Exe protectors programs;
4)...Added the CBuilder command-line compiler;
4)...Some internal improvements;
5)...Some help improvements;
6)...Added TEurekaLog component for EurekaLog events handling;
7)...Added the new "ExceptionErrorNotify" event;
8)...Little CBuilder support improved;
9)...Now SMTP email is sent with the Highest priority;
10)...Now SMTP email is sent with the "From" field equal to the "To" field;
11)...Add the "LogText" field into the TEurekaExceptionRecord type;
12)...Many SMTP fixes ("From" field bug, "multiple emails" bug, ...);
13)...Fixed a little bug that sometimes caused the Delphi IDE to crash;
14)...Fixed a small bug that sometimes displayed a truncated exception message;
15)...Fixed a small bug that sometimes caused a deadlock into Library projects;

EurekaLog 4.2.3 changes (18-Nov-2003):
1)...Some small command-line compiler internal improvements;
2)...Some small internal improvements;
3)...Some small design-time exception handling improvements;
4)...Anti-Freeze feature core rewritten;
5)...Full "TThread.Synchronize" exceptions trapping support added (Exes/Dlls/BPLs);
6)..."StandardEurekaError" funtion added (to simulate an exception);
7)..."EEurekaLogGeneralError" type added (used internally to simulate an exception);
8)..."TEurekaLogErrorCodes" type added;
9)..."GetLastEurekaLogErrorCode" function added;
10)..."GetLastEurekaLogErrorMsg" function added;
11)...Now all EurekaLog events are executed into the thread raising the exception;
12)...Errors display support improved;
13)...Full IntraWeb 7 support added;
14)...NT-Services support improved;
15)...Some small graphical improvements for the non-EurekaLog look;
16)...OutputDebugString of all internal errors added ("GetLastEurekaLogErrorCode"/"GetLastEurekaLogErrorMsg");
17)...Some internal log improvements;
18)...Some help improvements;
19)..."GetCurrentCallStack" function added (to abtain the current call-stack);
20)...Now every exception in the "Exceptions generating no error" list is checked from its parent;
21)...Many improvements to the Internal-Log system;
22)...Support for the Indy-Threads added;
23)...Checking of debugged moduled improved;
24)...Shell email procedure improved;
25)..."StandardEurekaNotify(nil, nil)" function support added;
26)...Fixed a bug that did not terminate the application if killed into a thread;
27)...Fixed a little MAPI bug;
28)...Little SMTP support fixes;
29)...Fixed some bugs into the management of "Execute" parameter for the ExceptionActionNotify event (with "Action=atSentEmail");
30)...Fixed a bug that did not execute some IntraWeb Stand-Alone application;
31)...Fixed a COM-OLE Objects exception handling bug;
32)...Fixed a little memory-leak;
33)...Fixed a bug that sometimes (even if rarely) stored the wrong line into the EurekaLog debug information;

EurekaLog 4.2.2 changes (17-Oct-2003):
1)...New "ForceApplicationTermination" function added;
2)...New TEurekaModuleOptions.Active option added (to active/deactive EurekaLog at run-time);
3)...Little HELP improvements;
4)...Little internal improvements;
5)...Little Options-Form improvements;
6)...Anti-Freeze features disabled by default;
7)...Anti-Freeze timeout converted from Msec to Sec;
8)...Fixed a bug that sometimes bring the CPU usage up to 90%;
9)...Fixed a bug that overwrite the project directives with the "EUREKALOG" directive;
10)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not apply the options change at run-time;

EurekaLog 4.2.1 changes (07-Oct-2003):
1)...New field ExceptionThreadID added into TEurekaExceptionRecord type;
2)...New "SMTP with authentication" feature added;
3)...Now it's possible use "Terminate" button as "Restart" button;
4)...NexusDB compatibility added;
5)...Now it's possible to set the log-file name and the full OutputPath (with .elf extension);
6)...Now it's possible to change the exception raise properties into the ExceptionNotify event;
7)...Added the capability to catch all exceptions raises into TThread.Synchronize method (only EXE files);
8)...Some default EurekaLog options changes;
9)..."EUREKALOG" directive bug fixed (not working on D3);
10)...Fixed bug that sometimes raised "Cannot found ExceptionLog.obj file" into CBuilder;
11)...Some help fixes/improvements;
12)...Fixed the EurekaLog Standard version Access Violation bug (raised at IDE start);
13)...Fixed all Anti-Freeze feeature bugs;
14)...Fixed bug that did not catch exceptions inside Try/On/Except block (into projects compiled with packages);
15)...Fixed bug that sometimes (in CBuilder) raised an exception into "BorDebug.dll" dll;
16)...Fixed bug that did not show "Control Class" and "Control Text" fields;
17)...Fixed bug that truncated the exception messages longer than three lines;
18)...Fixed bug that sometimes did not work with CurrentEurekaLogOptions function;
19)...Fixed bug that did not load default EurekaLog options for projects not compiled with EurekaLog;
20)...Fixed bug that showed an incorrect call-stack calling the StandardEurekaNotify function;

EurekaLog 4.2 changes (17-Sep-2003):
1)...CBuilder 5 and 6 full support added;
2)...SMTP support (for email delivering) added;
3)...Application Anti-Freeze check added;
4)...Speed improvements of about 20%-40% faster;
5)...Increased internal stability;
6)...Many graphical improvements;
7)...EurekaLog overall look change;
8)...Added a "waiting form" shown when EurekaLog creates debug information;
9)..."Windows 2003" detection added;
10)..."Details" button added;
11)...Added the "mtDialog_DetailsButtonCaption" enumerative type to TMessageType;
12)...Added the Terminating event type into the ExceptionActionNotify procedure;
13)...Added the "EUREKALOG" define to check if your project is compiled with EurekaLog;
14)...Added the capability to save all modified files when IDE crashes.
15)...Some help improvement;
16)...Now is possible to compile EurekaLog with EurekaLog installed;
17)...If an ExceptionTypemessage is empty, now EurekaLog will ignore the exception;
18)..."IsEurekaLogInstalled" function (used to check if EurekaLog is installed) added;
19)..."CurrentEurekaLogOptions" function (used to access to the current EurekaLog project options) added;
20)...Added the capability to switch from EurekaLog details dialog to Delphi IDE (inside the source code), with a simple double-click;
21)...Fixed bug that did not show correct information into IntraWeb applications (in browsers different from IE);
22)...Fixed bug that did not add EurekaLog information into projects compiled with Output-Dir containing environmental variables;
23)...Fixed bug that did not show all detailed information when a SafeCall exception was raised (COM objects, ...);
24)...Fixed bug that raised an exception into Delphi IDE when user tried to autocomplete a unit without parent project (only D4/D7);
25)...Fixed a bug that raised an exception for every call of "BeginThread" funtion;
26)...Fixed bug that din not trap the exceptions when raised inside DLL initialization/finalization blocks;
27)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not check Delphi3 installation;
28)...Un-ANSI font support fixed;

EurekaLog 4.1.3 changes (30-Jun-2003):
1)...Version type (Trial/Standard/Professional/Enterprise) added into About-Box dialog;
2)...Changed IntraWeb exceptions showing method;
3)...Some improvements to IntraWeb exceptions management;
4)...Some small internal improvements;
5)...Fixed bug that raised an exception when EurekaLog tried to debug a protected memory module;
6)...Fixed command-line compiler bug that did not elaborate all the .cfg files;
7)...Fixed command-line compiler bug that did not elaborate some .cfg options (with packages only);
8)...Fixed command-line compiler bug that did not compiled projects with read-only .dof file;
9)...Fixed bug that made the ItraWeb ISAPI application freeze when an exception was raised;
10)...Fixed a bug that froze the ItraWeb Standalone application when an exception was raised onto a client machine;

EurekaLog 4.1.2 changes (13-Jun-2003):
1)...Threads manager improved;
2)...Internal logging improved;
3)...Installer/Uninstaller improvements;
4)...IntraWeb 6.0 demo projects added;
5)...Minor HELP improvement;
6)...GUI demo improvement;
7)...Fixed bug that sometimes showed "Cannot open..." message after package compilation;
8)...Fixed bug that sometimes showed Options "Debug Information" or "Map File" message after package compilation;
9)...Fixed bug that sometimes did not save EurekaLog options correctly;
10)...Fixed bug that sometimes did not add EurekaLog information into some packages (D4/D5 only);
11)...Fixed bug that sometimes did not recompile Enterprise version if some default directives were changed;
12)...Fixed bug that generated ProjectName.log file when ProjectName contained the word "debug";
13)...Fixed some not-MAPI email bugs;
14)...Fixed bug that did not show correct call-stack into projects compiled with packages using DLLs compiled with packages too;
15)...Fixed a bug that did not show the MessageBox with correct order & window-parent;
16)...Fixed some bugs in Delphi3 version on Win9X/ME OS;
17)...Fixed all memory leaks;
18)...Fixed a command-line compiler bug that sometimes did not activate EurekaLog;
19)...Fixed bug that crashed EurekaLog when 'Active Controls Data' contained a '%' char;

EurekaLog 4.1.1 changes (21-May-2003):
1)...IntraWeb applications support added;
2)...Two new IntraWeb (5.0 and 5.1) demo projects added;
3)...ISAPI exception detection improved;
4)...CGI managment improved;
5)...Internal logging improved;
6)...Check inside debugged modules improved;
7)...Hooking-Unit rewritten;
8)...Log date-time format changed into the english format (it doesn't depend by computer international settings);
9)...Thread call-stack improved (on Win9X/ME OS);
10)...Fixed bug that sometimes crashed applications on Win9X/ME OS;
11)...Fixed bug that sometimes froze the Threads into Multi-Threads applications;
12)...Fixed bug that did not save EurekaLog options into Delphi IDE (raising an exception "Module not found");
13)...Fixed bug that did not correctly show the log date-time into non-english computer (just into Web/Service applications);
14)...Fixed bug that crashed EurekaLog when opened a Package "Exceptions Log Options..." (only Delphi 3);
15)...Fixed bug that sometimes raised an "Module not found" exception into the Delphi IDE;

EurekaLog 4.1 changes (12-May-2003):
1)...New command-line compiler, named ecc32.exe, added (see manual for further details);
2)...Changed the expiration time of every project compiled with TRIAL-VERSION (before it was 24 hours and now 15 days);
3)...Added support for viewing non-ANSI chars;
4)...New AboutBox added;
5)...Major code update and clean-up;
6)...Added support for RowSelect (in Details view);
7)...Some improvements to the internal log system;
8)...More HELP improvements (thanks to Jim Fleming & Giuseppe Liuzzo);
9)...Changed Main.pas unit name into EMain.pas (to avoid conflicts with other tools);
10)...Some improvements to call stack;
11)...Added the Top-Most style to the dialog;
12)...Reimplemented the procedures Hooking code (Armadillo compatible);
13)...Thread managment rewritten (ASProtect compatible);
14)...Added context help feature;
15)..."StandardEurekaNotify" procedure is now a function;
16)...Fixed bug that did not run compressed applications correctly (ASPack, UPX, ASProtect compatible);
17)...Fixed conflict with MemCheck memory-leak unit (MemCheck compatible);
18)...Fixed bug that did not handle any exceptions (Standard version only);
19)...Fixed bug that handled EAbort exception like an unhandled exception;
20)...Fixed bug that raised an Access Violation when an exception was raised many times before the EurekaLog window closing;
21)...Fixed bug that crashed EurekaLog when an exception was raised into an EurekaLog event handler (now only the event handler crashes);
22)...Fixed bug that sometimes caused a double handle of a single exception;
23)...Fixed bug that did not add EurekaLog information with project option "MapFile<>Detail" set or "Debug   Info<>True" (Delphi 4 only);
24)...Fixed bug that sometimes did not report the correct disk total/free space;
25)...Fixed bug that sometimes caused CPU overloads (loops);
26)...Fixed bug that did not handle the ExceptionNotify event into application compiled with packages;
27)...Fixed bug that did not save the log into the correct file;
28)...Fixed bug that sometimes caused Access Violation into Delphi IDE;
29)...Fixed bug that did not compile projects with specified OutputDir;
30)...Fixed bug that did not permit to insert more that 11 items into "Exceptions Log Options.../Exceptions"   tab;
31)...Fixed bug that did not open EurekaLog option file correctly when user opened a new project;
32)...Fixed bug that did not show the correct 'General Data' when Version-Info was active (Delphi 3 only);
33)...Fixed bug that crashed EurekaLog when 'General Data' contained a '%' char;
34)...Fixed bug that did not trap any exceptions (bug trapping inside ISAPI/CGI applications compiled with  Delphi 6/7);
35)...Fixed bug that (using "Exceptions generating no error") handled the exception with the standard  Borland exception handler;
36)...Fixed bug that raised an EAssertFailed exception when a Module raising an exception not yet handled by EurekaLog, was unloaded from memory;
37)...Fixed bug that did not showed the procedure name of the first procedure of every unit;
38)...Fixed bug that showed the last procedure name as call-stack "Procedure" when the call was into the project main;
39)...Fixed bug that raised an Access Violation when "StandardEurekaNotify" procedure was called and EurekaLog was inactive;

EurekaLog 4.0.5 changes (23-Feb-2003):
1)...Fixed bug that sometimes caused CPU overloads;
2)...Fixed all Internal LOG bugs;
3)...Fixed bug that in Delphi 6/7 did not send email attachment;
4)...Improved exception's check;
5)...Some Help fixes;
6)...Improved dump call-stack procedure;
7)...Fixed bug that sometimes caused AV inside GetInitTable function;
8)...FULL SUPPORT for CLX applications added;
9)...Fixed bug that did not show the DPL details (Delphi 3);
10)...Fixed bug that did not check the Environments-Variables into the IDE file PATH;
11)...Fixed bug that sometimes did not handle unhandled exceptions;
12)...Fixed bug that sometimes did not show the correct line #;
13)...Fixed bug that did not run compressed applications;
14)...Fixed bug that crashed console applications with exceptions occourred inside initialization section;
15)...Added an internal system to check for the internal bugs;

EurekaLog 4.0.4 changes (20-Dec-2002):
1)...Fixed bug that raised an AV exception inside Try/On_Except block when exception was handled.
2)...Fixed bug that did not load Default EurekaLog options in FAT32 system.
3)...Fixed bug that showed the Trial Dialog Box when compiling a package.
4)...Fixed bug that did not allow EurekaLog to work with the build of projects inside a group.
5)...Fixed bug that sometimes caused CPU overloads and crashes.
6)...Fixed bug that generated AV when EurekaLog tried to debug a protected module.
7)...Fixed bug that sometimes did not execute finalization blocks.
8)...Fixed bug that raised an exception at start-up when a program was executed with trial version and  EurekaLog disabled (but only with ExceptionLog unit in "uses" clause).

EurekaLog 4.0.3 changes (07-Dec-2002):
1)...Fixed a bug that sometimes did not show the class name;
2)...Fixed a bug that did not add Debug-Information into BPL set as a Runtime-Packages;
3)...Fixed a bug that did not add Debug-Information into BPL with an OutputDir not empty;
4)...Fixed the bugs of Initialization/Finalization exception trap;
5)...Fixed a bug that sometimes raised an Access Violation when an exception was raised for two times;
6)...Added "TEurekaModuleOptions.ModuleName" property;
7)...Added "TEurekaModuleOptions.EurekaLogLook" property;
8)...Now EurekaLog uses a different LogFile for any module;
9)...Fixed a bug that did not show a Dialog Caption greater than ten chars;
10)...When an exception is raised into a module that is not compiled with EurekaLog, module options are assumed to be those of main module's.
11)...Little improvements of MAPI support;
12)...Fixed a bug that did not show the Project name into Options Caption;
13)...Fixed a bug that did not show a correct exported functions call stack;
14)...Improved the call stack core;

EurekaLog 4.0.2 changes (19-Nov-2002):
1)...Fixed potential conflict with other packages that intercept compilation events of Delphi IDE;
2)...Changed the "atSendedEmail" enumerative into "atSentEmail" in TEurekaActionType type;
3)...Removed the ddUnit enumerative from TEurekaDebugDetail type;
4)...Enhanced ShellSendEmail capability (the email is sent via shell command when the default email client gives no answer);
5)...Now the installer checks for all the previous EurekaLog versions and, if found any, it asks if you want to deinstall them (it will work only on version 4.0.2 and above);
6)...Added Initialization/Finalization exceptions trap;
7)...Default active tab is now "General";
8)...Improved ReadMe.txt English;
9)...Now, when an exception is handled and reraised into the Except/End block, returned ExceptionAddress is the original address and not the address of reraised call;
10)...Improved default email client direct connection (to send quiet email);
11)...Fixed bug of ReRaise implementation;
12)...Fixed bug that did not trap any exceptions (bug trapping inside ISAPI/CGI applications compiled with Delphi 6/7);
13)...Fixed bug raising an AV exception when trying to create a thread by CreateThread Windows API;
14)...Fixed bug that did not save the log nor send email if Terminate button was used;

EurekaLog 4.0.1 changes (04-Nov-2002):
1)...Fixed a bug that did not save correctly the "Exceptions Log Options";
2)...Now, if Delphi IDE contains no Project, the "Exceptions Log Options" opens with Default project (this feature corrects an internal bug in Borland Delphi 7 ToolsApi last release);
3)...Now you can open Help by pressing F1 key (into "Exceptions Log Options");
4)...Fixed a bug that did not save the Default/Options when EurekaLog was deinstalled;
5)...Fixed a bug that did not load the EurekaLog options when the project was opened at Delphi startup;
6)...Fixed a bug that swapped "Ask a confirm" with "Show a send message" email options;
7)...Fixed a bug that did not send correct emails when the "Append the log into the message text" options was set;
8)...Now the Installer shows only the installable Delphi versions;
9)...Fixed a bug that did not load CustomizedTexts correctly;
10)...Improved BPL call stack precision;
11)...Enhanced English in docs;
12)...Fixed a bug of Core Exception Handler;
13)...Changed some internal types names;
14)...Fixed a potential conflict of EurekaLog Code IDE with other packages;
15)...Fixed a bug that stopped the project opening when it had no option file (.dof file);
16)...Added ddUnit and ddUnitAndProcedure in TEurekaDebugDetail enumerative type;
17)...Fixed a bug that did not show the correct OS Build No. on Win 9X/ME OS;
18)...Fixed a bug than did not show the correct Free and Total Disk spaces on Win 9X/ME OS;
19)...Improved Project files Parsing used to add the ExceptionLog unit into .dpr file;
20)...Changed the Default EurekaLog options file from DefProj.dof to DefProj.eof;
21)...Added WordWrap property to General Information Memo;
22)...Fixed a bug that occasionally did not showed BPL call stack correctly;
23)...Added "Save Log File" option;
24)...Added "Foreground Tab" option;
25)...Enhanced "Exceptions Log Options" interface checks;
26)...Added "ExceptionActionNotify" event;
27)...Fixed four memory leaks;
28)...Enhanced HELP source-code examples;
29)...Fixed a bug that stopped the project from opening when it had a read-only option file (.dof file);
30)...Fixed bugs that did not run some demos into Delphi 6/7;

EurekaLog 4.0 changes (18-Oct-2002):
1)...EurekaLog core completely rewritten;
2)...Exceptions trapping is now fully Application.OnException free;
3)...New display of Class/Method names;
4)...New display of API Calls;
5)...New Design-Time exception management (to debug packages at design-time);
6)...Creation of detailed log for every exception (address, module, unit, class, procedure, line, etc.);
7)...Application termination after a customizable number of exceptions;
8)...Completely customizable exception management with one new EurekaLog event ("ExceptionNotify");
9)...Debug of third-party DLL (showing address, module and procedure);
10)...Debug of third-party BPL (showing address, module, unit, class and procedure);
11)...Full MultiThread support;
12)...Exception handling for NT Services, Control Panel, ActiveX-COM, ISAPI, NSAPI, Win-CGI Application types;
13)...Exception trapping in Runtime Packages compiled Applications is now fully working;
14)...Enhanced speed and stability;
15)...Encoded debugging information;