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Using EurekaLog with automated builds

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Note: this article is part of explaining compilation outside of IDE.


Important Note: usually, you call ecc32.exe/emake.exe from [EurekaLog installation folder]\Packages\[IDE name]\ folder or from \bin folder of your IDE. That way ecc32.exe/emake.exe will know which IDE you are using. However, if you are calling ecc32.exe/emake.exe from \bin folder of EurekaLog, or if you copy ecc32.exe/emake.exe to another folder - then it will NOT know which IDE you are using. You have to supply --el_ide command line switch to indicate what IDE should be used.


Direct calling of ecc32.exe/emake.exe/ecc32speed.exe rather than using standard EurekaLog expert is often used in automated build scenarios. Many EurekaLog's users setup a build server, where they can build working project automatically without calling IDE. Usually it involves usage some sort of make program (tool) or .bat/.cmd-files. In all those cases compilation is performed by calling dcc32.exe/make.exe directly. The EurekaLog expert is not used, so it has no chances in adding "EurekaLog's magic" to application.


In those cases you need to manually add a call to ecc32.exe/emake.exe/ecc32speed.exe. There are two options:

[Script] If you have control over name of compiler (dcc32.exe/make.exe) - then just replace it to ecc32.exe/emake.exe;
[Tool] If you don't have control over name of dcc32.exe/make.exe - then you need to insert additional calls of ecc32.exe/emake.exe with --el_prepare/--el_alter_exe parameters:
o[Delphi 2006 and below] You need to insert a call to ecc32.exe/emake.exe/ecc32speed.exe before and after project compilation;
o[Delphi 2007 and above] You can insert a call to ecc32.exe/emake.exe/ecc32speed.exe to project's pre- and post-build events.



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