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Compiling your project with EurekaLog

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EurekaLog requires post-processing of your file in order to work. If you compile your project inside IDE, then this post-processing is performed by IDE expert:



"EurekaLog" / "post-processing" stage during compilation. Notice "EurekaLog:" prefix on second line.



"EurekaLog" / "post-processing" stage in IDE output

(use the following IDE main menu command: View / Messages )



Same window expanded - this is output from a normal successful compilation


Don't have EurekaLog IDE expert installed?


1. If you compile your application inside IDE - then it is the simplest case: because you don't need to do anything. You just enable EurekaLog for your project and compile it.


2. However, if you're compiling your project outside IDE (say, you're using command-line compilation, build server or build script) or you don't have EurekaLog IDE expert installed (don't want to use it) - then you need to post-process your compiled project manually (see this article for more details).


Post-processing includes injecting additional information into your compiled executable module: EurekaLog's options and debug information.



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