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System log reporting

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This is setup options for system log dialog (edtService). They are located at Dialogs tab.



System log dialog options


Warning: you must register your application as event source before using this dialog.


1. "Computer name" (.EventLogComputer) option identifies a computer to log error message. This is the first parameter to be passed to OpenEventLog. Leave this option empty to use the current machine.



2. "Event source name" (.EventLogName) option identifies event source to log error message. This is the second parameter to be passed to OpenEventLog. This is the name which you've used during your application's registration in system event log. This parameter is required.



3. "Category ID" (.EventLogCategory) option is optional parameter which specifies a category for error message. Leave it empty if you don't use categories. Category ID is established during application's registration.



4. "Message ID" (.EventLogEventID) option identifies a message to use when logging error message. This parameter is required. Message ID is established during application's registration.


To use system event log you must do at least the following:

Specify "event source name" in system log reporting dialog.


This is absolute minimum to make it to work.


Tip: Message ID usually have form of $C002XXXX. Where XXXX is ID of your event (such as 1, 2, etc.) in hexadecimal form.



See also:

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