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Configuring dialog

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EurekaLog contains the special pseudo-dialog for system logging. You can select and configure it on standard Dialogs page:



System log dialog options


Usually you should leave computer name and category ID empty (unless you want/need special behavior), enter event source name (this is the name which was used during registration) and message ID (this is ID which was used in message text file).


Important: You can get exact ID of your message from auto-generated .h file which you should obtain on the previous step. This ID should be full ID of your event, including severity and facility codes as well as event's ID itself.


Tip: Message ID usually have form of $C002XXXX. Where XXXX is ID of your event (such as 1, 2, etc.) in hexadecimal form.


Note: you can look at NT Service Application demo which is shipped with EurekaLog.



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