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Windows Error Reporting

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This is setup options for WER dialog (edtWER). They are located at Dialogs tab.



WER dialog options


1. "Pass through unhandled exceptions" (.WERPassThroughUnhandled) option enables special mode for real unhandled exceptions. Once checked, this option will redirect such exceptions directly to the system, ignoring any application's processing code. All other exceptions will be processed as usual.


In other words, if you check this option - then all your customizations will be ignored (for real unhandled exceptions only).


This option is useful to get exact state of the application by using minidumps, since all processing are ignored. So you can get the closest possible image of the problem.


This option requires low-level hooks injection in order to work properly.



2. "Pass through critical exceptions" (.WERPassThroughUnexpected) option do the same thing as "Pass through unhandled exceptions", but do this for "critical" exceptions. Critical exception are the exceptions which you should not handle at all. This includes exceptions such as access violations. All other exceptions (like EStreamError) will behave as usual.


Warning: you won't be able to catch critical exceptions with try/except blocks. Bug report will be send and application will be terminated immediately upon critical exception raising. All other exceptions will behave normally.


This option has no effect if "Pass through unhandled exceptions" option is not checked.



3. "Personalize report" (.WERCustomizeReport) option will report basic information and description of the application to the system error processing. If not checked - system will extract information on its own. Usually the results of both methods are very close.



4. "Honor recovery" (.WERSubmitHonorRecovery) option follows any recovery registration for the application. This option is related to Restart & Recovery API in Windows Vista+. If this option is unchecked - WER will not perform any registered recovery activities.



5. "Honor restart" (.WERSubmitHonorRestart) option follows any restart registration for the application. This option is related to Restart & Recovery API in Windows Vista+. If this option is unchecked - WER will not perform any registered restart activities.



6. Unchecking the "Allow archive report" (.WERSubmitNoArchive) option will disable report's archiving.



7. "Allow queue report" (.WERSubmitNoQueue) option allows to queue report for later send, if sending is not possible now. If this option is unchecked - report will never be queued. If there is adequate user consent the report is sent to Microsoft immediately; otherwise, the report is discarded. The report is discarded for any action that would require the report to be queued. For example, if the computer is offline when you submit the report, the report is discarded. Also, if there is insufficient consent (for example, consent was required for the data portion of the report), the report is discarded.



8. "Force queue" (.WERSubmitQueue) option adds the report to the WER queue without notifying the user. The report is queued only - reporting (sending the report to Microsoft) occurs later based on the user's consent level.



9. "Send out of process" (.WERSubmitOutOfProcess) option spawns another process to submit the report. The calling thread is blocked until the function returns.



10. "Add registered data" (.WERSubmitAddRegisteredData) option adds the data registered by WerSetFlags, WerRegisterFile, and WerRegisterMemoryBlock to the report.



11. "Show close UI" (.WERSubmitNoCloseUI) option displays dialog this "Close application" button:



Dialog for the "Show close UI" option


If this option is unchecked - there will be no such dialog. Other dialogs (like sending report and searching for the solution) will be present.



12. "Show debug" (.WERSubmitShowDebug) option shows a "Debug" button to launch and attach a default debugger.



"Show debug" option is checked


This option has no effect if "Show close UI" option is not checked.



13. "Start minimized" (.WERSubmitStartMinimized) option runs initial UI as minimized and flashing.



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