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This is "Sending" page in EurekaLog project's options.



Sending tab with "Shell" send engine selected


Important: be aware that sending user's data without a consent violates GDPR. Violators of GDPR may be fined up to €20 million, or up to 4% of the annual worldwide turnover of the preceding financial year, whichever is greater. We recommend to seek advice from GDPR consulting company before disabling consent. See also: Security Considerations.


This page consists of two parts: there is a list of available send engines on the left. The rest of the area is changed depending on your send engine's choice.


You can select (enable) one or several sending methods for your application. If you select more than one method - each send method will be executed one after another until successful send occurs. You can change order of sending via move up/move down buttons.


Select one or more send methods for your application by checking appropriate checkboxes and specify all other options for the specific send method:




You can test sending of currently selected method with current options by clicking on "Test" button in the bottom-left corner.


There are also additional sending options available on sub-category: Sending options.


Important Note: Test sending will be carried out by IDE or Setting Editor Tool, not by your real application. This means that IDE/Settings Editor Tool must have Internet access, must not be blocked by firewall. It also means that application and exception names and version will be different from your real application. You can use "Custom/Manual" page to add the following overrides:




_BugIDSource="settingseditor.exe settingseditor.exe eeurekaconnectiontestexception"

_BugText="(Error Message) This is a demo bug report from EurekaLog connection testing."





_EL_OSBuild="6002 (6.0.6001.18000)"

_EL_OSType="Microsoft Windows Vista (64 bit)"

_EL_Platform="Windows x86-64"

_EL_StepsToReproduce="(Steps to reproduce) I've clicked on \qTest\q button on \qSending\q tab"


Those overrides will not be saved in your executable, you can use them only for testing.


Note: You may alter send methods at run-time with .SenderClasses property. For example, you may clear .SenderClasses property and then use .AddSenderClass helper method to add one or more send methods.



See also:

Send engines to get more information about each send method

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