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You can select an appropriate dialog type for your application.


There are many dialogs available:



Where applicable



Any application's type

Dialog that does nothing at all. It doesn't show anything.


Any application's type

Standard application's error dialog.


Visual applications only

Displays error message via Windows.MessageBox function.

MS Classic

Visual applications only

Displays error message in MS Windows XP-style dialog.


Visual applications only

Displays error message in EurekaLog-style dialog.


Console applications only

Displays error by outputting it to console (error output).

System log reporting

Any application's type

Outputs error message to system log (event log).


Web applications only

Displays error in returned HTML page.

Windows Error Reporting

Any application's type

Elevates error to OS.


You can know more about each dialog by clicking on each dialog in the table above.


No dialog can be selected when you don't need any error reporting. Usually, in this case you save bug report to file or send bug report to developer. Without dialog these actions will be performed automatically without need for user to act.


RTL dialog invokes default application's error dialog after executing EurekaLog's processing (like saving bug report and sending it). It's a good choice to add EurekaLog to your application without affecting any visual aspect.


MessageBox, MS Classic and EurekaLog dialogs can be used almost in any application - though it may be not a very good idea to use them in services or web applications (even though you may use it and sometimes it will even work). These dialog types usually works good in GUI or console applications.


System log reporting is usually used in service or web applications. It records error message to system event log.


Console and WEB dialogs are special - they are applicable only to corresponding project's type. That's because other project types don't have a connected output for these dialogs. Console dialog write error message to std_error output. WEB dialog sends a HTML page with error to the client (when possible).


WER (Windows Error Reporting) is a special dialog, which invokes default OS processing and shows system error dialog.



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