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EurekaLog debug information provider allows your application to extract information from EurekaLog debug information format. This provider also supplies stored module options for EurekaLog code. This provider is build-in and always enabled, you don't need special actions to enable it.


EurekaLog uses ZLib compression and TEA encryption to store debug information. Debug information is never stored in clear text - even if no password is set. Only unit, class, routine names and line numbers are stored. Debug information is injected into executable file. Format itself is a custom binary format.


Overall size is compact. Exact estimated depends on your detalization level. Format is binary, so it's fast.


This is default, recommended and best-option for EurekaLog-enabled applications.


Note: EurekaLog information is generated from .map and (optionally) .tds files. Sometimes other sources can be used for 3rd party compilers. These service files (i.e. .map/.tds) must be generated, but they are no longer needed after compilation. You don't need to distribute any additional files when you use default EurekaLog debug information format.



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