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File formats

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Actual formats in EurekaLog 7




Project's options (see also).


Localized texts (messages collection).


Bug report in text format (see also).


Bug report in XML format (renamed XML).


Full bug report (renamed ZIP). It is used during sending when combining multiple files into a single report (such as report itself, screenshot, attached files, web page, previous reports, etc.)


EurekaLog Viewer's default FireBird database.


Process mini-dump.


HTML page (web applications).


Debug information in a standalone file.


Symbol names in a standalone file.

Obsolete formats from EurekaLog 6




Bug report in text format. Renamed to .el.


The same as .elf. It was used as database by EurekaLog Viewer. Renamed to .el.


Bug report in XML format. Renamed to .elx.


Bug report in packed format. Renamed to .elp.



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