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Welcome to EurekaLog 7

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EurekaLog helps you to find and resolve bugs in your code, including exceptions, leaks and hangs.

EurekaLog is the exception tracer tool (what's this?) that gives your application the ability to catch all bugs in your code and generates a detailed log with the call stack, which includes unit, class, method and line number information (example). This information is also logged to a file and may optionally be forwarded to you (application developer) via Internet.



Getting started


New users

Study Quick Start Tutorials or Video Tutorials to familiarize yourself with the very basics of the EurekaLog
You can read Basic terms if you're new to exception handling
You can read Typical scenarios to get idea on how to use EurekaLog to troubleshot problems
You can study manuals on basic procedures to continue learn about EurekaLog
There are plenty of help and demos available! You can find them in EurekaLog's Start Menu folder. Also don't forget to check out our FAQ section
In case of any problems - see our Troubleshooting section



Users upgrading from previous version

Study changes in EurekaLog
Even if you are an experienced EurekaLog user, please run through the Introduction and Quick Start Tutorials sections quickly to get up to speed with what has changed in the latest version of the EurekaLog



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