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This article is part of Quick start tutorials series. Please refer to different guides for the following specific cases:


Otherwise (i.e. you're typical user, you want to install EurekaLog for classic Delphi/C++ Builder IDE) - continue reading.



Download the latest version of EurekaLog from our site.


You can use trial version to evaluate EurekaLog:



Downloading Trial edition


If you've already purchased EurekaLog - you can download your version from our area for the registered customers.



Logging in as a customer



Downloading a full featured installer

(for customers only)


You should receive your login and password details in e-mail immediately after your first purchase. Please note that your license serial number is not a password! If you forgot your password - use Reset Password feature.


See also edition differences.


1. Before installing EurekaLog, you must close all Delphi/C++Builder/RAD Studio/AppMethod instances.
2. Run the EurekaLog installation program (administrator rights are required!):




Installation wizard started


Note: installer will ask you to uninstall old EurekaLog versions before continue.


3. (Optional) Installer may ask you for a license:



Please, refer to Supplying license for the installer. Once correct license is provided - you can continue.


4. Select one or more Delphi/C++Builder versions you wish to install:



Features selection


Installer will show you only available IDEs - based on your installed IDEs as written in system registry. You can check/uncheck appropriate checkboxes to install or don't install IDE support (set of .dcu files, .bpl, etc). There is individual set of .dcu/.obj/.hpp/.bpl files for each IDE.


Important: Be sure that your IDE is visible and checked.


Don't see your IDE version?


Source files (if available in your edition of EurekaLog) are installed by using separate checkbox "Source code" below. Source files are identical for all IDEs. There is only 1 set of files.


5. Follow installation wizard's steps until the installation will be complete.
6. EurekaLog is ready to use. You can find links in Start Menu:



Installed EurekaLog in Start menu


7. Run Delphi or C++ Builder and enable EurekaLog for some or all of your projects.


Note: you can use "Manage EurekaLog in IDEs" start menu item to enable/disable EurekaLog in particular IDEs after installing.



"Manage EurekaLog in IDEs" tool


Each installed and supported IDE will be present by roll-up category panel. You can expand category for each IDE by clicking on it. You'll see info about EurekaLog in this IDE and available options.



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